Applied Entrepreneurship 1: Design Thinking for Business Acceleration

Mark Grovic, JD, Michele K. Masterfano, DBA, USMx

This course is for entrepreneurs who already have a small business and who want to accelerate that business for rapid growth. Learn techniques for innovating fresh ideas using design thinking.

Growing a small business takes work and vision. It takes innovation, brainstorming, iteration, and advice.  In this course we introduce the concept of design thinking and a tool called the Business Model Canvas to help you accelerate your business.  You’ll learn the nine components of the Business Model Canvas as well as how to identify the most relevant components to iterate through brainstorming with a variety of stakeholders in your business—your current customers, your potential customers, and advisors of your choosing.  You will work through your own Business Model Canvas and present your acceleration plan at the end of this course.

This course is taught by a venture capital  investor with decades of experience working with and teaching entrepreneurs, as well as someone who has written business plans and taught entrepreneurs business planning at several universities.

You will benefit from this course if you have a micro or small business you wish to grow, or a growing business that you need to put more structure around so that you can continue to grow in a managed way.

What will you learn

  • Applying design thinking to your business
  • Brainstorming ideas with others
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Iterating to innovate

  • 1 July 2019
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