Practical SQL Reporting with SSRS



This course covers the Microsoft reporting tool, SQL reporting services, also known as SSRS. SSRS is used by many companies that have any form of Microsoft financial or CRM products.

It is also a useful tool for any organisation that uses databases to store their data on as SSRS can be used with any database, not just SQL Server.

This course provides all you need to know to get started developing reports using SSRS. We download and install the free tools and work from the basics of creating your first report, through to delivering reports that provide useful and user-friendly control to users of those reports.

The reports you also create in the course are available to download for future reference.

If you are looking to do any kind of reporting then its worth looking at what SSRS has to offer. It is not just a useful skill for creating reports within your own company/business, it is an in-demand skill that appears many times on job boards.

Who is the target audience?
  • Basic IT skills
  • A basic knowledge of SQL is helpful but not essential

  • A PC
  • All required software is freely available with links on where to obtain it

What Will I Learn?
  • Discover what SSRS is and how it delivers reports
  • Understand how to make those reports more useful to report users
  • Create reports using the Business Intelligence Development Studio

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 20 Lectures 01:50:51 + – Introduction to SQL Reporting Services 6 Lectures 26:39 Course introduction and overview of the content in the course. Introduction Preview 04:02 Where to download and how to install SSRS. Installing SQL Reporting Services Preview 03:31 For a local reporting services installation we look at how to configure the setup using the reporting services configuration manager. Configuring Reporting Services Preview 06:15 We will create our first report using the report wizard to create a very simple report. Using the Wizard 08:01 This video provides a short introduction to the BIDS environment. A Quick Introduction to the IDE 01:55 We look at the component parts of a report. Basic Structure of a Report 02:55 + – Working with Reports: Grouping and Sub-reports 4 Lectures 22:06 We went through creating a report with the wizard, now we create one from scratch. Creating a Simple Report From Scratch 08:09 We look at how to group items on a report. Introducing Grouping 03:25 Item visibility can be controlled by 'toggling', we take the grouped report and hide the detail lines with a toggle. Toggling Items on a Report 03:51 Reporting Services allows for 'drill-down' type reports and here we link two reports together. Drill-down into Sub-Reports 06:41 + – Working with Report Parameters 3 Lectures 23:33 Here we look at using parameters to give users more control over what they see in their reports. Introduction to Report Parameters 06:24 Expanding on the previous lecture we look at having 'multi-select' parameter values. Multi-select Report Parameters 06:07 Using multiple report parameters to drive a report. Cascading Parameters 11:02 + – Charts, the Matrix and Deployment 3 Lectures 21:26 We add a chart to a report and look at how to modify its properties. Charting 08:40 The matrix component is like an excel pivot table and very powerful, here we take a look at what it can do. The Matrix in Reporting Services 07:41 We look at how to deploy reports from BIDS to our report server. Report Deployment 05:05 + – Sorting, Expressions and Conditional Formatting 3 Lectures 13:53 You can add interactive sorting to a report, here we look at how to do this. Interactive Sorting 02:14 SSRS reporting elements can contain expressions as well as literal values. This functionality can also be used to perform conditional formatting on reports. Expressions and Conditional Formatting 05:57 We look at global variables and how they are useful for things such as page numbering. Using Globals 05:42 + – Wrap Up 1 Lecture 03:14 A recap of what we covered. Summary of What we Covered 03:14
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