Learn how to code in objective c for beginners



Have you ever wanted to make an app? In order to make an app you need to know how to code. But coding is hard right? Wrong! People think coding is hard because they were not taught the right way. This course makes the complicated programming of Objective-C easy to understand. Objective-C is the main programming languages behind all of the hit apps on the app store. You need to know Objective-C in order to make apps in Xcode work. Xcode is the flagship software behind most of the apps in the app store. This course makes programming easy. Learn Objective-C today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Complete beginners
  • People who have not coded before

  • An apple computer
  • Xcode (free)
  • An internet connection

What Will I Learn?
  • To learn Objective -C
  • To learn about the apple development environment
  • To learn good programming techniques
  • To learn about how start developing apps

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 29 Lectures 01:02:44 + – Let's learn objective C 3 Lectures 05:34 Introduction Preview 01:17 Course Requirements Preview 02:45 Downloading Xcode Preview 01:32 + – Let's start programming 15 Lectures 27:12 Opening a new project Preview 02:03 Introduction to the interface Preview 02:15 Comments Preview 01:45 WhiteSpaces 01:04 Adding in a comment 01:55 Adding in the printf command 02:29 The include statement 01:45 Int main 01:56 Declaring variables 01:43 Initializing variables 01:21 Printing a variable 01:42 More than one variable in printf 02:04 Float variables 02:13 Char varaibles 01:04 Static and dynamic programming languages 01:53 + – If statements 10 Lectures 29:05 If statements 02:05 Else statements 01:46 Else if statements 01:52 Performing math and printf 03:36 Logic and if statements 06:05 Oporators 01:57 And oporators 03:05 If statements to handle errors 01:37 Or oporators 02:26 If statement complexity 04:36 + – Congratulations you are finished 1 Lecture 00:53 Course conclusion 00:53
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