Principles of Human Disease: Cellular Metabolism

Thomas Michel, PhD, MD, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School., Harvard Extension School

This advanced course covers cellular and organismal metabolism, with focus on interrelationships between key metabolic pathways and human disease states. Topics include genetic and acquired metabolic diseases and functional consequences for specific organ systems. The recorded lectures are from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences/Harvard Medical School course Molecular and Cellular Biology 234/Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology 234.
Prerequisites: solid foundation in introductory biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology required (BIOS E-10, BIOS E-14, and BIOS E-16/W, or the equivalent); one year of organic chemistry (CHEM E-2a and CHEM E-2b, or the equivalent). (4 credits)

  • 28 January 2014
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