Photography for Beginners - Learn Digital Photography

Josh Dunlop, Udemy

Photography Lessons For Beginners - This Is Everything You Need To Get Started As A Photographer.

Correction to video: The refund period is only 30 days, as per Udemy's terms and conditions.

“Who Else Wants To Take Fantastic Photographs Every Time Without Reading Books Or Instruction Manuals?

Dear Digital Camera User,

Does your camera frustrate you?

Do you wish you could get it to do what you want and capture the moment perfectly?

If you’ve tried reading the instruction manual, you’ll know if raises more questions than answers.

Cameras are complicated.

Just one look at all those dials and buttons is enough to confuse anyone.

Yet all you want is to feel the excitement of taking great pictures.

My name is Josh Dunlop. I’ve taught countless people how to understand their cameras. And take fantastic pictures.

I’d like to introduce you to a new way of taking photos that will keep you from being bored or boring.

What 99 out of a 100 camera owners don’t know about their cameras…

Your camera is only confusing if you rely solely on camera magazines or books on photography.


Because the camera has to be experienced.

Here’s what I mean.

You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading how.

Someone has to show you what to do. And it’s the same with your camera. You have to watch them do it.

We all learn by mimicking those around us. Some people call this “modelling.”

You can’t watch a magazine or a book. However as soon as you see exactly how someone else does something you can copy them.

As long as it’s simple enough to follow.

Steer clear of default settings

If I were with you now I could show you a couple of easy settings on your camera. Then every photo you took would come out just right.

Listen, you can’t rely on the factory settings on your camera.


Simply because they are set for average pictures.

You don’t want average. Average is boring.

You want to be able to capture what you see through your camera’s viewfinder.

And do so in a way that will excite you and amaze your friends.

Unfortunately I can’t be there with you right now so I’ve done the next best thing.

I’ve created a set of short videos for you. They put an end to all the confusion. You’ll be taking great photos within minutes of watching them.

I call these videos:

The Simplified System for Perfect Photography.”

Each video is less than twelve minutes long. You’ll quickly discover how to get the most from your camera.

You just watch, and then you do.

Unlike other complicated courses that go on for hours and hours – you simply watch a short video then go out and take better photos.

You come back, watch another video and then when you’re ready, you go out and take more good pictures.

That way it’s fun to learn because you see your skills growing quickly.

Within a few short days you’ll amaze yourself and astound your friends.

Here’s the proof:

“I thought taking photos would be a fun hobby. I went out and bought a high end (for me that is) camera, the Canon 7D. Once I got it there were so many buttons and numbers to know about. I was down and thought, why did I spend all this money?

Then I came across your course - What a life saver!

Your course showed me the basic to the more advanced steps and put it in words I could understand. To see you make adjustments and see how it affects the photo right on the screen was a big help.

Sure I’m not a professional yet and maybe never will be, but one thing for sure, without your help I know I would not be taking great photos.”

Charles Brumagem - Detroit, Michigan

How this system gets better results than anything you’ve seen.

Researchers say it takes ten times longer to learn on your own than it does when someone shows you how to do something.

And that’s the key… being shown.

You can read all day long and still be no further ahead.

Imagine having me show you every step of the way. As if I was right there with you.

You’ll be taking amazing pictures in no time.

Whether its people, places or any type of photo that takes your fancy. When it comes right down to it… you want to capture and keep memories forever. I’d like to show you the secrets that lie hidden in your camera in a way that nobody else teaches. And allow you to take stunning pictures in record time.

You’ll go from frustrated to fantastic in less than 14 days.

However, don’t take my word for it… here’s what Julie has to say:

“The ease of being able to watch each of your videos (most often during my lunch hour)- one by one – and at my own pace, as well as taking the quizzes; I can honestly say what “fun” there is in taking photographs again!”

Julie Barela Mills - Glendale, Arizona

Many expert teachers use short quizzes at the end of every learning session. They claim quizzes can double the speed of acquiring new skills.

I don’t know if this is true, however I’ve had a number of my students tell me my quizzes helped them take some amazing pictures.

Also, you can leave comments any time you like. Let’s say you have a question about a topic you can’t quite grasp. Simply type it in the box provided and I’ll get back to you within twenty four hours.

What kinds of results have other people had with this?

“Your videos are GREAT. It’s nice to have videos, I mean someone TALKING to you instead of boring reading. It’s Magic and I’m FINALLY UNDERSTANDING IT.

I can’t believe this.

I have big news for you. Last Friday night the boss of the school dance called me to ASK me if I wanted to JOIN THE PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF of the school. Of course I said yes and now I’m booked for at least 2 parties in March and a full week-end of master-class at the end of March. I’m really proud of that. Thank you so much again.”

Caroline Story – Paris, France

“I absolutely LOVE your video course. I have learned more these few days than I have for over 3 years with my camera.

I’m a very pleased customer. Thank you so much!”

Fredrik Olofsson - Stockholm, Sweden

“You are doing a great job explaining it all. I would recommend your Course to anyone beginner or intermediate who wishes to improve their photography and their understanding. I also feel that it’s a worthwhile investment in my education.

Thanks for making so much clearer.”

Jonjo Gallagher - Glasgow, Scotland

Here’s what you get

There are 26 short videos. Each one builds upon the other. You start out with the basics and move quickly on to the art of taking great pictures.

I’ve kept each video short on purpose. The idea is for you to learn something new then try it out. This is the fastest way I know to get good at photography.

The first part of the course guides you to a complete understanding of your camera. Things like:


·Shutter speeds


·Metering modes

·White balance

·Focal length

·And much more

The second part shows you the ins and outs of what makes for a great photo.

You’ll learn about:

·The rule of thirds

·Visual weight

·Eye lines


·Single point and


The third part shows how you can make money from your new skill over two modules.

This course has only one purpose. To make sure you have exactly what you need to take outstanding photographs every time.

In order to do that, you can’t depend on the usual photography magazines, the usual photography books, or the usual haphazard methods seen all over the internet.

That’s why I have scoured the notes I made to myself over the years to find the very best ideas I’ve had.

Also I’ve found the easiest, quickest way for you to begin today taking photographs you can feel proud of too. You know… the ones you can’t wait to show to your friends and family.

Finally, these new pictures will allow you to build a powerful portfolio that can set you up as a professional photographer. Which means people will pay you to do what you love.

And… here’s the best part.

It’s as if I am there in person guiding your every step. Helping you avoid the mistakes most amateur photographers make.

And now I’ve put it all together in one affordable package that will give you what you need to end the frustration… and start the elation!

If you are confused by all the technical gadgetry surrounding your camera and you can’t seem to fathom how it works…

If you feel thwarted by all the jargon you see in books and magazines… If you can’t get your camera to do what you want when you want then you need “The Simplified System for Perfect Photography".

However you don’t need this course if you can go out for an hour and come back with stunning photographs…

You can compose your shots in low light or any type of light…

You fully understand how your camera works and you can get it to do exactly what you want in order to take suburb pictures…

You’re just as at home with portrait, landscape, wildlife, in fact any type of shot you want to take.

Plus you can make money selling your photos if you choose to. And you’re friends marvel at every image you show them.

How much is information like this worth to you?

Remember, photographers can make good money from their pictures. And there are two modules in my course to show you how.

Although I can’t promise to make you rich, I know you can use this course to make some additional cash.

Naturally, if you think about it, a skill you can use anytime you want to create extra money yourself for years to come could easily be worth over $2,000.

That’s a small price to pay for the hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars you could make with this knowledge.

Plus over the years I have been paid handsomely many times for showing others exactly how to takesuperb photos.

Now I want to put my simple system in the hands of as many people as possible.

So I’m pricing this one-of-a-kind video course at only $169.50 – conservatively, about one-tenth of what it’s worth.

However, for a limited time, I’m offering an introductory discount to test prices. And when I’ve collected enough data, the price may go back up to where I think it should be.

This means if you take action today, you can have my Simplified System for Perfect Photography for only $97.


Here’s my personal “perfect” guarantee

Get the “Simplified System for Perfect Photography” right now and take a look. Try the information out. See if this isn’t the most valuable, practical, easy-to-use camera course you’ve ever seen. AND gets you taking better photos today… no matter what your current skill level is.

If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll refund your money. All of it. Even 30 days later. It’s that simple.

So really… you have nothing to lose and a whole new and valuable range of perfect picture taking techniques to gain!

Finally. After all these years and many disappointing promises that didn’t come true, you have “the insider scoop” from a guy who is not only successful at taking stunning photos, but superb at teaching others to do it as well.

Go ahead and order now… and welcome to the world of beautiful, impressive and incredible photography.


P. S. – Do you know what it’s like to take great pictures and have your friends rave about them? I do, and I can tell you without a doubt, there’s nothing else like it in the world.

This is the kind of thing you can enjoy once you enter the “big leagues” of outstanding photographers. I’ve designed my program to give you every possible advantage to turn that dream into reality in just a few short weeks.

And when you get this right now, I’m going to throw in this special bonus, my “7 Days To Better Photos Video Course” which I normally sell for $147.00. It shows you some of my jealously guarded secrets I only reveal in person at my live workshops. It’s now yours, free.

I really think you can’t do without this, and that’s why I want you to have this too.

  • What are the requirements?
    • A camera, preferably DSLR, with manual mode.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 34 lectures and 5 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course, you will understand exposure, how to use your camera, composition, and how you can move your photography on further.
    • You will be able to finally have photography come naturally to you.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Beginner Photographers.
    • Photographers with an urge to learn more, and master their camera.
    • Enthusiastic Photographers.

SECTION 1: Exposure
  • Introduction to Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Aperture Quiz
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shutter Speed Quiz
  • ISO
  • ISO Quiz
  • Exposure Summary Video
  • Exposure Summary Quiz
  • SECTION 2: Understanding Your Camera
  • Metering Modes
  • Metering Modes Quiz
  • Histograms
  • Histograms Quiz
  • Shooting Modes
  • Shooting Modes Quiz
  • Focus & Focus Modes
  • Focus & Focus Modes Quiz
  • Depth of Field
  • Depth Of Field Quiz
  • White Balance
  • White Balance Quiz
  • Focal Length
  • Focal Length Quiz
  • Crop Factor
  • Crop Factor Quiz
  • Polarizing Filters
  • Polarizing Filters Quiz
  • Take Professionally Sharp Photos
  • Professionally Sharp Photos Quiz
  • SECTION 3: Composition
  • Introduction to Composition
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Rule of Thirds Quiz
  • Visual Weight
  • Visual Weight Quiz
  • Eye-Lines
  • Balance
  • Balance Quiz
  • Single Point
  • Single Point Quiz
  • Triangles
  • Triangles Quiz
  • SECTION 4: The Next Step
  • Lens Buying Guide
  • How to Start Making Money
  • Advice For Your First Photography Job
  • SECTION 5: Section 5: Bonus-7 Day Video Course
  • Landscape Phoography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Black & White Photography
  • Low Light Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Sunset Photography
  • How to Capture What You See
  • SECTION 6: Bonus eBooks
  • 38 BS-Free Photography Tips
  • 10 Photography Lessons I Learned The Hard Way
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    • Free schedule
    Course properties:
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    • MOOC:
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    • Email-course:
    • Language: English Gb


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