Badge 101: The Discovery of Badging

Darlene Hunter, Ph.D., Director of Projects & Implementation, Canvas Network

Here is your chance to learn about digital badges and micro-credentialing, a great new way to engage students by recognizing their achievements at various stages in the learning process. This course will include a brief history of digital badges (or “badging”), an introduction to planning your badging system, and an introduction to creating and displaying badges. It will prepare you to make considerations for federal student information policies to develop internal procedures that support micro-credentialing programs. Participants may include educators and learning specialists who are already using badges; those who are aware of badges but have not been using them; anyone considering using badges; and anyone who knows nothing about digital badges and micro-credentialing but who wants to learn! Participants will have the opportunity to earn badges through class discussions and course assignments. “Learn-by-doing” is essential in this four-week course.

  • 27 January 2014, 5 weeks
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