Tribe Mechanics: The Basics of Online Communities

Roz Pursey Learning Designer & Community Manager, Udemy

What makes an online community a success? If you are planning on working as a community manager or strategist, or if you are establishing your own online community you need to understand this. This course will help you.

There are 9 lectures in this course. Each one goes for 5-10 minutes and has a set of resources for you to look at. There is one major activity, which requires you to go out and do some research into online communities. If you are speedy, you can complete this course in 2 days, however most people will spread the course out over 1-2 weeks.

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Category: Business
  • What are the requirements?
    • A basic understanding of the internet (If you can use Google, you can take this course)
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 9 lectures and 57 mins of content!
    • The Goal of this course is for you to be able identify what will make a successful community
    • You will learn the definition of community, and what makes it different from having an audience or following online. You will learn about different types of community, and the essential factors needed for successful communities. You will learn what a Community Strategist and a Community Manager does. You will also learn where to find jobs, connections and resources to help you build your own community.
  • What is the target audience?
    • People who want to become Community Managers or Strategists
    • People establishing their own online communities
    • Brand Managers
    • Social Media Marketers

SECTION 1: Getting Started
  • Course Overview: What is a Community?
  • Check your understanding: What is a Community?
  • SECTION 2: Features of Communities
  • Member Initiated vs Organisation Sponsored Communities
  • Types of Community
  • What makes a rich Community?
  • Check your understanding: Features of Communities
  • SECTION 3: Why Communities?
  • The Risks and Rewards of Online communities (ROI)
  • Community or something else?
  • Check your understanding: Why Communities?
  • SECTION 4: Where to From Here?
  • Community Strategy Overview
  • Community Management Overview
  • What Next?
  • Check your understanding: Where to from here?
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    • Language: English Gb


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