'Motivate Yourself, Inspire Others and Connect Brilliantly' by Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond, Udemy

Learn the tips, techniques, tools and habits to grow and confidently make an impact every day

Do you want to enjoy greater connection with those around you?

Do you want to open doors to career opportunity?

Do you want to be known for making a difference ?

Leading communication guru Jon Hammond will reveal his tools, techniques, top tips, skills and insights to give you confidence to make an impact every day.

Motivate Yourself, Inspire Others and Connect Brilliantly will give you the edge you deserve when it comes to energizing yourself, then communicating and truly connecting with those important people around you.

In this series of 48 thought provoking mentoring videos, Jon Hammond will share with you:

  • Face to Face Connection Secrets
  • How to truly Connect Confidently with all around you
  • The Secrets of Connecting in Business
  • How to Inspire yourself with Confidence
  • The Steps to Inspire and Motivate Every Audience, Every Time
  • Creating and Using The True Power of Great Connecting Habits
  • Your Most Totally Effective Approach for Great Connectivity

The way we connect with those around us is the key to our success or failure in life, but it is rarely taught, and picking up these vital skills is often a game of chance and luck.

Don’t leave your success to chance and luck - start the Motivate Yourself, Inspire Others and Connect Brilliantly course right now and feel the difference yourself...

  • What are the requirements?
    • Simply a willingness to learn, the drive to succeed and the enthusiasm to try out new ideas
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 48 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • Connect effectively with your team, your colleagues and your boss!
    • Try out new and exciting ways to motivate yourself every day
    • Increase your Confidence
    • Learn how to inspire those around you
  • What is the target audience?
    • From the beginner to the polished connector - these thought provoking videos will give you the edge

SECTION 1: Motivate Inspire Connect 1
  • Unlocking the Secrets
  • So let's Connect ....
  • Why It's all about YOU ...
  • Using Change as a Motivator to give You the Edge ...
  • Why Making Change Your Friend can be Empowering...
  • Why Exploring Your Comfort Zone is Great ...
  • Coming Up ...
  • SECTION 2: Motivate Inspire Connect 2
  • Why it's important to Connect to Your Motivational Self ...
  • Learning from the Inspirer's Around Us
  • The Dangers of Your Hamster Wheel (no pets were harmed in making this video!)
  • Creating Your Inspirational Routines
  • Two New Friends to Help You ...
  • Summary and Introducing the Next Stage ...
  • SECTION 3: Motivate Inspire Connect 3
  • Connecting to those around you
  • Do you really know your neighbor?
  • Understanding & Using our Human Need to Belong
  • Going Above & Beyond to Pave Your Road to Success
  • Summary and Introducing the Next Stage
  • SECTION 4: Motivate Inspire Connect 4
  • Preparing to Connect
  • Planning Your Connection ...
  • The Perils of Process
  • The Technology Threat
  • The Cone of Expectation
  • Summary and Looking Ahead
  • SECTION 5: Motivate Inspire Connect 5
  • Connecting Techniques for you to try
  • Delivering with Impact
  • Getting in Your Zone
  • Mood Boosting Secrets
  • The Skills Set of Rehearsing in Your Mind
  • One of my Favourite Techniques to give you Presence
  • Owning the Room
  • Summary and Coming Next
  • SECTION 6: Motivate Inspire Connect 6
  • Blockages, Confidence & Strength
  • How to Remove the Barriers
  • Why Context is King
  • Build Your Presence with Connecting language
  • Watch Out for the 'Speed Trap'
  • When Not To Board The Train
  • 'Pedestalisation' - What is it and how it can be avoided
  • Summary and the Next Step
  • SECTION 7: Motivate Inspire Connect 7
  • Creating Effectiveness & Memorability
  • Your Power, Choice and making an Impact
  • Harnessing the Power of 'Habitude'
  • How to Create Memorability
  • Winning with The 'Art' of Storytelling
  • Your Strengths & Opportunities
  • The W.I.D.I. Technique
  • Keeping up Your Momentum ..
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    • Language: English Gb


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