Microsoft Professional Capstone : Cybersecurity

Margus Ernits, Artur Ovtšinnikov, Kustas Kurval, Erki Naumanis, Roland Kaur, Microsoft

Put your enterprise security skills to the test while detecting, protecting, and responding to a cyber threat at a fictitious company.

The Enterprise Security Hands-On Lab provides a simulated environment in which you must detect, protect, and respond to a cyber threat at a fictitious company.

Note: This course is pilot course that will be run for one month to gather performance metrics.

Please note, the hands-on lab for this course must be completed in one session. It cannot be paused and restarted. Please allow yourself the entire 4-8 hours to finish the hands-on lab in one attempt.

What will you learn

This hands-on lab will test your ability in the following areas:

  • How to defend your "company" from multi-step attack scenarios from simulated hackers.
  • Discover how your network and services are vulnerable to hacker attacks.
  • Understand how to implement security controls and prioritize the restoration of compromised services.
  • Enable students to evaluate various Microsoft and non-Microsoft security services.

  • 14 January 2019
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