Big Data Mini Course: AMP Camp 4 hands-on exercises

UC Berkeley AMPLab

Hands-on Big Data Mini Course

Check out our online Big Data Mini Course! The full course will take 2-4 hours to complete, and in the process you will:

  • Start a ~5 node cluster on EC2 running Hadoop and the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS).
  • Interactively explore a real Wikipedia dataset at the Spark and Shark shells.
  • Use Spark Streaming and the Twitter API to generate a real-time list of trending Twitter topics.
  • Write a data clustering algorithm and run it on a real Wikipedia dataset and observe interesting correlations.


Welcome to the AMP Camp 4 hands-on exercises! These exercises are extended and enhanced from those given at previous AMP Camp Big Data Bootcamps. They were written by volunteer graduate students and postdocs in the UC Berkelay AMPLab. Many of those same graduate students are present today as teaching assistants. The exercises we cover today will have you working directly with the Spark specific components of the AMPLab’s open-source software stack, called the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS).

Course Prerequisites

A few of the components support multiple languages. In some sections of this training material, you can choose which language you want to use as you follow along and gain experience with the tools. The following table shows which languages this mini course supports for each section. You are welcome to mix and match languages depending on your preferences and interests.

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