Building a Chat App for iOS from Scratch



With "Developing a chat app for iOS", you will learn everything about chat apps, even if you've never build one before!

The full course has several video lectures, divided into several chapters. Each chapter will give you a new level of knowledge in chat app development. We'll start from the basics of chat app development to more advanced and the most popular techniques used now a days.

"Building a Chat App" will give you a new perspective on how the Apps and Web-Services work And after you completed the course you will be able to create your own Chat app with the latest technology and technique. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: In order to keep you up to date in the world of Chat app Development all the chapters will be updated regularly with new lectures, projects, quizzes and any changes in future versions of all the programming languages covered on the course.

Why Learn Chat App Development?

The Internet is the fastest and largest platform ever created for humans to learn, communicate, share, or create businesses of any kind, and all of this in just 15 years! It is estimated that in the next 2 or 3 years more than 80%%%% of the companies around the world will become internet dependent which will cause a huge demand for App developer in this market. As the World Wide Web grows Chat apps needs to upgraded proportionally.

Learning Chat app Development will give you the opportunity to start ahead of other competitors by giving you the knowledge of the most recent app technologies and how to better apply them on your future projects. Knowing Chat app Development will give you the ability to control and create anything on the mobile.

We promise you would have never had such kind of learning experience.

Welcome to "Building a Chat App for iOS"

Who is the target audience?
  • Must know Objective-C

  • Objective-C
  • iOS Development

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn Building a Chat Application for iOS
  • Learn Building Web-Services
  • Learn Databases
  • Learn Parsing

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 14 Lectures 03:21:23 + – Introduction 2 Lectures 07:23 Demo of Chap App Preview 04:34 Demo of group chat room Preview 02:49 + – Database 1 Lecture 12:40 Database structure Preview 12:40 + – User Interface 4 Lectures 01:31:02 Creating the home screen for chat application 24:35 Creating UI of user registration screen 25:32 Creating UI for chatroom list and friend's list 20:20 Creating UI for add new friend and add new chat room 20:35 + – Web services 4 Lectures 01:00:10 Creating the database and web service 21:07 Implementing Web services - I 10:49 Creating web services 19:10 Implementing Web service - II 09:04 + – Sending of Message 2 Lectures 30:00 Implementing sending of messages functionality - I 19:04 Implementing sending of messages functionality - II 10:56 + – Exercise files 1 Lecture 00:02 File 00:02
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  • Language: English Gb


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