Trading Stock Options-How to Make Money in Up & Down Markets

Travis Wilkerson, Udemy

How to make money even when stock prices are falling in price. Learn how to earn 30% or more on your money each year.

****This course is for those brand new to options trading. Advanced traders should not join!***

What Will You Learn?

You will be taught how to profit when stocks go up and how to "really" profit when stocks go down. You will learn one core trading strategy called the "10 Minute Template".

  • This template and training teaches you how to buy Call and Put options
  • Call options are how you make 30-50% on your money when stocks go up in price.

  • And Put options are how you make 30-50% on your money when stocks fall in price.

Even Warren Buffet (the world's richest investor) uses stock options...

Within a week of joining you will learn a bonus technique. It literally takes only 10 minutes and you'll have proof of concept within a week of enrolling!


Highlights from Students Who Shared Their Experience...


"I cleared $5,000 this month in profits…"

"Early on I had great success which was a downfall and then I got greedy and lost big…I dove back in to the program and went right back to the basics and have started earning again."

"I've made money every single month this year…"

"If I didn't want to work anymore I don't have to because I'm making more money with my trading then with any of our other sources of income…"

"...right now, I know that I have total financial security, and I know that if I lose all my other sources of income, if my husband loses all of his sources of income...I mean, those things are not going to happen...but if they did, I'd be just fine.

We'd be just fine because I will always make money trading now. I could lose everything else right now and I'd be just fine. That's a huge piece of mind! That's what everybody wants in life, most people. Everybody wants that, and now I have that, and it wasn't all that hard to get."

Enough said!


Getting Started Section


Pitfalls to Opening a Brokerage Account

In this section I give you guidance on opening up your brokerage account (if you don't have one). You'll also learn the one phrase to avoid or else you won't get your account approved.

We will teach you to paper trade first before you fund your brokerage account. Then in the training we will cover the different real money starting amounts as well as the pros and cons of each level.


Option Basics Section Lessons 1-4


The material in this section will make the difference between your success and your failure: "Option Basics".

ALL option strategies are nothing but the basics applied.

A great deal of traders scoff or turn up their nose at the basics and what they don't know is that every great trader is a great trader because they have the basics committed to memory.

Our option basics course has 4 parts to it. Please watch these videos several times and make sure you really understand the material.

The more you understand the basics the easier it will be for you to grasp the strategy you'll eventually learn.


Your Trading Blueprint


Next you move on to the core content of the course, learning how to place trades. From this point on I will only summarize the major lessons within this portion of the course.

Intro to the 7 Step Process

This section introduces you to the 7 step foundational process of trading stock options. The 7 step process can be further broken down into 3 simple questions.

  • What do you trade?

This is where I cover "fundamental analysis" (definition in the training). I walk you through the process of developing your stock watch list and I even made it easy for you. I created a stock watch list for you.

  • When do you trade?

This is where I cover "technical analysis" (definition in the training). This will be an overview of the best times to enter and exit trades. You'll also learn why we don't use technical indicators as the law. A technical indicator assists you with entering and exiting trades, but price and volume determines your true entry and exit point.

  • How do you manage risk and profits?

Managing risk is what most consider the most important aspect of successful options trading. This video will be the big picture abstract view. I'll also share why you should have an exit strategy planned out before you enter a trade.


The 10 Minute Strategy Section


In this section I give you a "proof of concept" strategy so you can get an early taste of the power and pitfalls of options trading.

  • I start off by defining what an option chain is...
  • And you'll learn the pitfalls of picking the wrong option...

And there's no need to do stock research as I give you a list of stocks to practice on.


Your "ultimate" success may not come quick. And most give up or get distracted before they reach success. Then years later their financial situation has not improved and they regret their earlier decisions.

I encourage you to have faith, keep pressing forward, and live life with no regrets. The work you put in is well worth the reward you will receive!


What to Expect as You Go Through This Course (Trading Road Map)


Think of your journey through this course as a profitable adventure and remember learning this skill is a marathon, not a sprint.

You can rush through the learning material if you so choose, but it will have an adverse affect on your ability to profit.

After all, no master of his/her craft ever became a master overnight.

Succeeding with options is very simple, not easy, but simple; if it was easy then everyone who ever picked up a trading book would be rich. BUT if you can commit to do the simple things then the possibilities to profit with options will be limitless.

"Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't"

-Jerry Rice-

As you proceed through the course please be mindful that I have strategically placed practical application exercises within the learning tutorials.

Please, please, please, do any assignments I give. The one thing that all the successful students have in common is that they followed the program and did all the exercises given!

And I highly suggest you practice what you learn on paper. There is something about seeing that money show up in your account.

It helps bridge the gap between theory and reality.

A lot of what you are learning will make absolutely NO SENSE until you apply it. We get those "I finally got it!" emails all the time (smile).


How Long Will Your Success Take to Achieve?


The course is designed for beginners who know nothing about options trading and they are usually transformed into sophisticated investors in as little as 7 weeks. Those already familiar with options are welcome to join, but please keep in mind this course is for beginners.

As long as you can devote 1-2 hours a week to study, you'll be able to finish the course in roughly 30 days. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the skills are built up in this time, it just means you have the tools.

It will take roughly 6-8 weeks for you to get a good grasp on the concepts. However, the fact still remains that it will still take 1-3 years before you become consistently successful. That can't be rushed or shortened, period.

It's a commitment all of us need to make if we are ever going to be successful as an investor!


Parting Thoughts...


If you've followed the path I have laid out and implemented everything I've asked you to do then at this point you should have already seen some early success.

If not, please remember we are only an email away. We are here to help and the only stupid questions are the ones not asked.

I'll leave you with 2 quotes that have helped me on my path to success…

"I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature." –John D. Rockefeller-

"There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love to do; there is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen." –Wayne Dyer-

Here's to YOUR Divine Prosperity,

Travis Wilkerson (AKA Trader Travis)

P.S. Here's why I'm so persistent on following the rules and doing exercises…sometimes we think we can take shortcuts and still get the same results. We think we have a smarter way.

Sometimes that's true. But when it comes to using time tested principles that have been developed through hundreds of hours and many years...trying a shortcut is shooting yourself in the foot.

That's the opposite of smart and it's why it took me so long to succeed.

Learn from my mistakes and you'll reach the end destination faster! Please follow the program (smile).


"Why Do Trading Courses Cost So Much...?"


We receive a lot of emails inquiring about the financial investment needed to enroll in our training programs.

If you've been to one of those 1 day promotional seminars or browsed online for awhile then you know the industry average for options education of this quality is between 5,000 – 9,000 dollars. And 1-on-1 coaching can cost you 10,000 dollars plus.

I myself had to invest roughly 9,000 dollars, but I ended my first year with around 20,000 dollars in profit.

When I was first introduced to options trading I thought the training's were expensive and if you happen to also think that's expensive you are absolutely right!

It's just one of those things where "you don't know what you don't know" and when you have no experience with trading options you have nothing to compare it to.

Again, the industry average for options education is between 5,000 - 9,000 dollars, but once you start trading options that 5,000 - 9,000 dollars will go from seeming expensive to being your monthly income you can easily earn.

And that's what I meant when I said if you have no experience trading options you have nothing to compare it to.

Our classes are custom made based on the needs of the group and so far I've been able to design training in the range of 2,000 - 5,000 dollars and our average student has a starting account size between 10,000 - 30,000 dollars (some have much more and some have much less).

Not cheap by any means, but a little more affordable than the industry standard and with the same profitable results!

However, with this course I've decided to keep the investment below 1,000 dollars.

Make no mistake about it. Becoming a successful options trader is like becoming a member of a private club for wealthy people. There is a high price of entry, but it's soooo worth it!

And you are also worth the investment!

And if anyone understands the position you are in, it's me…

You're in that same place I was many years ago where I was trying to decide if I should invest in my education and invest in my future or continue on the path of self education.

The path of self education is often called the poor man's journey and I stayed on that journey far too long.

It was tough, it was scary, but I stepped up and did what was best for me and my family and hundreds of thousands of dollars later I know that decision made all the difference!

My job is to get you to make a decision. Whether you say yes or no doesn't matter, its okay either way.

You just don't want to be paralyzed by inaction because even if you don't make a decision, you've still made a decision.

It's a decision that you're going to keep the same life that you have today!

So decide one way or another. If you're ready to step up then now is the time to act.

Opportunity waits for no one and I don't want you to pass this one up and then experience the bitter taste of regret. You are either remorseful or resourceful.

There is no power in regrets...


You'll Have Your Questions Answered During and After the Class!


Hello my name is Belema and I'm one of Travis's support staff.

I, Travis, or Jenny will be answering any and all of your trading questions during (and after) the course.

I was one of Travis 1st students (class of 2010) and was into stocks and not options. My experience has been great. I was so amazed at how 'easy' it was to make money that at first I didn't believe it.

I use the term 'easy' loosely as it is also really easy to lose money if you don't know what you are doing which is why Travis encourages ALL students to paper trade until you are making consistent profit.

The amount of lives I have seen changed by the knowledge they have received is awesome. Travis had so much he was doing that I started off just volunteering to help until he insisted on paying me.

Being able to trade options is definitely a great skill to have even if you are not being taught by Travis; I highly suggest you learn this skill.

You take care and I'll see you in the class, Belema

  • What are the requirements?
    • You do not need any advanced degrees or special skill sets. It's a system designed for the average everyday working individual who is short on free time.
    • I'm for people who are looking for profitable results not Wall Street credentials. My programs are "not" for people looking for a "polished professional environment", but people looking for a "down to earth, keep it real, and tell it like it is environment".
    • Please Note: Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before investing in options. A copy can be requested from your broker.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 47 lectures and 7 hours of content!
    • This template and training teaches you about buying Call and Put options.
    • You'll learn what to trade...
    • You'll learn when to trade...
    • You'll learn how to manage risk and profits...
    • You learn how much money you should start trading with...
    • You'll know how to make money when the stock market is going up or down in price.
    • The strategies I teach are for people who want to add to their income, without taking on a tremendous amount of risk, and without giving up their lifestyle.
  • What is the target audience?
    • This course is for those brand new to options trading. Advanced traders should not join!
    • If you want to make money when the stock market is going up or down then you'll love this course.
    • This course is about building wealth. It's not for people looking to get rich quick or those looking to quit their jobs in one year.
    • I mainly cater to US based investors, but I have students from all over the world and they have helped me create a foreign student resource guide.
    • The program is designed for the person who wants to spend more time with their family versus sit in front of a computer all day.

SECTION 1: Getting Started - Success Guarantee and How to Get the Most Out of This Program
  • Watch Me FIRST Please - What to Expect and Proof of Earnings
  • How to Open a Brokerage Account - What Pitfalls to Avoid - Foreign Student Guide
  • SECTION 2: Option Basics - Lesson 1; What are Stock Options and Why Are They So Profitable.
  • Option Basics Lesson 1 Intro
  • Lesson 1 Quiz
  • Option Basics - Examples of How to Produce Amazing Returns in the Stock Market
  • Option Basics - The 4 Components of a Stock Option Contract
  • Option Basics - The Only Two Tools You Will Ever Need to Build Wealth
  • SECTION 3: Option Basics - Lesson 2; What Gives Options Their Profit Potential
  • Option Basics - Lesson 2 Intro
  • Lesson 2 Quiz
  • Option Basics - How Options Gain and Lose Their Value
  • Option Basics - Learn the Unique Qualities That Make Up an Options Price
  • Option Basics - Option Greeks and Why Options are Called Wasting Assets
  • SECTION 4: Option Basics - Lesson 3; Learn the Two Core Strategies That Drive Your Success
  • Gain an Understanding of a Buyer’s Rights & a Seller’s Obligations When Trading
  • Option Basics - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Call Options
  • Option Basics - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Put Options
  • SECTION 5: Option Basics - Lesson 4; Learn How to Read Stock Charts Like a Pro.
  • Option Basics - The Four Key Areas of All Stock Charts
  • Option Basics - The 3 Types of Stock Charts Used
  • Option Basics - 3 Types of Trends and A Word of Caution When Using Trend Lines
  • Option Basics - Learning About Support and Resistance, Tips and Techniques
  • Option Basics - What are Moving Averages and How to Use Them
  • Option Basics - Learn About the Heart of the Stock Market (Stock Volume)
  • Option Basics - Stock Chart Lesson Summary
  • SECTION 6: Downloads; PDF's and Excel Files Are Here
  • Trade Tracker; Excel File
  • Various PDF's
  • SECTION 7: The 10 Minute Trading Exercise - A Proof of Concept Exercise
  • How to Read an Option Chain
  • 10 Minute Strategy Intro, a Million Dollar Tip, & the 4 Steps to Building Wealth
  • A Step-by-Step Walk Through & Why Students Have Such a High Success Rate
  • Semi-Automation Trading Exercise: Summary Guide, Entry and Exit Checklist
  • (Back Story) Semi-Automation Trading Exercise: Advice from My Millionaire Mentor
  • Quick Summary of the Semi-Automation Template & A Famous Phrase:Patience=Profits
  • Look Over My Shoulder: Step-by-Step Break Down of How to Implement the Strategy
  • SECTION 8: The 10 Minute Blueprint: Earn at least 11% a year while working once a year
  • I Dare You to Try This Yourself – I Guarantee You'll Make Money
  • 10 Minute Blueprint Revealed - Trade Once a Year and Set Your Family Up For Life
  • The 10 Minute Blueprint Case Study Part 1 - Follow Along as I Place These Trades
  • The 10 Minute Blueprint Case Study Part 2 - How Do You Manage the Trade
  • SECTION 9: Stress Free Semi-Automation Blueprint: Software tell us when to enter and exit
  • How Stock Trading Software Helped Us Make $11,000 in Two Days
  • SECTION 10: Supplemental Training: What to Trade, When to Trade, How to Manage Risk&Profits
  • Supplemental Training Intro
  • Success Tip: The Process of Mastery I Learned from My Millionaire Mentor
  • The 7 Step Process of Successful Trading - What to Trade
  • The 7 Step Process of Successful Trading - When to Trade
  • The 7 Step Process of Successful Trading - How to Manage Risk and Profits
  • How to Survive the Initial Learning Curve
  • How Much Money Should You Start Trading With
  • What Option Should You Pick
  • Our Secret Money Management Formula - The 2/10 Formula
  • SECTION 11: About Trader Travis; His History, His Philosophies & What His Mentors Taught Him
  • My Story - From Failure to Success
  • My Story - From Failure to Success PDF Version
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