Life Impact - The Ultimate Personal Impact Training System by Seán Brickell

Seán Brickell, Udemy

A proven psychological & practical confidence & communication training system blending science and life experience


The Life Impact system is a complete psychological and practical confidence & communication training system. These are just a few of the many ways it helps you:

  • More fulfilling emotional relationships
  • Stronger and truer friendships
  • Overcoming psychological demons and fears
  • Greater sense of contentment and happiness
  • More persuasive in work and non-work situations
  • Better at selling yourself and your business
  • Gaining greater financial wealth
  • Becoming a charismatic, colourful and convincing communicator

You benefit from 24/7 access to this suite of video, audio and written personal impact programs that are easily accessible, easily applicable and easily achievable and are designed using a powerful blend of extensive life experience and scientific research.

There is more than 3 hours worth of material in this full Instant Impact program, whether video, audio or written programs, that will take about 7-10 hours to complete, if you do the exercises properly.

And, as you progress as you do this online masterclass, you'll be in a much more powerful position, psychologically and practically, to make a rewarding everyday difference in your life, emotionally, professionally, financially, socially and in other ways.

Why does it work?

People have won major new business contracts, better jobs and more money. They’ve done successful undercover assignments and coped with being held at gunpoint. They’ve even found true love and got married. And more…

And all this was done by using different elements of the Life Impact system!

This is because the tips, techniques and thoughts in the system are tried and tested and proven and have been used effectively in war zones, undercover work, successful businesses and successful personal relationships, as well as other random parts of life (as you'll read in some sample testimonials).

We don’t claim to have all the answers!

But this is our take on what works and what doesn’t work based on a powerful blend of scientific research and the practical and psychological experiences of everyday life from those who've dealt with setbacks and succeeded.

We recommend you start with the Instant Impact program which is at the core of the system.This complements the additional Specialist Impact programs that give you specific personal impact skills in key work and non-work life areas.

The Instant Impact program is at the core of the Life Impact system.

It comprises 4 key parts that are specially designed, sequentially, to help you develop your practical and psychological confidence & communication skills so they help make a noticeable and fulfilling change in your emotional, social, professional and financial lives.

  1. Defining Who You Are - This helps you define what your false self and true self are and how to live in your true self. It also helps you define your values, your identity, your life’s purpose and what you really want out of your life. When you develop this crucial self-awareness, you enable yourself to life your life in a way that’s more truly aligned, more powerfully authentic and creates much more abundance for you.
  2. Negating the Negatives - These psychological techniques help you deal with and dismantle all the negatives that hold you back by helping you to…give up a bad habit, overcome a fear of something or even someone, how to assess whether people in your life are bad for you and how, using simple hypnosis exercises, you can overcome negative emotions and states of mind.
  3. Empowering the Positive - Once you’ve got rid of the negatives in your life you then fill that psychological void with techniques to reinforce the positive elements so you get to realise the huge positive abundance in your life. These include a very effective Mind Movies process and the very powerful and scientifically proven Life Fulfilment Design program that programs your subconscious mind to achieve what you decide you want to enjoy – from a great emotional relationship to enjoying greater financial wealth.
  4. Core Impact Skills - This part of the program gives you the sort of complementary practical skills that enhance your emotional, social, professional, financial and other fortunes. This is done giving you the 6 Communication Commandments that transform your written and spoken communication, spoken and written hypnotic language skills, how you walk and move, and how to use and understand your and other people’s body language.

It’s part of the 5 Star Impact Framework that underpins every part of the system:

  • Attitude - Your psychological approach
  • Aptitude - Your practical skillset
  • Application - How you apply both your Attitude and your Aptitude
  • Achievement - What you Achieve with the Application of your Attitude and Aptitude
  • Assessment - You’re always Assessed to monitor and measure your development

And the Life Impact system is designed so the programs are continuously updated with the latest research, thoughts and practice…so you continue to benefit long after you’ve invested in it. And, what’s more, the updates are all FREE!

  • What are the requirements?
    • A laptop or tablet
    • Pen & Paper or electronic note taking device
    • Open mind, hope & commitment!
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 31 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • Enjoy more fulfilling emotional relationships
    • Benefit from stronger and truer friendships
    • Overcome psychological demons and fears
    • Have a greater sense of contentment and happiness
    • Be more persuasive in work and non-work situations
    • Be better at selling yourself and your business
    • Much better placed too gain greater financial wealth
    • Become a much more charismatic, colourful and convincing communicator
  • What is the target audience?
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Early stage entrepreneurs
    • Freelancers
    • Professionals working in medium and large companies
    • Those looking for greater emotional & social confidence
    • Those trying to get on the career ladder
    • Managers wanting to progress their skills and results

SECTION 1: Life Impact system: Pre-Course Assessment
  • Personal Confidence Assessment
  • Professional Confidence Assessment
  • SECTION 2: Life Impact system - Defining Who You Really Are
  • Defining Who You Really Are: Introduction
  • Your True Self/False Self
  • Defining Your Values
  • Defining Your Identity
  • Defining Your Life's Purpose
  • SECTION 3: Life Impact system - Negating the Negative
  • Negating the Negative - Introduction
  • Giving Up A Bad Habit
  • The Black Box
  • Overcoming Fear of Someone or a Something
  • Prosecution & Defence
  • Toxic People Purge
  • Torment Tapping Trouncer
  • Full Frontal Hypnosis
  • SECTION 4: Life Impact system - Empowering the Positive
  • Empowering the Positive - Introduction
  • Inspiring Inventory
  • Mind Movies
  • Three Great Things
  • Life Fulfilment Design program
  • SECTION 5: Life Impact system - Core Impact Skills
  • Core Impact Skills - Introduction
  • The 6 Communication Commandments
  • Cunning linguistics
  • Moving Magnificence
  • Body Language overview
  • Body Language: Understanding & Using Facial Expressions
  • Body Language: Understanding & Using Upper Body Signals
  • Body Language: Understanding & Using Lower Body Signals
  • SECTION 6: Life Impact system: Post-Course Assessment
  • Personal Confidence Assessment
  • Professional Confidence Assessment
  • SECTION 7: Life Impact system: BONUS MATERIAL
  • TV interview with multimillionaire Richard Reed, Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks
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