Lightroom Essentials: Everything you need to know



This course will take you through everything you need to know about Adobe's Lightroom software, with particular emphasis on the develop module - the module where you edit and adjust your images.

This course is a combination of video with comprehensive notes in PDF format as well as exercise files so you can follow along and do the edits yourself - so you'll be learning by doing.

The course focuses on the most useful commands, the best practices, and how to bring your images to life.

Who is the target audience?
  • professional and amateur photogrphers
  • no previous knowledge required

  • Adobe Lightroom Version 5 (version 4 is also OK)
  • No previous knowledge required

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you'll have a solid general knowledge or Lightroom, but more importantly you should be able to really enhance all your images.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 37 Lectures 02:51:48 + – Introduction, Fundamentals and the Interface 7 Lectures 24:35 Introduction Preview 05:29 JPG vs. RAW 08:53

Here's how to get your photos into Lightroom

Importing 3 pages Lightroom vs. Bridge and the Library Analogy 02:41

What is a catalogue in Lightroom?

A catalogue is what Lightroom does.

Catalogues 02:00

If you don't back up you're asking for disaster!

Backups 05:32

A comparison between Aperture and Lightroom - two packages that do the same job.

Lightroom vs. Aperture 1 page + – The Interface 7 Lectures 10:18

Here's a quick overview of the Lightroom interface.

Let's look at the interface 4 pages IMPORTANT TIP for viewing these video tutorials.... 00:09

How best to view while you work.

View options and Zoom 03:32

Solo will make it easier to see what controls yo are using. Quick Develop is a set of Presets.

Solo and Quick Develop 01:53

How to keep your photos organised and search through them.

Organising and Searching 3 pages

Keywords will make it so much easier to keep track of all your images.

Keywords 02:41

Metadata is all the information that Lightroom can read from your images - the date the shot was taken, the camera settings and so forth.

Shortcuts will show you how best to learn the shortcuts in Lightroom.

Metadata and Learning Shortcuts 02:03 + – The Develop Module 15 Lectures 01:40:17

The most important adjustment is exposure - but it's not just one simple slider!

Basics: Exposure 05:56

This time we're working on an image that is already reasonable, but bringing it to life.

Cows Preview 13:56

In this session we have a night scene that has some minor problems.

Basics: Night Scene 09:17

This is your first assignment - an image to work through by yourself!

If you want to get certified for your Lightroom skills, look on the OPI web site...

When you have finished this course you have the option to sign up for an exam (at an additional cost). To do the exam you'll be working on a set of images that you'll need to adjust and export - pretty much like the assignment projects in this course, except that you'll send your work in and get feedback from the grading panel as to what you did well or not-so-well. Each exam you pass takes you closer to earning the OPI Diploma in Photography.

Basics: Assignment 01:06

We'll work on this image in black and white to better understand the underlying structure.

Structure: Wrecks 09:50

This night scene requires noise reduction.

Structure: Noir Portrait 05:18

Having been working in black and white, this time we'll add some colour back in!

Structure: Pepper 08:33

Here's your next assignment...

Assignment 2 00:20

In this session we'll learn how to bring our the textures in the paintwork of this old car.

Colour: Old Car 11:45

Here we'll really get to grips with making the colours pop!

Colour: Fruit Bowl 04:34

This time we're going to apply colour selectively.

Colour: Fern 08:58

The next assingment for you to work through.

Assignent 3 00:37

The tools we'll use for retouching can be used in all sorts of other images.

Retouching 1 12:32

A second retouching exercise.

Retouching 2 06:36

An assignment to test your ability to take the methods you've learned in the previous two sessions and apply them to a differnt sort of portrait. This is the last assignment in the course.

Assignment 4 00:59 + – Getting Images out of Lightroom 7 Lectures 24:43

Lightroom has lots of options for exporting your images.

Exporting 03:10

Learn how to use Soft Proofing so that you images print out the way you expect them to.

Soft Proofing 07:34

Here we cover the options around the print dialogues.

Printing 03:18

Using Lightroom to make a photobook to be published as a PDF or by

The Book Module 07:35

What the Map module reveals to us.

The Map Module 00:59

A quick introduction to the web module.

The Web Module 01:18

Making a slideshow in Lightroom

The Slideshow Module 00:49 + – Wrap up 1 Lecture 00:35 Wrap Up 00:35
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