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This seven part video series was created to enable you to step into your authentic self on camera and in life as a whole. So many people freeze when the camera goes on. It’s as if the camera has put a spell on them. The camera makes us act in ways we wouldn’t normally. This may happen to you and one of the reasons to invest in this course. The reason this freezing occurs is because the camera represents your judgements of yourself. The minute the camera goes on we become scared of what we are going to say and what people may think of us. The camera rarely lies so it’s a great tool for transparency to emerge. This course will also show you simple steps to practice so you can start recording and sharing your message right away and how to produce your introductory video for your website.

Simon is a professional actor, social entrepreneur, writer and you could say a communication enthusiast. Having starred and produced in his own movies he knows the power of the camera and its ability to express messages. In 2008 he founded Simon on the Sofa - Transformational Conversations. He facilitates workshops and mentors people through transparent communication, which is the ability to speak exactly what you are thinking and feeling without holding onto debilitating beliefs and programs which hold us back from communicating our truth.

This course is for you:

  • If you are new to or nervous about appearing on video
  • If you are a entrepreneur of any kind, holistic, social, radical, change maker, wayseer.
  • If you are a business owner of any kind.
  • If you your looking to produce video content for your website or elsewhere.
  • If you want to enhance your performance skills in front of camera.
  • If you know you have something to say but don't know how to express it on camera.
  • Want to create an authentic introduction video for your website.

Topics in this How to Communicate authentically On Camera course are: 

Part 1 - Introduction
This is an overview of the course to get you settled in and ready to go. Simon will be sharing guidance, advice and practical tips to support you on this journey to sharing your message to the world.
Part 2 - Voice Awareness"
Presenting is a skill but you don’t need loads of training and you don’t have to spend loads of money. Once you get a few things in check, you can start having fun as you practice and hone your message.
Part3 - "Body Language and Posture"
Your body communicates way before you have even opened your mouth. This episode is all about getting into the body and getting your posture right.
Part 4 - "Daniela - our authentic example"
This is where we see the exercises Simon has shared come into action, let’s put them to the test.
Part 5 - :Setting the scene: Sound, Props and Lighting"
This episode covers tips on sound, lighting and setting the scene so you can create a professional video right now with better awareness.
Part 6 - "How to create your introductory video"
Simon has created numerous videos over the years. This episode gives you some explanations which will support you in creating your own welcoming introductory video for your website.
Part 7 - "The Summary"
A summary of what you have seen. Simon will encapsulate what you have experienced together. He shares why it’s so important we communicate our truth and not what we think people want.

This course contains all you need to know to not only get started on video but how to communicate effectively and authentically. Lets journey together :-)

Who is the target audience?
  • speakers
  • startups
  • life coaches
  • teachers
  • holistic entrepeneurs
  • entrepeneurs
  • Anyone who wants to create their own content!

  • Being able to listen and watch
  • Desire to express yourself authentically

What Will I Learn?
  • Feel CONFIDENT and RELAXED talking in front of a camera!
  • Create your own INTRODUCTORY video for your website homepage
  • Communicate your message authentically into camera!
  • Learn simple powerful tips for presenting yourself on screen, body and mind

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 8 Lectures 01:38:55 + – Lets START! 2 Lectures 07:05 This is the PDF which accompanies this course for you to download. Content overview 16 pages Why communicating authentically is important. Not just for you but your audience, customers, clients or anybody else you are speaking too. This course is about getting really clear on what you want to say and how to present it on camera. Introduction Preview 07:05 + – Lets do some EXCERCISE 2 Lectures 25:43 Presenting is a skill but you don’t need loads of training and you don’t have to spend loads of money. Once you get a few things in check, you can start having fun as you practice and hone your message. Voice is a key element to expressing yourself. Simon has trained as an actor and shares some of his exercises and ways to get in tune with your signature note. Voice Awareness Preview 14:21 Your body communicates way before you have even opened your mouth. This episode is all about getting into the body and getting your posture right. You can always tell somebody who truly embodies themselves as they feel calmer and more present. Now it’s time to embody the real you. Body Language and Posture 11:22 + – Lets TEST it! 1 Lecture 22:56 We have invited a friend to be our experiment and to show you spontaneously and in the moment if what we shared makes a difference. Find out for yourself.
Daniela - our authentic example 22:56 + – Lets get TECHNICAL! 1 Lecture 14:03 This episode covers tips so you can create a professional video. We show you examples you can start implementing right away. Setting the Scene: Sound, Props and Lighting 14:03 + – It's TIME TO SHINE! 1 Lecture 09:21 Simon has created numerous videos over the years. This episode gives you some simple tips and explanations which will support you in creating your own welcoming introductory video for your website homepage. How to create your Introductory video? 09:21 + – Thank you and ENJOY! 1 Lecture 03:47 Does what it says on the tin, A summary of what you have seen. Simon shares why it's so important to communicate our truth and not what we think people want at this time of evolution. This course isn't about how to sell your product. It's about YOU and how you share your message with the world. Course Summary 03:47
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