Learning JQuery Mobile The Easy Way


With the surge in smart phones and interactive tablets, the demand for compatible content and apps has never been so high. While most of the attention has centered on native app development, what many don't know is that websites can be designed to run just as seamlessly as apps, with code that makes them compatible and streamlined within iOS and Android devices. In this short, hands-on jQuery mobile tutorial course, you'll learn how to work with one of the web's most flexible standards to quickly create your own mobile-friendly sites. You'll learn how to accommodate multiple formats at the same time as well as how to work with jQuery's ThemeRoller and customized CSS to achieve exactly the look and feel you want in the menus and splash screens that appear on users' devices.

What You Will Learn

- How to create a usable website that can function like an app on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.
- How to apply custom themes and view settings to improve and streamline the graphical interface of your mobile site.
- How to load external 3rd party content within your mobile site using AJAX standards and splash screens.

Who Should Take This Course

- Anyone with a basic knowledge and interest in web design looking to deliver mobile-friendly content and web apps.
- Anyone with an existing website they would like to optimize for iOS and Android devices.
- Anyone looking to deliver a compelling mobile service or experience without the cost or complications of native app development.

What People Are Saying

"The training is short, but it's just what I needed to get started...Chris keeps it simple but shows a lot of interesting options along the way."

- Tim Vang

"Quick, to the point, perfect for getting my site ready for iPhone users."
- Alex Aguirre

"I was dreading bringing our restaurant's site onto the iPhone but these videos made it easy. Would have done it much sooner if I knew!"
- Jonathan Cherry


Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 20 Lectures 01:06:17 + – About This Course 3 Lectures 04:37 Working Files - Download These First 00:01 Project Overview Preview 03:18 Course Files Preview 01:18 + – Getting Started 2 Lectures 03:50 Create Project Folders Preview 01:09 Export Graphics Preview 02:41 + – Beginning The HTML Markup 2 Lectures 05:57 Create HTML Preview 03:00 Multipage Markup 02:57 + – Applying And Customizing Themes 3 Lectures 09:34 Intro To Themes 02:08 Using ThemeRoller 05:28 Apply Custom Theme 01:58 + – Adding The Content And Navigation 3 Lectures 16:22 Add Content 06:42 Back And Footer Buttons 04:36 Services Links 05:04 + – Adding A Live Filtering List 2 Lectures 07:08 Filtering List 03:28 Custom JS 03:40 + – Creating Custom CSS 4 Lectures 17:47 Inspection 05:18 Swatch A Overrides 03:31 Swatch C Overrides 04:48 Content CSS 04:10 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 01:02 Where To Go From Here 01:02
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