Break Into Freelance Writing With No Experience by Susan Finch

Susan Finch, Udemy

Learn How to Break Into Freelance Writing with Little to No Experience. You could start making money within 90 days!

Make real money as a non-fiction freelance writer and live out your dreams of flexibility and redefine your career!

You don't need a big blog following with loyal fans, be well-connected, or even have much talent to break into freelance writing.

You also don't need dozens of clips to launch your new career to potentially command $1,000 a month as a new writer. And that's with the possibility to double your income as you gain experience. But it won't happen overnight.

All you really need is to know how to come up with irresistible ideas, market them to the right people and be the type of freelancer everyone wants to work with. You also need some patience, ambition and determination.

That's exactly how I earn between $100 on up to $1,500 an assignment. I can show you the ins and outs of breaking in, navigating your way to a client's inbox and landing work.

So stop wasting your time paying dues and playing the "send and wait" game with query letters. There's a better way to launch a successful freelance writing career for magazines, websites, newspapers and more.

I've been a freelance writer for 10 years and have also worked as a video editor and Multimedia Director.

And while I am persistent, none of the following worked for me in breaking into freelance writing and staying there.

  • I DIDN'T have connections in the publishing industry.
  • I DIDN'T have impeccable talent and writing skills. I didn't wait around to gather a lot of clips before breaking into markets like The LA Times.
  • I DIDN'T get an MFA or take a lot of writing workshops.
  • I DIDN'T break in with a bunch of high-end, glossy magazines. But I was also able to leverage clips in huge newspapers and big magazines in just a few short months (once I finally broke in).

It took a few years to perfect my approach, but I've gotten to a point now where I can just introduce myself and land work. And it's not just because of my clips, though I have those now. And it's not because I languished around in content mills.

There's a reason why most reasonably talented writers spend years breaking in instead of just taking command and getting there. And the ones who seem to break through early all know the same thing about why talent is underrated and action is everything.

MOST writers struggle for so long because it's completely overwhelming to know where to start and when to have enough faith to take bigger leaps into new markets. It's hard to think you can quit writing for peanuts and start landing lucrative clients to give you that flexibility and creative outlet you crave.

Are you a frustrated freelance writer who is still:
  • Sending out queries and waiting for weeks or months only to be rejected by a form letter?
  • Trying to break into tiny markets with no success?
  • Drowning in a sea of information with no idea how to track down the right people?
  • Getting advice from everyone around you - even though they've never tried to be a freelance writer? Or maybe got a few rejections and gave it up?
  • Wondering why "real" writers consistently come up with irresistible ideas everyone wants?
  • Afraid you'll never get ahead of your competition?

Let's get brutally honest. It takes a lot more than talent to break into the world of freelance writing and more importantly - stay there.

The most talented writers may never see their name in print without a few key steps to keep them ahead of the game. In fact, it's often less talented writers that continually land clients. What do they know that you don't?

Learn how to develop a lasting craft that includes:

  • Breaking into the industry without clips.
  • Getting quality clips from reputable businesses and publications lightning fast!
  • Learning what makes an intriguing query letter that commands attention.
  • Leveraging creativity and flexibility to get ahead instead of writing talent.
  • Stopping the cycle of fear and rejection and using your competition to do your homework for you.
  • Studying a publication in minutes to determine if they're a good fit for your voice.
  • Taking advantage of rejection and turning it into a success story.
  • Tracking down the right people who will buy your work and learn who they really want to work with.
  • Leveraging your life experience for success. It matters way more than your writing talent.
  • Client building and pricing your way to potentially earning over $1,000 a month as a new writer and continually increasing your income.

This course is delivered in animated video format with easy to use PDF transcripts. PLEASE watch the free videos before purchasing to make sure you enjoy the delivery format first. Everyone learns differently :-)


I'm a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience across travel guidebooks, iPhone app content, magazine articles, newspapers, websites and commercial scripts. I've also worked as a naming consultant and video editor on national commercials and films. I earn a living freelance writing and thrive in doing creative work every day. But at the end of the day, what I really love doing is:

Helping new writers crush obstacle and break into freelance writing - even if they've never been able to before.

But I didn't walk into my career with a roster of clients and assignments in hand. Instead I came stumbling into the arena and spent nearly 10 years breaking through with my first big clip and getting my freelance writing career rolling. Sure I had a few hits, but mostly misses, and couldn't figure out why I hadn't "made it." It was endless years of frustration. I nearly lost hope that I would ever figure it out.

Like many struggling freelance writers out there, I followed all of the traditional advice like sending out query letters and endless waiting.

Nothing really worked. It felt like I was missing key pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. I could see the big picture, but not the pieces to get there.

It wasn't until I stumbled upon a few key methods that I ended up skyrocketing my freelance writing success.

It took a lot of trial and error that took years to perfect. I pulled all that knowledge together in one place to help you crush barriers (and your competition) in just a few short months.

I write for a living and if I can't get my idea from A to Z then my whole family suffers. This is the livelihood I picked (and love!) to stay home with my daughter and still make ends meet. So I really didn't have a choice but to light a fire under myself and take some action.

There's no sitting around waiting for an assignment to come to you, at least not in the early months and years of freelancing. You have to go out and take control of your career and build the life you want.

Here's more to think about. Is writing a dying career? Hardly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of writers was $55,940 and related employment is projected to grow 3 percent until 2022.

Companies need content. They need web pages and case studies just to scratch the surface. And while magazines may move towards the web, editorial writing is still in demand. I have a little secret I share with you for how I tap dozens of magazines that are only known to select groups but pay more than many national publications.

Think you need an advertising agency title to be a copywriter? You're wrong. If you don't think you're "qualified" to be a writer, think about this. Does the wine store down the street that needs some web copy and flyers want an expensive ad agency? Do they want to pay for a six-figure copywriter?

No. All they want is a decent and reliable writer. And that's why just about anyone with reasonable talent and ambition can cobble together a freelance writing career without paying dues for years.

Languishing away and torturing yourself over why you can't break into a market like the New York Times or People Magazine is a waste of time. It's pointless. Sure, you might break into a huge market on your first try, but there are a thousand other avenues that are easier, more profitable and usually yield a higher reward (like ongoing work).

  • Your neighborhood alone probably has thousands of dollars in untapped writing revenue.
  • Your city probably has editorial work ranging from glossy magazines to corporate pieces at nearby hospitals.

And instead of going out there and asking for work, you're still hoping for a big break, even though the big break is right in front of you.

By not acting, you're missing out acting on a dream and embracing that flexible lifestyle you crave. You can take your writing with you. You can work it into your career as a side income stream while continuing a part-time or full-time job. And if you're like me, you can stay home with your children while contributing financially and tapping into your creativity at the same time.

The hard part is figuring out how to launch yourself and get started. There will be ups and downs, but once you have the techniques to land clients, you can keep applying it again and again while refining your approach. Let's get started.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring and struggling freelance writers looking to take break down fears and barriers and launch their careers.
  • Writers with fluent English-speaking and writing skills. You won't achieve the same success from this program if you don't have reasonable skills.
  • Writers who aren't afraid to dive right in and do the hard work necessary to succeed.
  • Writers interested in learning about a variety of markets. While many techniques in this course will work for copywriting and corporate clients, it is not the main focus.
  • Writers who are willing to take the time to develop their craft and learn the business without losing their patience after a few short weeks.
  • Creative types who enjoy animated videos by way of learning. There are also PDF transcripts you can use.

Who this course is NOT for:

  • Non (fluent) English speaking writers.
  • Seasoned and emerging writers already making a steady income from writing.
  • Writers trying to break into fiction.
  • Aspiring copywriters not interested in consumer journalism, magazine and web writing.
  • Anyone who gives up after a few attempts or initial rejection. This course will take a few months to see consistent results and success is absolutely contingent on the work you put into it. This course is NOT a magic formula, it's simply a clear guideline to follow and tweak to suit your needs.
  • Writers who can't put aside their fantasies about the freelance lifestyle to approach their work as a business.
  • Writers who need information on setting up an online portfolio.

* I cannot guarantee you will make a specific income from this course. Projections are based on my own experience and are contingent on your skills, ability and determination.

* This course is delivered in animated video format with easy to use PDF transcripts. *** PLEASE *** watch the free videos before purchasing to make sure you enjoy the delivery format first.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Be willing to take immediate action to launch your freelance writing career.
    • Have fluent English speaking and writing skills, above average grammar and reasonable writing talent
    • Stay persistent and employ the techniques in this course for at least 90 days.
    • Ability to accept rejection and criticism as a part of your new career.
    • Microsoft Word, Google Docs or other Word processor.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 23 lectures and 5 hours of content!
    • Leverage your current experience to skyrocket your freelance writing success.
    • Get published clips lightning fast!
    • Write a killer query letter that crushes your competition.
    • Learn how a simple email subject heading can springboard your response rate.
    • See examples of real query letters and introductions and the assigments they landed.
    • How to embrace your fiercest competition to skyrocket your own success.
    • Learn how to creatively brainstorm a steady stream of salable ideas for publication. You'll never lack ideas again.
    • Quickly identify markets who are dying for your work.
    • Learn exact strategies to client building and pricing.
    • Learn the ins and outs of marketing your career. It works like a charm even if you're terrible at self-promotion.
    • Avalanche your client list with just a handful of simple emails. It's such an easy strategy, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Freelance writers
    • Struggling writers
    • Aspiring writers
    • Copywriters
    • Nonfiction writers trying to break into magazines, websites, newspapers and specialty content

SECTION 1: How I Broke Into Writing With No Experience & Terrible Marketing Skills
  • My Journey to Freelance Writing Success
  • Everyone Learns Differently - Want a PDF Version of the Entire Course to Read?
  • SECTION 2: Breaking Into Freelance Writing Without Clips Or a Plan of Action
  • Using Your Work Experience to Break Into Writing
  • Strategies Behind Breaking in with Circulars and Low Paying Websites
  • Using Your Personal Life to Break In Big Into Writing
  • SECTION 3: Secrets to Getting Quality, Published Clips Lightning Fast
  • Learn the Techniques for Getting Your Own Quality Clips in Days
  • SECTION 4: Finding Popular & Hidden Freelance Writing Markets
  • Study a Publication or Client & Land Assignments
  • Spy On Your Competition to Find Hidden Markets & Secret Clients
  • Types of Freelance Writing Work & Lucrative Markets You've Never Heard Of
  • SECTION 5: Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Noticed
  • Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile to Command Results
  • SECTION 6: Coming Up With Irresistible Ideas That Sell
  • Secrets to Timely, Irresistible Articles that Get Noticed
  • Brainstorm Hundreds of New Ideas Every Single Month
  • SECTION 7: Writing Query Letters & Letters of Introduction Commanding Results
  • Writing a Command Query Letter or Introduction Letter That Sells
  • Tweaking Your Email Subject Heading Could Skyrocket Your Response Rate
  • Real Query Letters & Letters of Introduction That Worked
  • Leveraging Rejection to Skyrocket Your Success
  • SECTION 8: Getting Paid & Earning More
  • What to Charge for Your Freelance Writing & Earn Your Way to $1,000+ a Month
  • Avalanche Your Client List With Just A Few Emails
  • SECTION 9: How to Set-Up a Portfolio Fast & Other Ways to Send Clients Clips
  • Easily Build a Portfolio With No Technical Knowledge & Other Tips
  • SECTION 10: Stop Sabotaging Your Own Freelance Writing Success
  • Get Into the Freelance Writing Mindset - Why It's Not What You Think
  • SECTION 11: Ready to Launch Your Career? Course Takeaways and Overviews
  • Launch Your Writing Career: 12 Weeks of Action Tasks
  • Big Takeaways and Wrap Up - We've Got Careers to Launch
  • Kickstart Your Career Success with Dozens of Markets that Pay New Writers
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