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Being MCSA certified is without a doubt a very prestigious accolade and will increase your earning potential. Training for Microsoft Certification used to be expensive, but Infinite Skills have now teamed up with Udemy to offer the complete MCSA study course for a fraction of the traditional cost.

This course is part 3 of a 3 part series that will prepare you for the MCSA Certification.

The other courses required to become MCSA are




This Microsoft Windows Server 2012 training course for Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (70-412) from Infinite Skills covers the advanced Windows Server topics you will need in order to pass your exam. This tutorial builds on the 70-410 and 70-411 exam training, and is the third in the series you will need for your MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification.

This video training is designed for IT professionals who have already passed their 70-410 and 70-411 exams, or have a solid foundation in installing and administering core Windows Server 2012 services. John covers advanced configuration of services such as; DHCP, DNS, IPAM, Active Directory Services, ADFS, ADCS and ADRMS. You will learn how to setup and configure Dynamic Access Control, install advanced file services and learn how to provide high availability through services such as load balancing and virtualization. Finally, this computer based training course for Windows Server 2012 Exam 70-412 covers disaster recover planning and backup configuration.

Once you have completed this training video for Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (70-412), you will have all the information you need to install and administer advanced services for Windows Server 2012. You will also be familiar with the topics that are covered in the 70-412 exam, which is a required exam for the MCSA certification.

How to take the Microsoft 70-412 Exam:

1. Find a test center near you to take the Server 70-412 certification exam, their will provide details on test center locations and schedules. This exam is typically priced around $150 dollars.

2. Study the required material to pass the 70-412 examination. This course covers the material that is within the 70-412 certification exam, and will help put you in a great position to succeed in the exam

3. Pass your exam!

4. Tell your friends how easy passing the Microsoft 70-412 exam was using Infinite Skills training courses

5) Take our Microsoft Windows Server 70-411 and 70-410 courses which will prepare you for the 70-411 and 70-410 exams. Upon passing the 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412 exams you will become a Microsoft Solutions Certified Associate in Windows Server 2012.

The information laid out above is given in good faith, we are not endorsing and third party company by offering a link to their site. You should always do your own research prior to making a purchase or using any service linked to via this website. Prices or details may alter and any information listed can not be guaranteed to be accurate. Note: While this course is comprehensive in regards to covering material on the exam, we do recommend using other aids to guide your study.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any One Who Wishes To Be Either MCSA Or MCSE Certified

  • A Desire To Become Microsoft MCSA or MCSE Certified

What Will I Learn?
  • Pass The Microsoft Exam 70-411

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 92 Lectures 08:18:01 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 03:11 0101 Introduction To Microsoft Windows Server 70-412 R2 Preview 03:11 + – Advanced Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP 6 Lectures 32:58 0201 Review Of DHCP Preview 05:30 0202 Creating Advanced DHCP Configurations And Superscopes Preview 04:17 0203 Implementing DHCP For IPv6 07:50 0204 Configuring DHCP Name Protection 02:56 0205 Making DHCP Highly Available 09:27 0206 Using DNS Registration Enhancements 02:58 + – Advanced Domain Name Services Configuration 6 Lectures 31:52 0301 Review Of DNS 05:47 0302 Enabling DNS Security With DNSSec 08:02 0303 Delegating DNS Management 02:29 0304 Advanced DNS Configuration - Netmask Ordering, Recursion And GlobalNames Zo 08:30 0305 Troubleshooting DNS 04:33 0306 Performance Analysis Of Zone Level Statistics 02:31 + – Using Internet Protocol Address Management - IPAM 6 Lectures 26:08 0401 Introduction To IPAM 04:43 0402 Installing And Deploying IPAM 05:33 0403 Managing IP Blocks And Ranges 04:43 0404 Monitoring IP Configuration Using IPAM 04:54 0405 Delegating IPAM Management 04:19 0406 Configuring IPAM Database Storage 01:56 + – Advanced Active Directory Capabilities 9 Lectures 01:06:41 0501 Active Directory Architecture Review - Part 1 12:20 0502 Active Directory Architecture Review - Part 2 11:34 0503 Advanced Domain And Forest Architecture Options 05:44 0504 Operating With Previous Versions Of Active Directory And Upgrading 08:27 0505 Using User Principal Name Suffixes 02:39 0506 Configuring Trust Relationships 06:15 0507 Understanding SID Filtering 03:56 0508 Advanced Site And Subnet Configuration In Your Environment 09:46 0509 Advanced Active Directory And SYSVOL Replication 06:00 + – Using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 3 Lectures 17:01 0601 ADFS And How It Works 08:36 0602 Installing ADFS 05:29 0603 Configuring And Using ADFS 02:56 + – Active Directory Certificate Services - ADCS 8 Lectures 42:43 0701 Overview Of Public Key Infrastructure - Part 1 06:17 0702 Overview Of Public Key Infrastructure - Part 2 11:59 0703 Installing ADCS 03:20 0704 Configuring Enterprise Certificate Authority 04:22 0705 Enabling ADCS Services 03:49 0706 Backing Up And Restoring ADCS 06:45 0707 Creating ADCS Certificates 03:52 0708 Deploying Certificates With Group Policy 02:19 + – Active Directory Rights Management Services - ADRMS 6 Lectures 26:48 0801 Ways To Protect Data 05:05 0802 Installing And Deploying RMS 05:48 0803 Using RMS Templates 04:21 0804 Configuring RMS Protection On Data 03:13 0805 Enabling External Access To RMS 03:55 0806 Backing Up And Restoring RMS 04:26 + – Dynamic Access Control 6 Lectures 27:41 0901 Review Of Data Access Capabilities Using NTFS 04:57 0902 Introduction To Dynamic Access Control - DAC 04:54 0903 Installing And Configuring DAC 05:09 0904 Deploying DAC Policies To File Servers 05:10 0905 Classifying Data With File Classification Infrastructure - FCI 05:40 0906 Denied Access Assistance 01:51 + – Advanced File Services 7 Lectures 40:22 1001 Types Of File Services Available In Windows Server 2012 10:19 1002 Installing And Using NFS 03:52 1003 Installing And Configuring iSCSI 04:03 1004 Advanced SMB 3.0 Features 08:49 1005 Managing Windows Server Footprint With Features On Demand 04:09 1006 Installing BranchCache 06:55 1007 Using BranchCache With Windows 7 And Windows 8 Clients 02:15 4 More Sections
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