WordPress Guide - Beginner To Professional From Scratch



WordPress Guide 2014 : Beginner To Professional From Scratch

"Learn WordPress from scratch to professional internet marketer.This course will teach you everything you need to know."

This course is dedicated to those audience who want to learn WordPress from scratch and want to create an authority blog.This course will teach you every aspect related to WordPress and Monetizing your blog.By the end of this course you'll able to do

  • WordPress Master
  • Online Marketer
  • Web Master
  • WordPress Expert

This course is created by keeping in mind that everyone is not master in WordPress so you'll learn step by step all the thing that are required to establish a personal blog or for creating a monetizing blog.

The course content can be categorized as


Who is the target audience?
  • Wordpress Beginners
  • An IT Student
  • Freelancers
  • Anyone who has an interest in building a website with Wordpress
  • Project Maker
  • Want To Make Money Online
  • Want to learn more about WordPress

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection

What Will I Learn?
  • To familiarize yourself with using the Wordpress platform
  • Sell websites on flippa
  • To learn more about affiliate marketing
  • Learn about blogging through WordPress CMS

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 57 Lectures 07:35:18 + – Website Tools 4 Lectures 13:47

This is overview of the course 2014 WordPress Guide so you can check out what are the topics that you will learn in this course.

2014 WordPress Guide: Course Overview Preview 01:44

In this lecture you'll learn how to register a Domain name for your website or for your business or project.And the website which we are using to register the Domain name is Godaddy.Com

Visit Godaddy.Com To Register Your Domain Name.

Domain Registration 01:36

In this video lecture you'll learn how to buy hosting and what is the use of hosting in website.To buy hosting make sure that you go to reliable web hosting providers like



Hosting 04:56

In this video tutorial You'll learn how to install WordPress on cPanel by site software.

Installing WordPress On cPanel 05:31 + – WordPress Introduction 4 Lectures 38:05

In this video lecture you will learn how to configure the WordPress setting from admin panel of WordPress.

WordPress Settings Preview 10:26

There are so many option in WordPress admin panel so learn configuring the WordPress comments,tools and profile.

WordPress-Comment,Tools And Profile 08:22 WordPress-Post,Media And Pages 08:57

There are so many option in WordPress admin panel so learn configuring the WordPress Appearance like the look and theme and customizing.

WordPress Theme that i am using for this course is Genesis FrameWork

WordPress-Theme And Appearance 10:20 + – WordPress-Plugins 9 Lectures 53:18

In this pdf file you can find all the plugins that will help you to make your work easier.and also give you ability to customize settings of your website.

WordPress Essential Plugins 3 pages WordPress Plugin introduction 11:17 Sitemap-Video,Images And Content 03:26

This plugin will help you to track the visitor location so that you can analysis that what country traffic you are getting as well as the visitor activity.

Statpress Visitor Plugin Preview 04:56

Jetpack for WordPress is a good plugin and there are so many features that are really helpful when it comes to optimize the wordpress.In this video you'll learn how to configure this plugin.

Jetpack For WordPress-Settings 08:20

To optimize our blog images and reduce their size without losing their performance there is a plugin wpsmush it.

Image optimization-Wp_Smushit! Preview 03:01

In this video we will learn how to automatically ping our content of various ping sites so it can index better in seach engine like google,yahoo and bing.

WordPress Ping Optimizer 02:36

In this video we will learn how to post content as professional and With this plugin you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much, much more.

Shortcode For Posting Like Professional 04:58

SEO is nothing without on page factors if your on-page SEO factors are not properly configured then no matter how hard you do off page seo.So Learn the on page seo factors in this video and super charge your ranking in search engine.

Seo by Yoast Plugin Configuration For Boost The Onpage SEO 14:44 + – Optimizing Website For Fast Loading Time 3 Lectures 27:27 Enabling gZip 03:15

In this video tutorial you'll learn how to configure W3 Total Cache plugin properly so your website can load fast.The string remover code is attached in supplementary material.

Cache Plugin Preview 16:33

Super charge your website by adding Content Delivery Network To It. In this video you will learn how to add a free version of CDN to our website and boost it's load time.


Visit the website to take advantage of CDN.

Adding Content Deliver Network 07:39 + – WordPress Security And Backup 2 Lectures 19:00

Learn how to take regular backup of your website database and files like theme,plugin and core files.

WordPress Backup 09:43

Learn the way to secure your website from basic website attacks and patch the loophole for hackers.

Secure Your WordPress Preview 09:17 + – Web Master Tools 4 Lectures 18:25

Creating robots.txt file so we can prevent web spiders crawling our site path that we don't want to be index.

Adding Robots.txt File 03:31

Learn how to manage your website in Google search engine by adding it to Google web master tool

Google Web Master Tool 06:09

Google Analytics is a free service offers by Google so you can track your visitors activity and many other things about your website.

Adding Google Analytics To Website 04:07

Learn how to manage your website in Google search engine by adding it to Google web master tool

Bing Webmaster Tool 04:38 + – Social Profile For Website-Brand 6 Lectures 25:12 Facebook Page 03:07

Creating Official Twitter Account for website and linking it to auto tweets.

Twitter Account 02:30

Creating LinkedIn and Google plus profile for website./

LinkedIn Profile And Google Plus Page 03:15 YouTube Channel 02:49

Creating the Pinterest Business account for the website.

Pinterest Account 03:44

Learn how to automatically post on social network as soon as we post content on our website.

Automatic Posting To All Social Profiles 09:47 + – Niche And Keyword Research 4 Lectures 39:30

Learn how to find niche for your website with helping of ebay,amazon and google trends

Niche And Keyword Research 07:48 Finding Keywords And Management 08:10

In this video lecture you will learn how to find out the competition for your keywords using firefox addon and some websites and as well as looking in Google SER Page.

SEO Quack for firefox

SEO Quack for Google Chrome users

Backlink Watch


Open Site Explorar

use the website to analysis the keyword competition.

Keyword Competition Analysis Manual Method Preview 12:51 Keyword Competition Analysis With LongtailPro 10:41 + – Writing And On-Page SEO 4 Lectures 59:31 Official Google's Guide For Search Engine Optimization 32 pages

Writing your very first article on your blog.learn what are the thing that are focused in order to make it visible in Google search engine.

Writing Very First Article 22:37

Learn the right way to publish content on your blog by doing good on-page optimization with the plugin yoast SEO for wordpress.

On-Page SEO Factors Preview 26:29 Keyword Tracking in Google Search Engine Preview 10:25 + – Social Media For Website 2 Lectures 19:55

Make your content and website visible in social website using Addmefast

Social Signals 11:20 Earning Points For Social Signals 08:35 3 More Sections
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