Adobe Audition: Master Adobe Audition CC (Audio Production)



Master Adobe Audition with Nader Nadernejad! 

Welcome to the complete Adobe Audition tutorial course that will take you from beginner to expert. 

This course is delivered in a fun and engaging way to have you on your way to creating fantastic audio productions using Adobe Audition. 

Learn how to edit and record audio, perfect your voiceovers, master music, vocals, DJ Drops and more! 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody who wants to learn Adobe Audition with a passion for audio.

  • Adobe Audition software and a willingness to learn!

What Will I Learn?
  • Create fantastic audio productions in Adobe Audition
  • Make their voice sound better in recordings in Adobe Audition
  • Know how to master music in Adobe Audition
  • Create DJ Drops in Adobe Audition

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 17 Lectures 01:06:07 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 01:39

Welcome to the course! I can't wait to teach you everything I know about Adobe Audition. 

Introduction Preview 01:39 + – Learning the Basics 4 Lectures 12:12

Let's learn about some of Adobe Audition's features. 

A Quick Overview Preview 04:46

Let's talk about when to use waveform and multitrack. 

When to Use Waveform and Multitrack Preview 02:57

The difference between rendering audio and projects. 

Saving Projects vs. Saving Audio Preview 03:04

How to record and export audio. 

Recording and Exporting Audio 01:25 + – Audition for Beginners 3 Lectures 12:03

How to change the volume of an audio clip. 

Changing Volume 03:37

Learn how to split clips. 

Splitting Audio 02:31

This is how you add background music to your audio productions in multitrack. 

Adding Background Music 05:55 + – Audition for Intermediates 4 Lectures 16:15

Here's how you pan audio! 

Panning Audio 02:16

Learn how to silence breaths and other sounds. 

Silencing Breaths 05:09

Learn how to use sound effects. 

How to Use Sound Effects 04:56

Here's an overview of the effects rack. 

Effects Rack Overview 03:54 + – Audition for the Advanced 4 Lectures 17:22

Learn how to master audio. 

Mastering Audio 03:44

Here is how you can make your voice better using the effects rack. 

Make Your Voice Sound Better 06:49

Here's how you can access spectral editing. 

Spectral Editing 02:06

Here's how to do advanced noise reduction using spectral editing mode. 

Advanced Noise Reduction 04:43 + – BONUS SECTION: DJ DROPS! 1 Lecture 06:36

Congratulations on finishing the course! Here's a bonus lecture on how to make a DJ drop using Adobe Audition CC. 

DJ Drop Lecture 06:36
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