How to easily Manage your WordPress Website



This course is designed for busy small business owners or bloggers who ALREADY have a (self-hosted) WordPress website or blog created by someone else (or who have just a simple theme installed).

If you’re sick of struggling with your WordPress website or blog, or tired of having to contact your web designer to make changes that should be simple, this course is for you!

Take this course if:

    ·You’re tired of trying to wrangle WordPress

    ·You’re tired of contacting your designer for help with every little thing

    ·You already have a WordPress website set up and running, but just need to learn how to manage it

    ·You don’t have time to Google, search, and wade through conflicting answers about how to make edits to your website

    ·You want more freedom to do what you want, when you want, with your own website

In this course you will learn the basics of updating and maintaining your WordPress website or blog. We won't cover coding or graphic design--just WordPress basics.

Learn how to manage your own WordPress website quickly and easily through the use of screencasts. And go back over course material whenever you need a refresher!

This course will cover:

·Logging into WordPress

·Navigating the admin dashboard

·Inserting and editing posts and pages

·The difference between posts and pages

·The difference between categories and tags

·Editing and creating menus

·Using widgets

·Installing plugins

·Inserting image galleries

·And more!

So say “goodbye” to being dependent on someone else to manage your website, and say “hello” to the freedom of making the changes you want, when you want!

Having trouble? Feel free to ask questions in the course “Discussion” and I’ll do my best to help out. Please keep in mind that this course covers the BASICS only, so if something falls outside of the scope of the course, I’ll only be able to try to redirect you to an appropriate source.

Note: Although the demo site in this video uses the Genesis Framework, it is not required to take this course (though I do recommend it!).

Who is the target audience?
  • Small Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • New WordPress Users

  • A WordPress Website (self-hosted)
  • Computer
  • Internet

What Will I Learn?
  • Log into WordPress
  • Navigate the Admin Dashboard
  • Insert and Edit Posts and Pages
  • Edit and Create Menus
  • Use Widgets
  • Install Plugins

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 21 Lectures 02:02:10 + – Resources and Recommendations 1 Lecture 00:45 Intro Preview 00:45 + – WordPress Basics 13 Lectures 01:25:34 Logging in and Navigating the Dashboard Preview 12:17 Posts and Pages 03:13 Creating Posts 16:09 Creating Pages 05:17 Editing and Creating Menus 07:11 Bulk Editing Posts or Pages 04:53 Categories and Tags 02:52 Media Library 06:11 Adding Plugins 05:26 How to use Widgets 07:20 Changing the Background 04:47 Changing the Header 03:40 Comments and Moderation 06:18 + – Bonuses 7 Lectures 34:51 Bonus Section Notes 1 page Bonus - Adding Image Galleries 07:44 Bonus - Black Studio TinyMCE Plugin 03:52 Bonus - Jetpack Plugin 05:29 Bonus - Gravity Forms 06:31

NOTE: This video applies to those using the Genesis Framework only.

Bonus - Genesis Settings (applies ONLY to those using the Genesis Framework) 02:33 Bonus - SEO Basics 08:42
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