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Even if you already have online experience there are tidbits and information to be learned. - Patti Arbon


Promoting your business on the Internet is like driving that car. You don't need to know all about the engine before you can go anywhere. If that were the case, the auto manufacturers would be bankrupt. For some reason, most of us are intimidated by Internet tools. We need an expert. And we spend a lot of money on those experts, but do we really need to? Have you hired someone to design your website, but now you can't make changes without contacting your webmaster for every little change?

Or do you have a blog, but it's taking up all your time, or no one can find it on the Internet, or if they do, you aren't sure how to keep in touch with them so they'll visit again and remember you? Yet you know that it can't possibly be as hard as it seems. You know people just like you who are using the Internet to attract clients and customers, are sharing their expertise and are growing their businesses. And they still have time to live! You can be one of those successful marketers, using the Internet to reach the people who want and need what you have to offer.

I cover the features and best practices you need to know about building an online presence and leave out the non-essentials. Then we go on to using email marketing tools like Aweber to build a relationship with your audience! In these recorded half hour video sessions, we'll take a look at the foundational pieces and the time-saving tools to build your home on the Internet.

Each session was originally a live webinar and includes questions from other people just like you - busy people who want to use the technology without having to spend hours figuring it all out. Once the webinars ended, they were turned into videos that you can watch and listen to whenever you like.

Who is the target audience?
  • Non-technical people who want to establish an online presence to share their expertise

  • Desire to learn.

What Will I Learn?
  • Have a blog of your own on the Internet
  • Add interesting and relevant content to your blog
  • Set up an email service and start to build a list of potential customers

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 31 Lectures 05:23:43 + – Introduction 2 Lectures 01:04 Welcome to the Course Preview 00:44

The majority of these videos were all originally given as webinar sessions in alphabetical order on all the aspects of marketing online, so the final slide on each video can be disregarded. If you want to see the other videos in the webinar series, instructions for doing that are at the conclusion of this course.

Introduction Preview 00:20 + – Blogs And Websites 9 Lectures 01:35:47

This video was from another series, and has some good tips about blogging. It includes information about various free blogging services, along with some ideas for blog content.

Introduction to Blogging 30:48 Considerations When Starting a Blog 01:50 Registering a Domain and Choosing Hosting Preview 27:35

Points Covered Include:

- Difference between a blog and a website
- Free or paid
- Decisions to make

More About Websites and Domain Names 14:05

Choosing a domain name and a place to host your website isn't always so easy. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Tips For Domain Names and Hosting 16:15 Using Keywords in Your Domain Name 00:23 Topic Ideas For Your New Blog 02:05 Different Types of Blog Posts 01:39 Is Using Someone Else's Article On Your Blog Considered Duplicate Content? Preview 01:06 + – Wordpress Specific Supplementary Videos 6 Lectures 33:00

This is a supplementary video that was not created by me, but I have purchased the rights to it and I thought you might find it helpful.

The Wordpress Dashboard 06:08

This is a supplementary video that was not created by me, but I have purchased the rights to it and I thought you might find it helpful.

Wordpress Posts 08:50

This is a supplementary video that was not created by me, but I have purchased the rights to it and I thought you might find it helpful.

Wordpress Pages 03:03

This is a supplementary video that was not created by me, but I have purchased the rights to it and I thought you might find it helpful.

Wordpress Widgets 10:05

This is a supplementary video that was not created by me, but I have purchased the rights to it and I thought you might find it helpful.

Wordpress Plugins 02:32 Wordpress Plugins I Use Preview 02:22 + – Content Marketing 2 Lectures 39:09

No, you don't have to take out an ad in a magazine, although sometimes you might be asked to write for one. This video has ideas for marketing your online content by using article directories, forums, Hubpages, questions and tips sites. I deleted the information at the end about Squidoo since it has been taken over by Hubpages.

Another great site that I neglected to mention is HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out. You can sign up for their daily emails and they will send all kinds of online and offline news outlets that are looking for specific people to interview or write for them. The topics range from Home and Family to Business to Life Style and Hobbies.

Places to Share Your Content 24:49 Answering Questions 14:20 + – Email Marketing 4 Lectures 01:08:49

This video will cover the following points:

Different services available and their costs and why some may not be a good idea to use. These include:
- free email service available from your host
- from a personal email account
- Constant Contact
- Mail Chimp
- iContact
- Aweber

- difference between autoresponder, broadcast, and blog broadcast.
- building a list by having an opt-in form
- single and double opt-in
- why offer a freebie for subscribing?
- personalizing the emails
- templates, links, images
- segmenting lists
- automatic email or on a schedule
- connecting to social media accounts

Your Email List 28:03

Some tips for creating a free incentive offer to get people to sign up for your email list.

Creating a Successful Incentive Offer 01:28

Aweber is a popular email service, used by many online marketers. In this video, we'll look at setting up an email list and talk about autoresponders and broadcast messages.

Using the Aweber Email Service 38:39 Tips For Your Email Autoresponder Series 00:39 + – Productivity 2 Lectures 41:17

In this video, we'll look at the following Productivity Tools:

- printfriendly
- readable:

Productivity Tools Preview 39:37 Earning From Your Blog 01:40 + – Traffic 2 Lectures 38:13

In this video, we'll talk about the following points:

What is traffic?
- Why do you want it?
- How people search. Keywords? Long-tail?
- Website statistics? AW Stats, Wordtracker or Google Analytics
- Backlinks?
- Top Free Ways? Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Satellite Blogs, SEO, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing
- Paid traffic? PPC, solo ads, press releases
- Website address on all communication

Getting Traffic To Your Site 37:03 Getting Visitors To Your Blog 01:10 + – Audio Lectures 1 Lecture 04:11

Udemy has changed their policy regarding audio lectures and you will no longer be able to access these audio files from the course platform itself. Please download and unzip the files in order to listen to them. This zipped file contains the following audio lectures:

  • Questions to ask yourself before creating your website
  • Domain Name tips
  • Steps to register your domain
  • Setting objectives for your website
  • Making sure your website gives a sense of security to readers
  • Why you should use email marketing
  • Capturing customer names
  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • Including a clear Call to Action
  • What are re-directs and anchor text and how to use them
  • What are search engine spiders and how to feed them
Creating Your Website and Your Email List 04:11 + – Conclusion 3 Lectures 02:06 Get Your Bricks In Order Preview 00:33 Bonus Lecture - Connecting With Me 01:26 Bonus Lecture - Resources 00:06
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