After Effects CS6 Master Course for Video Motion Graphics FX

Adobe Guru Robert Farrell Adobe Apple Designer / Developer Master Adobe Software Teacher: 27 Years of Adobe Experience, Udemy

In this After Effects CS6 Tutorial, I get you to THINK the way Adobe After Effects motion graphic and video FX software thinks. This is an ongoing course, I'll be adding new content each Month. We will build projects from 100% scratch and editing existing stills and video projects. I will share with you all my tips, tricks and REAL WORLD production techniques I use to build powerful and professional motion graphics projects for my clients. This is a 100% marketable and very in-demand skill set to have under your belt which will help you a lot in polishing your skills on How to Use After Effects CS6. Carpe Diem - Robert

Category: Design
  • What are the requirements?
    • If you can read English and point and click a mouse you will LEARN!
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 53 lectures and 7 hours of content!
    • To master the art of video FX and motion graphic techniques

SECTION 1: Access Code for New AE Course: How to builld an Ad Promo for your product or service Vol 1
SECTION 2: Getting started with AE6 motion graphics techniques - Vol 1
  • Step 101 Learn How After Effects Thinks: Getting started
  • Creating your first motion graphics comp in After Effects
  • Adding / importing project assets to your new AE project
  • Changing and building your comp in After Effects
  • Moving to in and out points of your AE layers
  • Building your layer animation with motion keyframes
  • Building an layered animation sequence THE RIGHT & EASY WAY
  • Building an layered animation sequence THE RIGHT & EASY WAY part 2
  • Build your layers and timeline with motion blur FX
  • Building keyframes fro scale, rotation and alpha / transparency
  • Building rotation keyframe FX with pan behind tool
  • Building the moon and sun keyframe animation project part 1
  • Building the moon and sun keyframe animation project part 2
  • SECTION 3: Getting started with 3D space and 3D Camera tools - Vol 2
  • Import assets for 3D layer space
  • Adding a 3D camera to your 3D layer timeline and comp
  • Setting your 3D camera's 3D position keyframes
  • Panning / zooming your 3D camera to the layers position
  • Panning camera and keyframe assets for postion movement
  • Adding a 3D floor space via the rotation tool
  • Spacing out keyframes and adding a 2D sky background with FX
  • After Effects CS6 assets and projects files
  • SECTION 4: Create 3D rooms and adding lights - Vol 3
  • Create a 3d Room with flat 2d photo step 1 photoshop
  • Import VPE photoshop file from photoshop to After Effects
  • Add text and text FX to 3D hallway comp
  • Add javascript expression to text fx
  • Adding lights to your 3D room with animation
  • Adding another light source to 3D comp
  • SECTION 5: Building a 3D room from scratch - Vol 4
  • Building a 3D room from scratch with After Effects tools
  • Building a 3D room from scratch part 2
  • Build walls, floor and roof in 3D space
  • Swapping out the walls, floor and roof
  • Adding a camera to your 3D Room
  • Making the walls, floor and roof run deep with FX
  • Moving and animating 3d Camera in space
  • Adding javascript expression to camera movement
  • Adding action video to your 3D comp
  • Adding lights to your 3D camera movement animation
  • Class files and assets for Vol 3 & 4
  • Course Accces Code
  • SECTION 6: AE basics 101: Working with video
  • Getting started with video: Basics 101
  • Working with video - video timeline and trimming
  • Production video short-cuts
  • Production video short-cuts: Part 2
  • Production video short-cuts: Part 3
  • SECTION 7: AE basics 101: Video time remapping techniques
  • Video time remapping
  • Video time remapping: Part 2
  • Video time remapping: Part 3
  • Video time remapping: Part 4
  • AE Project and video files for Section 6 & 7
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    • Language: English Gb


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