Mechanics: Simple Harmonic Motion

Peter Dourmashkin, Deepto Chakrabarty, Michelle Tomasik, Analia Barrantes, Aidan MacDonagh, MITx

Learn how to solve and understand simple harmonic motion in this calculus-based physics class.

This is the fourth of a series of four modules that cover calculus-based mechanics. You will explore simple harmonic motion through springs and pendulums. This short course will culminate in the ability to use the Taylor Formula to approximate a variety of other situations as simple harmonic motion.

The modules are based on material in MIT's Physics I, which is required for all MIT undergraduates, and is being offered as an XSeries on edX. Please visit the Introductory Mechanics XSeries Program Page to learn more and to enroll in all four modules.

To understand the material in this course you should have taken Mechanics: Kinematics and Dynamics, Mechanics: Momentum and Energy, and Mechanics: Rotational Dynamics.

What will you learn

  • The behavior of systems undergoing simple harmonic motion
  • How to approximate small oscillations

  • 18 June 2020
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