Equity Research - A Comprehensive Program by edu CBA

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The way an Equity Analyst / Investment Banker does! Includes Excel, Accounting, Financial Modeling and Valuations

Equity Research from edu CBA is a comprehensive course with following details:

1> Microsoft Excel required to handle complex Financial Modeling

2> Financial Analysis

3> Financial Modeling and

4> Valuations and Relative Valuations

5> Report Writing

You do not need to take Financial and Valuation Modeling and Report Writing Courses separately if you have taken this course. Those are included in detailed manner in this comprehensive program. Some parts of Microsoft Excel and Financial Accounting required for Financial Modeling and Valuation are also included in this Program.

Now, Do you want to become an Equity Analyst? You are at the right place. We at edu CBA will help you realize your dream with our most popular, most successful, online program on Equity Research. This is not just a course, this is an experience, on the job training experience. It has been prepared by highly qualified professionals, Investment Bankers, Equity Analysts from top notch Financial firms and Institutions across the globe. They shared their skills and experience as an analyst, And we collated them to come up with a program. It is a matter of pride to us to make this job oriented hands on training available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. We are committed to deliver a world class professional training and learning services that continues improving knowledge efficiency. This is NOT typical academic course, this is a high impact job oriented, hands-on practical training programs. The Finance Industry looks for such skill sets in their prospective employees. This program has been designed by the Industry experts keeping in mind the need of the Industry.

This program has enviable record of being used as the primary training program for on-board analysts across top investment banks and financial institutions.

We have always been greedy of not sharing this program in any other platform than our own website. But, as they say, best things are made for best places. We could not avoid bringing this program to the largest education market place called Udemy. So, finally its here.

What you get in this course? The course starts with excel functions required by an analyst. It will reveal all the shortcuts financial analysts use. Then, it will move on to Financial Accounting from Industry perspective. It starts from scratch and takes you to advanced level. Then comes the heart of the course, Financial Modeling. This part will take care of every nuts and bolts of Financial Modeling. We will cover Equity Valuation with relative valuation. By the end of this course, a participant should be in a position to analyze a company from scratch just like an equity analyst from a top financial institution does.

Note 1: The Microsoft Excel portion required for Financial Modeling and Valuation has been taken from our own course Microsoft Excel 2010. This is the comprehensive course on Excel. For additional excel functions, you can go for our comprehensive course.

Note 2: The valuation portion in this course has been taken from our Corporate Valuation course. If you have taken our course on Financial & Valuation course, you are not required to take Corporate Valuation course separately.

Instructor: Mr. Dheeraj V. (CFA, FRM, IIML, IITD)

Dheeraj, A financial wizard, His relentless pursuit of knowledge and financial acumen has made him one of the most sought after individual in the training circles. He was associated with J.P Morgan Chase Equity Research Group as an analyst and later moved to CLSA India (Asia’s #1 Broking Firm) in the field of Equity Research and Investment Banking domain.

Website: - edu CBA

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  • What are the requirements?
    • The course starts from scratch and takes care of every pre-requisites with in the course itself. No requirements as such.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 292 lectures and 41.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course, a participant should be in a position to analyze a company from scratch just like an Equity Analyst or an Investment Banker from a top financial institution / Investment Bank does
  • What is the target audience?
    • •tMost suitable for people looking for a career in investment banking, Equity research, Business planning & strategy, Private management, or commercial banking. Also a good addition for people pursuing CA, CFA Program , FRM, MBA Finance. It is also ideal for candidates with Degree, Diploma, B .TECH in engineering and Commerce who want a career in finance

SECTION 1: Introduction
  • Equity Research Introduction
  • SECTION 2: Excel Basics
  • Excel Basics for Financial Modeling
  • XYZ Company Basic Excel Case Study
  • Excel Case Study
  • Excel Case Study
  • Data Entry in Excel
  • Data Entry In Excel
  • Populating the Case Study in Excel
  • Populating The Case Study In Excel
  • Calculations Addition Subtract Multiply Division
  • Calculations Addition Subtract Multiply Division
  • Formatting Number Formats
  • Formatting Number Formats
  • Formatting Table Formats
  • Formatting Table Formats
  • Updating a Calculation
  • Updating A Calculation
  • Percentages and Absolute References
  • Percentages And Absolute References
  • IF Function
  • IF Function
  • COUNT IF Function
  • COUNTIF And SUMIF 13 Part 1
  • SUM IF Function
  • COUNTIF And SUMIF 13 Part 2
  • Freeze and Split
  • SECTION 3: Important Excel Functions
  • Important Excel Functions for Financial Modeling
  • Logical functions AND OR IF
  • Logical functions AND OR IF
  • Arithmetic functions MAX MIN ABS etc
  • Arithmetic functions MAX MIN ABS etc
  • Count Countif Count A Countblank
  • Cell Information ISERROR ISBLANK etc
  • Cell Information
  • Array Function Introduction
  • Array Function Introduction
  • Array Function Row and Columns
  • Array Function Row And Columns
  • Array Function TRANSPOSE
  • Array Function TRANSPOSE
  • Array Function FREQUENCY
  • Array Function FREQUENCY
  • SECTION 4: Useful Excel Tools
  • Useful Excel Tools for Financial Modeling
  • Paste Special
  • Paste Special
  • Grouping Tabs
  • Grouping Tabs
  • Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Data Validation
  • Data Validation
  • Protecting Worksheet and Workbook
  • Protecting Worksheet And Workbook
  • Group Boxes and Options Button
  • Group Boxes And Options Button
  • Check Boxes
  • Check Boxes
  • List Boxes and Combo Boxes
  • List Boxes And Combo Boxes
  • Scroll Bar and Spinners
  • Scroll Bar And Spinners
  • Auditing Toolbar
  • Auditing Toolbar
  • Watch Window
  • Watch Window
  • Naming a Cell and a Range
  • Naming A Cell And A Range
  • Naming Dynamic Ranges
  • Naming Dynamic Ranges
  • SECTION 5: Scenario Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis in Financial Modeling
  • One Dimensional Data Tables
  • One Dimensional Data Tables
  • One Dimensional Data Tables
  • Two dimensional Data Tables
  • Two dimensional Data Tables
  • Solver
  • Solver
  • Goal Seek
  • Goal Seek
  • Goal Seek
  • SECTION 6: Advanced Charts
  • EXCEL Advanced Charts
  • Excel 2010 Sparklines
  • Excel 2010 Sparklines
  • Range Charts Type 1 Part a
  • Range Charts Type 1 Part a
  • Range Charts Type 1 Part b
  • Range Charts Type 1 Part b
  • Range Charts Area Type 2 Part a
  • Range Charts Area Type 2 Part a
  • Range Charts Area Type 2 Part b
  • Range Charts Area Type 2 Part b
  • Funding Graph
  • Funding Graph
  • Funding Graph
  • Two Axis Graphs
  • Two Axis Graphs
  • Two Axis Graphs
  • SECTION 7: Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Horizontal and Vertical Analysis
  • Income Statement - Horizontal and Vertical Analysis - Example
  • Balance Sheet - Vertical Analysis - Example
  • Introduction to Ratio Analysis
  • Activity Ratios
  • Activity Ratios - Receivables Turnover
  • Activity Ratios - Inventory and Payables Turnover
  • Activity Ratios - Cash Conversion Cycle Discussion
  • Activity Ratios - Working Capital and Fixed Asset Turnover
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Comprehensive Example - Activity Ratio - Cash Conversion
  • Comprehensive Example - Activity Ratio - Working Capital and Fixed Asset Turnove
  • Comprehensive Example - Liquidity Ratios
  • Comprehensive Example - Solvency Ratios
  • Comprehensive Example - Profitability Ratios
  • ROE
  • ROE Example
  • Dividends Payout Ratio
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • SECTION 8: Financial Modeling Introduction
  • Excel Template section 7 To 19
  • What is Financial Modeling
  • What is Financial Modeling
  • Snapshot of Financial Model
  • Snapshot of Financial Model
  • SECTION 9: Assumptions in Financial Modeling
  • Looking at the Assumptions
  • Looking at the Assumptions
  • Formatting a Financial Model
  • Formatting a Financial Model
  • SECTION 10: Historical Ratio Analysis
  • Calculating the Historical Ratios
  • Calculating the Historical Ratios
  • SECTION 11: Projecting the Income Statement
  • Projecting Income Statement - Costs
  • Projecting Income Statement Costs
  • Projecting Income Statement - Revenues
  • Projecting Income Statement Revenues
  • SECTION 12: Projecting Working Capital
  • Calculating the Turnover Ratios
  • Calculating the Turnover Ratios
  • Forecasting the Working Capital
  • Forecasting the Working Capital
  • Working Capital Flow Diagram
  • Working Capital Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 13: Depreciation Schedule
  • BASE Equation & Projecting Capital Expenditure
  • BASE Equation & Projecting Capital Expenditure
  • Projecting Depreciation - Part 1
  • Projecting Depreciation Part 1
  • Projecting Depreciation - Part 2
  • Projecting Depreciation Part 2
  • Depreciation Schedule Flow Diagram
  • Depreciation Schedule Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 14: Amortization Schedule
  • BASE Equation & Projecting Intangibles
  • BASE Equation & Projecting Intangibles
  • Projecting Amortization
  • Projecting Amortization
  • Amortization Schedule Flow Diagram
  • Amortization Schedule Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 15: Other Long Term Schedule
  • Projecting Other Long Term Items
  • Projecting Other Long Term Items
  • Other Long Term Schedule Flow Diagram
  • Other Long Term Schedule Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 16: Shareholders Equity Schedule
  • BASE Equation & Shareholders Equity I
  • BASE Equation & Shareholders Equity II
  • Projecting Share Repurchase/Buy Back and effect of Stock Options
  • Shareholders Equity Schedule Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 17: Shareholders Outstanding Schedule
  • Projecting Outstanding Shares
  • SECTION 18: Cash Flow Statements
  • Completing the Cash Flow Statements
  • SECTION 19: Setting up the Debt Schedule
  • Projecting Debt Short term and Long
  • Concept of Cash Sweep Revolver & Ending
  • Debt Schedule Flow Diagram
  • SECTION 20: Important - Circular Reference
  • Important Understanding the Circular Reference in Detail
  • SECTION 21: CASE STUDY: Asian Paints - Gearing for the Financial Model
  • Preparing the Infrastructure of Asian Paints
  • Populating FY2010 Income Statement
  • Populating EPS and Unit Conversions
  • Populating FY 2010 Cash Flow
  • Populating FY 2010 Cash Flow Contd
  • SECTION 22: CASE STUDY: Asian Paints - Ratio Analysis
    SECTION 23: CASE STUDY: Asian Paints - Projections - Income Statement FY2011E-2015E
  • IS Projections Sales & Material Costs
  • IS Projections Employee Cost
  • IS Projections PAT
  • IS Projections EBITDA & PBT
  • Minority Interest Calculation
  • SECTION 24: CASE STUDY: Asian Paints - Projections - Balance Sheet - FY2011E-2015E
    SECTION 25: CASE STUDY: Asian Paints - Projections - Cash Flow - FY2011E-2015E
  • Cash Flow Projections Operating Activities
  • Cash Flow Projections Financing Activities and Reconciliation
  • SECTION 26: CORPORATE VALUATION: Dividend Discount Model (DDM)
  • Dividend discount model (DDM) Example 1
  • Dividend discount model (DDM) Example 2
  • Dividend discount model (DDM) Example 3
  • Dividend discount model (DDM) Example 4
  • Introduction to DCF
  • Forecasting Income Statement EBITDA
  • Understanding the Working Capital
  • Completing the Working Capital Calculations
  • Linking the Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF)
  • Discounting the Explicit Period Cash Flows
  • Calculation of Terminal Values
  • DCF Valuation Summary
  • DCF Sensitivity Analysis
  • SECTION 29: CORPORATE VALUATION: DCF - Understanding Capital Structure
  • Options Treasury Stock Method
  • Options Explained Part 2
  • Calculation of in the money Convertibles
  • Calculation of in the money Stock Options
  • Calculation of Debt & Equity Ratio
  • Cost of Debt Calculations
  • Cost of Equity Calculation
  • SECTION 31: CORPORATE VALUATION: DCF: Calculating Enterprise Value EV
    SECTION 32: Relative Valuations - Enterprise Valuation & Equity Value
    SECTION 33: Relative Valuations - Equity Value Method
  • Relative Valuation
  • SECTION 34: Cement Sector Financial Modeling
    SECTION 35: Cement Industry - Products & Technology
    SECTION 36: Cement Industry - Structure
    SECTION 37: Cement Industry - Demand & Supply
    SECTION 38: Cement Industry - Trends
    SECTION 39: Cement Industry - Regional Dynamics
    SECTION 40: Cement Industry - Pricing‚ Costing & Profitability Analysis
    SECTION 41: Cement Industry - Credit Themes
    SECTION 42: Cement Industry - Business & Financial Risk Analysis
    SECTION 43: Cement Industry - Stock Performance & Industry Outlook
    SECTION 44: A Comparative Study Top 3 Cement Players
    SECTION 45: Cement Sector - Comparable Companies Analysis (Comps Analysis)
    SECTION 46: Ultratech Cement - Ratio Analysis
    SECTION 47: Ultratech Cement - DuPont Analysis
    SECTION 48: ACC Cement - Ratio Analysis
    SECTION 49: ACC Cement - Du Pont Analysis
    SECTION 50: ACC Cement - Comparables Analysis
    SECTION 51: Financial Modeling - ACC Cement
    SECTION 52: ACC Cement - Valuations
    SECTION 53: Report Writing
    SECTION 54: What is Equity Research Report
    SECTION 55: Anatomy of Equity Research Report
    SECTION 56: Comparing Equity Research Report
    SECTION 57: Do's & Don'ts of Research Report Writing
    SECTION 58: Report Writing: Case Studies
    SECTION 59: Useful Financial Websites
    SECTION 60: Indian Media Sector Report
    SECTION 61: Peer Analysis
    SECTION 62: Exhibit: Reliance Petroleum Research Report
    SECTION 63: Reference: Annual Reports
  • Report Writing
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