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Blogger Training Course from the top-rated Social Media Training Provider

Welcome to the blogging training course from the top-rated, longest running soovial media training provider.

92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog, according to the latest industry research.

Blogs are the central, hub of most social marketing efforts because they provide marketers with a chance to convert traffic into transactions.  Blogs are a practical way for companies to publish text, photos and video. When they're integrated into corporate websites, they improve search engine visibility and can even be used to power entire websites.

Learn key concepts and techniques to help you get started blogging for business.

  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 47 lectures and 14 hours of content!
    • Anatomy of a blog
    • How to select the right blogging platform for you
    • Comment moderation policies and best practices
    • Using blogs for online newsrooms
    • Building corporate sites on WordPress
    • How to use Blogger
    • How to use Tumblr
    • How to use WordPress
    • Case studies from Monsanto, the US Dept. of Defense, Toyota, UCLA and others
    • And much, much more

SECTION 1: Intro
  • Overview
  • About this Instructor
  • Promotional Materials
  • Housekeeping
  • Business Benefits of Blogs
  • SECTION 2: Key Concepts and Techniques
  • Blog as Entry Point and Conversation Platform
  • Blogging Strategy
  • Anatomy of the Blog
  • User Generated Content
  • Risks
  • SECTION 3: Hands-On Training
  • Selecting a Blogging Platform
  • Hands-On Demo: Blogger
  • Hands-On Demo: WordPress
  • Hands-On Demo: Tumblr
  • SECTION 4: Case Studies
  • Case Study: Monsanto Corporate Blog
  • Case Study: Walmarting Across America
  • Case Study: Blogger Relations at CES
  • Case Study: B2B Blogging
  • Case Study: Notorious Kryptonite Lock Fiasco
  • SECTION 5: Online Newsrooms
  • Case Studies: UCLA Online Newsroom
  • Corporate Online Newsrooms
  • Case Study: Toyota Online Newsroom
  • Case Study: Virginia Tech Shooting
  • Case Study: Cisco Online Newsroom
  • SECTION 6: Best Practices
  • Blogger Relations Best Practices
  • Aligning with Social Media Back Channels
  • Where to Host Your Blog
  • Follow Up Resources
  • SECTION 7: Supplemental Resources
  • State of the Blogosphere
  • Blogging in Europe
  • Benefits of Blogging Deep Dive
  • Blogger Relations Deep Dive
  • Hiring Qualified Wordpress Designers
  • How To Dominate Your Information Spectrum
  • Promoting Musical Artists via Social Media
  • Blogger Roundtables At The US Dept Docx
  • SECTION 8: Pioneers of Blogging
  • Matt Armstrong
  • Jason Falls
  • Phil Gomes
  • Josh Hallet
  • Peter Himler
  • Kami Huyse
  • Shel Israel & Robert Scoble
  • Beth Kanter
  • Mike Manuel
  • BL Ochman
  • Lee Odden
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    • Language: English Gb


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