11 Things Every Newspaper Should Know About PDFs


Topics include:

  • Checking out the PDF
  • Digging deeper with the Output Preview panel
  • Simple fixes with the TouchUp tools
  • Converting colors
  • Managing transparency
  • Working with fonts
  • Preflighting PDFs
  • Repairing PDFs with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Exporting vs. printing and distilling


1. Checking Out the PDF
Zooming in and snooping around
What does the Properties window tell us?
2. Digging Deeper with Output Preview
Overprint Preview
Separations Preview
The Ink Manager
Finding CMYK blacks
3. Simple Fixes with the TouchUp Tools
The TouchUp Text tool
The TouchUp Object tool
The Export All Images feature
4. Converting Colors
Working with Color
5. Managing Transparency
Finding transparency
What is flattening?
How to flatten transparency in your PDF
6. What's Going on with Fonts?
Embedding fonts
Fixing missing fonts
7. Preflighting PDFs
What is preflighting?
Using default profiles
Checks vs. fixups
Creating a custom profile
The power of droplets
8. When to Use Photoshop as a PDF Repair Tool
The danger of raster
Fixing CMYK blacks
9. Using Illustrator as a PDF Repair Tool
Working with PDFs in Illustrator
10. Exporting vs. Printing and Distilling
Exporting from InDesign
Exporting from QuarkXPress
Printing PostScript
Acrobat Distiller
11. Have You Metadata?
Metadata in PDFs
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