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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Are you looking to make a passive income?

Do you want to be able to live an easy life?

Are you tired of wasting your money on courses that don’t deliver?

Do you want to learn how you make more sales?

Then Local Marketing Classroom is what you need!

You can now…

Learn how to Generate Leads for Local Businesses and Close Offline Deals!

It’s that simple!

Everywhere you turn these days marketers are selling offline folks on the benefits of online promotions. Website designers, social media marketers, and SEO specialists are all out there pounding the pavement, looking to help the corner store make a splash online. But there's another, less talked about connection: online businesses moving OFFline. And if your online business isn't poised to take advantage of this opportunity, you might just be missing out on something big.

Consider the small, offline business owner who is desperately in need of an administrative assistant. He doesn't have time to read his own email let alone search the Google listings for a virtual assistant. In fact, he probably doesn't even know what a VA is, let alone how to find one. But if you introduce yourself and your VA business and explain how you can help him be more efficient and work fewer hours, chances are he'll be interested.

You've just got to get your message in front of him.

Why do you want to learn how to generate leads and convert them?

Because, no matter what product or service you’re selling, you need one thing: people to buy it. And you could have the best service or product, but if nobody knows about it, if nobody buys it, you’re soon going to be out of business.

Successful marketing, be it online or offline is about two things: Generating Leads and Closing Deals!

Local Marketing Classroom helps you do just that!

Why would you want to work with local business?

Today, all the focus is on the online, right? So, how can you make a nice passive income by working with local businesses?

Well, local businesses need to have a web presence. But, that web presence, needs to sale, to draw leads. And you’ll be able to take advantage of this.

Plus working with local businesses:

  • Is more lucrative
  • Cuts the middle man
  • You can actually know the person you’re working for
  • Is more personal
  • Brings more money
  • Takes less time

Here’s where it all becomes more beautiful and simple:

When it comes to lead generation for local business you can go two ways:

  • Generate leads and sell them directly to interested companies
  • Find companies that broker deals and act as a middleman

Out of the two options, the latter is the most lucrative:

  • You generate leads for companies who know what they want
  • You get a specific percentage of what those companies make
  • You get constant work
  • You get constant money

And what’s even more beautiful is that you don’t have to find clients, or any of that. You simply have to generate leads! And this course is going to teach you how to do just that so you’ll be able to sit back and see how you start making money easily and constantly!

So, what will Local Marketing Classroom teach you?

  • How this actually works
  • How to generate leads for brokering companies
  • How to find the lead niche
  • How to use demographics to your advantage
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to do LSI keyword research
  • How to find keyword domain names
  • How to make your site look professional
  • How to create videos that will generate leads
  • How to upload your videos on YouTube (and get the leads)

And that’s not it!

  • How to create amazing and responsive offline offers
  • How to learn the problems and take care of them beforehand
  • How to offer results before traffic
  • How to find clients
  • How to close the deal with clients
  • How to outsource everything
  • How to establish yourself as a professional

Order now Local Marketing Classroom!

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Remember: you get a full system, that’s going to teach you everything that you need to know to build a business that will offer you a passive income from scratch! And you’ll also learn how to let others do the work for you, while you sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Overview of what you get:

  • 38 videos
  • Proven system to generate leads
  • Spot-on tactics to help you get clients
  • Amazing information to help outsource everything
  • And much, much more…

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This really is a once in a life time opportunity!

Get a system:

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  • That offers step by step directions
  • That provides you with secrets that everybody keeps from you
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Why would you waste another moment? If you truly want to take control of your destiny, start now! It’s easy to do it if you follow the information provided in Local Marketing Classroom!

This is what you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to really make a difference and start earning money! Why miss on this opportunity when you could start making a passive income tomorrow and see how your dreams turn into reality?

Order Local Marketing Classroom now and start living your dreams!

Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring Entrepreneur
  • Local Businessman
  • Internet Marketer

  • NIL

What Will I Learn?
  • How to give away your knowledge - and grow your business because of it.
  • How to master the art of positive self-talk - to help you get over the anxiety that keeps you from reaching out to offline clients.
  • Research tips - to help you identify your ideal client, discover how to reach her, and close the sale.
  • And Much More

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 35 Lectures 05:43:01 + – Introduction 2 Lectures 04:08 In this video you will learn
Why should you market your online business offline?
After all, aren't you working online because that's what works best for you and your lifestyle?

Introduction Preview 04:08 Lecture Notes - Introduction 12 pages + – Module 1 3 Lectures 10:45

They might in truth provide all sorts of wonderful incentives over their competition, carry superior products, better prices and a nicer atmosphere... but if no one knows they are there, all that is wasted!

Making Friends Preview 04:49 Lecture Notes : Making Friends 14 pages Here are some down-'n'-dirty offline research methods that can really reap you big rewards...
Befriend your local librarian. Specifically, not just any librarian, but the reference librarian at your local library and/or community college. Offline Strategies That Work Preview 05:56 + – Module 2 5 Lectures 09:26 Lecture Notes : Offline Strategies That Work 17 pages

There are many ways to market your business offline, but let's zero in on five particularly effective strategies currently yielding strong results...

You can employ geo-targeted offline strategies such as workshops people in your local area can attend... and you can also boost your contact with your existing online list (no matter where they are) by using offline strategies such as direct mail marketing or telephone consultations.  These five strategies work well for both groups.

Five Strategies That Work 07:42 Lecture Notes : Five Strategies That Work 24 pages

If you're a service provider, you might want to actually try cold-calling other businesses.  You'll greatly eliminate refusals, however, if you do a little research on who you're calling, first.

Business To Telephone Contact 01:44 Lecture Notes : Business To Telephone Contact 6 pages + – Module 3 3 Lectures 15:19

Any sales professional should know that objections are not always refusals.  More often than not they're an invitation saying "convince me".  Don't be afraid to answer objections.  Welcome them as a chance to show your potential customer why your offer is going to benefit her.  However, we've all had those annoying telemarketers who won't listen to a clear "no" but who go on trying to bully and browbeat you into a sale.  That's not going to be you.

Dealing With Objections 07:56 Lecture Notes : Dealing With Objections 23 pages

There are seven things you can do, to increase your chances of really making a connection and creating a lifetime customer who will loyally return to buy, again and again.  These actions are not hard, but they are crucial.  We've already spoken about not concluding with a sales pitch:  Here are these extra pointers...

7 Keys to Free Consultation Success 07:23 + – Module 4 4 Lectures 02:11 Lecture Notes : 7 Keys to Free Consultation Success 22 pages

Outsourcing forms of contact that you aren't comfortable with or don't have the resources to do as efficiently or cost-effectively as a service specializing in that method is certainly an option -- but don't be too quick to rush into outsourcing, particularly if that method involves something as personal as a phone consultation.

A Word About Outsourcing 02:11 Lecture Notes : A Word About Outsourcing 13 pages Lecture Notes : Conclusion 2 pages + – Local Lead Generation Blueprint 10 Lectures 01:43:34 In this specific video you will be given a quick overview of the video series as a whole. You’ll also learn how it all works and what tools you're going to need to implement this system. You also want to make sure that you get into the right mindset before you jump head first into this system, to ensure that you start things the right way to avoid losing time and money. Introduction to generating leads for local businesses 08:23 In this specific video, I'm going to show you different types of lead generation brokering companies that specifically deal with local companies.  There are tons, but which ones are good and which ones aren’t? This video will show you your options and let you know who will be paying you. Choosing the right company is very important and I'll show you how to apply to these certain companies, because in the world of local lead generation brokering companies, these companies tend to be a little stricter. Lead Generation Brokering Companies 11:27 In the specific video you're going to learn how to figure out what type of lead or niche market you want to generate leads for. You see, there are many different types of niche markets that you could generate leads for and the best way you can approach this situation is by focusing on one specific market. For example roofing leads, electrician leads, plumbing leads, and much more. So as you can see here, the more specific the niche market is, the better it is. This video will help you figure this out and show you what your site is going to be all about. Figuring out your lead niche market 06:10 Before you can begin generating leads, you need to know who the end customer is, and create a customer profile so that you can create a site that targets this type of person. You’ll want to know their needs, their problems, and much more, so you can provide them with a solution – in this case a connection to the local business owner. Once you have this information in hand, then you’ll know exactly how you will be able to create the content that will appeal to this specific person's needs, which will in turn help you create a high converting site. Demographics 10:46 Once you have created your customer profile in the previous video by gathering the demographics information, it's time to do some basic keyword research so you know exactly what keywords people are typing into Google and other search engines. Now remember that this keyword research relates to local geographical areas, so it's a lot easier to rank in Google for these types of keywords. You want to be as specific as possible in targeting these specific geographical areas, and by doing so you will have a high converting site. Basic Keyword Research 08:52 After you have done your basic keyword research in the previous video, in this specific video you will learn how to expand upon your general keywords by finding LSI keywords to help boost your search engine ranking. This process will help you create videos that will rank higher in the search engines. LSI Keyword Research 06:00 You will need to have a professional domain name that acts as a lead generation page where visitors will go after watching the video. There’s a specific strategy that you can use to help boost your search engine ranking; that’s just an additional trick that you’ll learn in this video. Keyword Domain Names 06:40 In order to make your website look professional you need to choose the correct theme and design, and also get it populated with targeted content that appeals to that specific niche market. Now you don't need to spend too much time on this process because it is merely acting as your landing page that will capture the leads; so the site does not need to be complex at all.  Making your website look professional 22:01 In this specific video, you will learn how to create videos the right way that will help generate leads for you. There is a right way of creating videos and there is a wrong way of creating videos when you're dealing with local lead generation. And that's exactly what you're going to learn in this specific video. Creating videos that will market and generate leads 17:24 Once you're done creating your videos in Video #9, in this specific video I'm to show you how to upload your videos and do it the right way so that when somebody views the video and they want to take action, they can click on the link below the video and go to your website, where you’ll generate the leads. Uploading your videos to YouTube 05:51 + – Closing Offline Deals 7 Lectures 01:03:09 In this video, you will be given a quick overview of the video course as a whole; what tools you will need, how it all works, and much more. Having an idea of what we’ll be discussing in detail and how each video contributes to this video course will enable you to implement this system effectively to start. Introduction to Creating Responsive Offline Deals 07:36 Do you know what the biggest objections are that companies have about online marketing services? If you’re not sure and you start trying to close deals, you will be shot down left and right. By knowing what these are and how to respond to them, you will be able to stand out. Another tip of advice is to avoid doing what everyone else is doing. Know the objections and complaints beforehand 12:01 Most offline businesses just want results. Most marketers think companies care about the latest and greatest backlink methods. They don’t care about the fancy traffic tricks, backlinks, seo, and more. Many businesses are lacking in the area of conversions and that is why their business isn’t doing as well. Start with conversions, then traffic 09:45 Would you like to know how to spot potential business clients who will be responsive to your offline offer?

There are a few ways to spot one amidst the other businesses that are not as responsive. Helping these types of companies will land a “yes” easier because they are looking for help. The key is to find these companies, figure out what they are doing, and help them to improve what they are doing. You’ll learn a lot more about this topic in this video. Where to find potential responsive companies 07:56 After you watch video 4 and you have spotted a potentially responsive client, then what? In this video you will learn what to do after you find them. In other words, you’ll learn how to get your foot in the door, gain their trust, and begin the process of building a business relationship with them. You’ll learn a lot more than just what is in this video. Getting your foot in the door 09:57 Outsourcing your conversions materials, ads, etc. 10:31 A lot of people will tell you to give away free stuff and free gifts to prospective clients.  But the question is, how do you avoid positioning yourself as a cheap service?  Unfortunately, there is a fine line between giving away free stuff to the point where you lower the perceived value of your service. I made the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

I positioned myself as a cheap service for a company, to the point where he thought he was doing me a favor by paying me $15 per hour. Often this can happen when people see your free services as a sign of desperation. However, there is a fine line. In this video you will learn how to avoid this. Avoid positioning yourself as a cheap service 05:23 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 01:29 Conclusion 01:29
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