11 Things Every Beginner Needs to Learn to Love Illustrator


Topics include:

  • Creating shapes and lines
  • Modifying paths
  • Transforming objects
  • Using Illustrator's brushes
  • Creating your own brushes
  • Fun with text
  • Understanding layers, groups, and sublayers
  • Working with photos and other art
  • Placing Illustrator files


1. Introduction to Vector Data
Vector vs. raster
Understanding anchors and lines
Strokes and fills
2. What Is Illustrator?
Why use Illustrator?
Exploring the interface
Using artboards
Saving and exporting
3. Fun with Shapes
Creating shapes
4. The Humble Line Tool: It's Not as Simple as It Sounds
Creating lines
Line tools
The Grid tool, Live Paint, and the Shape Builder
5. Illustrator Kindergarten
Drawing tools
6. Modifying Your Paths
Fun with paths
The Pathfinder panel
Compound paths
Outline stroke
Offset paths
7. You've Made a Path, Now What?
Transforming objects
Duplicating objects
Aligning objects
Grouping objects
Arranging objects
Transform tools
8. This Isn't Your Average Brush Tool
Introduction to brushes
Using Illustrator brushes
Creating your own brushes
Editing brushes
Making unique borders
9. Time for Some Words
Fun with text
Point vs. area type
Using glyphs
Creating outlines
10. Working with Your Art Gets Easier with Layers
Mastering layers
Understanding layers, groups, and sublayers
Working with layers
Isolation mode
11. Bringing in Photos and Other Graphics for More Fun
Working with photos and other art
Placing photos
Cropping photos (using clipping masks)
Placing Illustrator files
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