Improving Your Study Techniques

Maple Hupkens, University of Groningen

Develop effective study skills for life

Learning is a fundamental part of life; many of us continue studying even when we leave formal education. This means good study skills are vital for all of us. Many, however, lack these skills and struggle to study effectively.

This course aims to change that. Through the course you will learn to become a better student by learning to apply the ‘three-step model’ of studying: previewing, summarising and revising. You will consider your use of time and learn how to make a realistic study plan. You will also learn how to tackle procrastination, deal with stress and keep motivated while studying.

This course for anyone currently studying including full-time students and people studying for professional or personal development. It might also be useful to anyone involved in the learning process, for example teachers, student advisors and family.

  • 3 June 2019
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