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PLEASE NOTE: Ultimatum 2.5 version, starts at section 8 - Also you will need the Ultimatum Theme 2.5 Software for this course - I have a discount coupon - Please email asap to get a discount coupon - I have a limited supply

The Ultimatum Framework Theme is the very best framework for building and developing professional Wordpress solutions. Make money building and selling your own custom Wordpress themes. This very SEO friendly framework will help you design eye-catching Wordpress solutions with ease

I will share with you my amazing simple production techniques on how to use the ultimatum theme framework to build your own Wordpress custom themes for clients or re-sale.

I will teach you to THINK the way The Ultimatum Theme Framework Thinks! Work smart, work fast and build custom Wordpress themes using my step-by-step proven time tested learning and comprehension technique

My time-tested, proven training method works...
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Category: Technology
  • What are the requirements?
    • If you can point and click a mouse you can thrive in my course
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 132 lectures and 15 hours of content!
    • To build, design, create, edit & publish custom Ultimatum Theme Templates
    • To build, design, create, edit & publish custom Ultimatum Theme Framework Layouts
    • To build, design, create, edit & publish custom Ultimatum Theme Framework Themes
  • What is the target audience?
    • Wordpress Theme Builders
    • Business Owners
    • Bloggers
    • Wordpress Developers
    • RWD Responsive Web Design Developers
    • Motivated Entrepreneurs
    • GUI Developers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Web Designers
    • Website Developers
    • Web App Developers

SECTION 1: How to use Ultimatum Framework: Course Overview
  • Ultimatum Framework: Course Overview
  • SECTION 2: Getting Started with Building Wordpress Apps with The Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • How to Install Wordpress onto Your Web Server
  • Wordpress Basic Setup Settings
  • Protect your new wordpress website secure it and prevent hackers
  • How to Install The Ultimatum Theme Framework from Wordpress
  • Learn How The Ultimatum Theme Framework Thinks
  • Adding a Partial Layout to your Utimatum Template
  • How to Build a New Ultimatum Template from Scratch
  • How to Add Content and Edit a New Ultimatum Layout
  • SECTION 3: Working with Text Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text and Images
  • Installing Lorem Ipsum plugin and working woth text tips in Ultimatum Theme
  • Creating a Post with Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text
  • Wrapping Lorem Ipsum Text around Images
  • Working with Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text: Part 2
  • Adding A Partial Layout: Branding Header Layout
  • Creating an Alternate Layout for Ad Space
  • Creating a Default Search Layout in Ultimatum Theme
  • SECTION 4: Creating Slides for an Animated Slide Show in The Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • Creating Slides for an Animated Slide Show in Adobe Fireworks
  • Importing Slides to be used in The Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • Building a Slide Show Layout in The Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • Placing Arranging The Slide Show in The Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • Slide Show Features and Property Option Settings in The Ultimatum Theme Framewor
  • SECTION 5: How to install and use the NEW Aug 2013 version of Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • How to install and use the NEW Aug 2013 version of Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • Getting, downloading and installing the Ultimatum Child-Theme
  • The Ultimatum Theme Framwork walk thru
  • Building layouts with The Ultimatum Theme Framwork
  • Adding content to your The Ultimatum layout
  • Adding css to The Ultimatum layouts
  • Using multi-layout techniques with The Ultimatum Theme Framwork
  • SECTION 6: Setting Up Wordpress Multi-Site Features for your Ultimatum Theme Framework
  • How to set up a WP multisite
  • Setup WP multisite network setup
  • Setup WP multisite network setup part 3
  • Setup WP multisite network setup add mu domain plugin
  • Setup WP multisite network create new WP website
  • Setup WP multisite network map-new domain name via park
  • Setup WP multisite network review sec 6 overview
  • SECTION 7: Setting up custom CSS rules for your Ultimatum layouts with Dreamweaver CC
  • Set up custom css for your layouts with Dreamweaver CC overview
  • CSS tricks inside of Ultimatum Theme Framework - Targeting Div Tags with CSS
  • How to target Ultimatum layout div with css rules with class
  • Working smart building layouts in ultimatum theme
  • Building css web layouts in dreamweaver cc
  • Building body p h1 tags via dreamweaver cc
  • Using ultimatum layout as tracing image via Dreamweaver CC
  • Building wrapper div tag via DW css
  • Building wrapper rules with css via Dreamweaver CC
  • SECTION 8: Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme Framework Version 2.5
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme: Basic Settings and Intro
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme: Plugin Install Setup
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme: Upload and Install Ultimatum Theme
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme: Create a Child Ultimatum Theme
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme: Ultimatum Theme 2.5 Overview
  • Getting Started with Ultimatum Theme 2.5: Ultimatum Theme Cloning a Layout
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