Introduction to Web Development



Introduction to Web Development is just that - an introduction. You will be introduced to basic web development concepts such as HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

All of these are the basic skills you need to become a professional web developer. If you're interested in becoming a web developer, this course offers you an easy and free way to see if it's right for you.

If you decide you are interested in becoming a web developer, check out our Become a Professional Web Developer course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginning developers

  • A computer and a dream

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the basics of web development
  • Find out if web development is for you

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 41 Lectures 04:40:17 + – HTML and HTML5 11 Lectures 26:51

Welcome to the course!

What Is HTML? Preview 02:55

This short tutorial introduces the students to what HTML5 is.

What Is HTML5? Preview 02:59

Learn how to get the browser here.

Getting the Browser Preview 00:41

Working with the Editor

Getting the Editor Preview 00:48

This video guides you through the setup of the Editor.

Setting Up the Editor Preview 01:19

Be familiarized with the HTML Structure through this video tutorial.

Structure | Hello World Preview 04:36

This time the students gets introduced to the Document Object Model in HTML.

The DOM 02:09

Learn how to customize the Editor.

Customizing the Editor 01:32

Working with Self-closing tags.

Self Closing Tags 01:21

Dealing with Validation

Validation 06:10

Working with Comments

Comments 02:21 + – CSS and CSS3 6 Lectures 01:14:33

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of CSS and CSS3.

Introduction 19:17

Working with URLs.

Links 13:16

Working with Widths and Heights.

Widths and Heights 12:43

Learn about positioning

Positioning 10:57

How to center a container can be learned here.

Centering a Container 10:11

Working with Display Property.

Display Property 08:09 + – JavaScript 5 Lectures 48:04

A quick introduction to JavaScript.

Introduction 05:56

Working with Script tags in JavaScript.

Script Tags 12:59

Prompt Boxes that usually show in web browsers will be covered here.

Boxes 07:56

Working with Consoles.

Console 07:57

Working with variables is covered in this lesson.

Variables 13:16 + – Ajax and jQuery 4 Lectures 37:24

A quick introduction to Ajax and jQuery.

Introduction 04:12

Learn how to get jQuery.

Getting jQuery 06:33

Basic functionality is covered in this tutorial.

Basic Fuctionality 11:36

Working with the User Interface.

User Interaction 15:03 + – PHP 8 Lectures 54:18

This tutorial discusses the basics of PHP.

What Is PHP? 05:44

Here we shall learn how to set up a Web server.

Setting Up a Web Server 07:50

Working with Echo and Print.

Echo and Print 05:20

Now let us discuss various functions in PHP.

Functions 08:24

This time, we learn about variables.

Variables 07:25

Learn how to create and use PHP for loop.

For Loops 05:04

Create and Use the PHP foreach loop.

Foreach 06:37

Learn how If statements work in PHP.

If Statements 07:54 + – My SQL 4 Lectures 38:20

A quick video tutorial that discusses what MySQL is.

Introduction 08:53

Here, we shall learn how to create a database.

Creating a Database 09:15

Inserting data into a MySQL Table will be discussed here.

Inserting Data 09:57

A video tutorial that covers SQL injection, web security and how to protect yourself.

SQL Injection 10:15 + – Conclusion 2 Lectures 00:35

Thanks for taking the course!

Conclusion 00:13 Request a Course 00:22 + – Bonus Material 1 Lecture 00:14 Bonus Lecture: Course Discounts 00:14
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