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If you already use Photoshop you know it's packed with amazing and powerful features that can preform stunning transformations and enhancements on digital imagery. This course shows how you can take your already learned skills of image manipulation and apply them directly to video. 

In this Photoshop for Video Editing training course, Infinite Skills introduces you to using the highly effective tools to use Photoshop in a way you never thought possible. 

Photoshop is not usually the first program that comes to mind for managing your video, but Adobe has added powerful video editing and animation tools to Photoshop, and we can show you have to use them!

The course starts off by explaining who can benefit from the Photoshop video features, and what prior knowledge you will need to get the most out of this tutorial. You will cover the basics of the production workflow in Photoshop, then jump right into managing your video assets. You will learn how to arrange and trim your video, add, adjust and mix audio, how to apply transitions to your clips and how to animate using filters, layer styles and more. This tutorial also covers adding text to your video, and even animating it! Finally, you will learn how to export your finished project. Extensive working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons with the same assets that he is using.

Once you have completed this computer based training course for Video and Animation with Photoshop, you will have the skills to manage your video projects right through Adobe Photoshop. You will be confident in importing your video, editing it, adding fancy transitions and fun animation, and finally exporting it to share with your friends and family!

Who is the target audience?
  • Video Editors, Graphic And Web Designers

  • Photoshop CS5 Or Later

What Will I Learn?
  • To Learn How To Use The Power And Flexibility Of Photoshop Directly On Video Footage
  • To Master The Art Of Video Editing And Enhancement Using Photoshop

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 33 Lectures 03:35:00 + – Introduction 5 Lectures 11:45 How To Get The Working Files - Read This First Preview 00:01 0101 Outlining What Is Covered In This Course Preview 01:54 0102 Who Can Benefit From This Course Preview 02:01 0103 Setting Up The Working Files Preview 02:30 0104 Relinking To Assets Preview 05:19 + – Introducing Video Editing In Photoshop 4 Lectures 25:11 0201 Explaining The Workflow 03:20 0202 Walking Through A Project 07:55 0203 Touring The Timeline 07:40 0204 Checking Out Timeline Keyboard Shortcuts 06:16 + – Working With Assets In The Timeline 4 Lectures 36:00 0301 Adding Assets To A Project 08:17 0302 Rearranging And Trimming Clips 09:37 0303 Changing Clip Speed: Slow And Fast Motion 09:45 0304 Adding Transitions Between Clips 08:21 + – Adding And Adjusting Audio 4 Lectures 32:51 0401 Adding Supported And Unsupported Audio File Formats 06:26 0402 Controlling Audio Levels 07:29 0403 Mixing Audio 06:39 0404 Manually Creating Audio Crossfades 12:17 + – Adding Text, Shapes, And Graphics To The Timeline 3 Lectures 16:56 0501 Working With Text, Shapes, And Graphics 04:07 0502 Creating A Text Clipping Mask 04:02 0503 Adding 3D Text 08:47 + – Applying Motion, Filters, Layer Styles, And Adjustment Layers 4 Lectures 39:05 0601 Using Motion Presets: Panning, Zooming, And Rotation 08:38 0602 Applying Filters 10:15 0603 Working With Layer Styles 09:21 0604 Using Adjustment Layers 10:51 + – Animating Motion And Effects With Keyframes 4 Lectures 36:42 0701 Using Keyframes With Transform Properties 14:46 0702 Animating Opacity 05:39 0703 Changing Layer Styles Over Time 11:19 0704 Using Hold Keyframes With Text Warp 04:58 + – Exporting A Timeline 3 Lectures 15:04 0801 Understanding Exporting 03:37 0802 Exporting A Timeline To H.264 (.MP4) 06:10 0803 Exporting A Timeline To Quicktime (.MOV) 05:17 + – Acknowledgements, Resources, And Goodbye 2 Lectures 01:26 0901 Acknowledgement 00:48 Good Bye and Thank You 00:38
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