How To Conquer The Excuses That Keep You From Finishing


You’re sick of being scared.
You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed.
You’re dying to finish something.

But you can’t expect to finish something if don’t know what’s keeping you from doing so.

I’d like to share with you the psychological foundations and the tested methods of those people who get stuff done. Because if you can’t finish, it doesn’t count.

What would you get done if nothing could stop you?

Welcome to Ready. Set. Finish. – The Course Your Excuses Don’t Want You To Take.

Hi. I'm Bassam Tarazi

I created Colipera, am author of The Accountability Effect, co-founded The Nomading Film Festival & The Ignition Lab and was recently the Director of Operations of Omnibuild.

I have a mechanical engineering degree and a green MBA. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited 47 countries.

In short, I’m not afraid to try and I’m hell bent on finishing.

Why Some People Finish And Others Don't

History talks about the people who finished.

All-time greats are defined on how they close games out.

Developers and inventors are judged on what they produce.

Bullet points on a resume are completion’s currency.

Framed degrees on a wall prove to the world that you finished something you started.

The people you admire, finish.

You have food on your table, clothes on your back and toothpaste in the tube because someone somewhere finished something.

Ideas and projects are easy to start but it’s the finishing that counts. The shoes are either tied or they are untied. The ship either floats or it doesn’t. Your website is either completed or it’s not.

So many of us sit in the unfinished business part of life. Unfinished conversations destroy relationships. Unfinished projects take up space on your computer or in your garage. Unfinished dreams lie wasting away, marooned on Shoulda-Coulda Beach as we wonder what might have been.

So why do some people finish and others don’t? Why are some goals reached, while others aren’t? Why do some projects persevere while others fizzle out?

What I’ve found out in my own life and in my research of others is that:

It’s mindsets, not tactics.

Finishing something is all about completing the circle. Most of us get lost along the journey towards our goals because excuses and impediments suffocate us, we start feeling overwhelmed before we can finish.

We say we want to do something, we say we should do something but we’re still not doing it.

We’ve read enough books and how-to’s when it comes to getting things done. We’ve read the top 10 lists, we’ve done the research and yet, we’re still sitting there, idling.

Believe me, I know. I still deal with excuses everyday.

We have to understand that our excuses are savvy. They don’t want us to finish. They are betting against us.

If we don’t know how they work, if we don’t know their tendencies, they are going to continue to defeat us.

It’s time to finish.

What Exactly IS Ready. Set. Finish.?

Ready. Set. Finish. is the private, 4-week, 4-module course that was created for you so you can prepare for, plan for and react to the inevitable psychological roadblocks that will appear along your path to reaching your goals so that before you even start, you can be quite certain that you’ll finish what you start.

It is a course focused on the mindset and behavior needed to finish.

This course insight is brought to you through:

- 2 hours of video lessons from me

- Over 3 hours of interviews with 4 extremely successful professionals all who are adept at overcoming excuses in their lives and careers

- 10 game-changing worksheets which will fortify your goal-setting strategy

This course is not just about tested productivity tactics, because a tactic on its own is worthless if you don’t understand the strategy it rests upon.

Rest assured, your excuses will come out to derail you, in the beginning, the middle or right at the end of whatever it is you’re reaching for.

But you can’t navigate the hurdles in front of you if you don’t understand the excuses your brain transforms them into.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with a life or business goal that he.she has put off for far too long
  • Anyone struggling with their current goals

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, will be able to identify and face with confidence all the impediments that hold you back from accomplishing your goals
  • You will learn mindsets
  • You will understand why it's important to articulate your fears
  • You will learn where to start when you don't know where to start
  • You will learn how to stay on track
  • You will learn why the people around might be the most important factor in achieving your goals

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 27 Lectures 06:23:08 + – Intro Video 1 Lecture 01:48 Intro Video Preview 01:48 + – Why Oh Why? 2 Lectures 10:18 Use this for video description:

Before we can arm ourselves to defeat the excuses that come into play when chasing a goal, we have to ask the question: What is the point of even having a goal? Why do it? I mean could we get through life not having something we strive for?

I would argue that we could not.  Every day of our lives are filled with goals, be they external tasks set by someone else, or internal goals that we want to get done for ourselves. That is how we progress in life. It is part of the conveyor belt of existence.

But before we can run off and do the things we want to do, we have to know why we’re doing them.

Why Oh Why? Video Lecture Preview 10:18

The 5 Why's Exercise Preview 5 pages + – But There's No Time 3 Lectures 26:44 I hope you enjoyed the first module: Why Oh Why? If you missed it, you can always go back.

This week's free module is titled: But There's No Time

It gives you the playbook on that demon, The Thief of Time. There is also a worksheet to help you uncover minutes, if not hours, of free time.

Lastly, you'll get to hear an exclusive interview I conducted with Elizabeth Grace Saunders, a Time Coach extraordinaire. Enjoy. But There's No Time - Introduction Preview 02:50

Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the video if you wanted to skip around. 

1:18 – The roadblocks Elizabeth faced in her own business3:06 – How guilt drives our busy-ness5:28 – How Elizabeth manages her days
7:30 – Estimating your time is harder than it looks
8:07 – Why you might need 2 to-do lists
11:00 – If Elizabeth had one sentence of advice
14:18 – How Elizabeth found the time to write a book
16:00 – It’s the systems in place that save you
18:20 – How do you just get started
21:35 – The one question to ask yourself if you’re stuck Elizabeth Grace Saunders Interview Preview 23:54 The What Am I Doing Right Now? Exercise Preview 1 page + – Why Can't I Focus? 2 Lectures 11:18 Why Can't I Focus? - Introduction Preview 03:04 Why Can't I Focus? - Video Lecture Preview 08:14 + – But I'm Afraid 4 Lectures 01:08:34

Welcome to Module 1 of Ready. Set. Finish.

We can’t really talk about goals and the excuses we give ourselves for not reaching our goals without talking about our fears first. I have put together a presentation on the three biggest fears: success, failure and change.

My advice for all the modules are as follows:

  1. Watch the video of my presentation
  2. Listen to the interviews I’ve conducted
  3. Complete the worksheets that are attached

Further Resources

In either the video presentation or the interview these people or books were also mentioned in case you’d like to take a deeper look:

  • Uncertainty – Jonathan Fields
  • Parker Palmer
  • Brene Brown
  • Seth Godin
But I'm Afraid - Video Lecture 25:37 Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the interview if you wanted to skip around:
0:47 – Ishita’s intro and background1:30 – What Ishita is afraid of
8:52 – You never feel truly ready
10:42 – What if you succeed and it doesn’t feel like you thought it would?
11:40 – How Ishita handled the fear associated with the launch of her course
15:30 – Defining Worst Case Scenarios
16:48 – If you’re willing to be uncomfortable…
18:20 – What is everyone else going to think?
22:21 – The people you might need a break from the most
24:10 – How comparisons can kill you
26:34 – The clearest way to success
30:24 – Life is like a boat
35:10 – The ingredient you can’t run from
37:10 – How has regret reared its head? Ishita Gupta Interview 42:57 If All Goes To Hell - Exercise 1 page What If This Works? - Exercise 1 page + – Where Do We Start? 5 Lectures 59:13

I hope you enjoyed Module 1. Welcome to Module 2 of Ready. Set. Finish.

Ok, so we know what we’re afraid of…how on earth do we start?

Further Resources

In either the video presentation or the interview these people or books were also mentioned in case you’d like to take a deeper look:

  • Martha Beck
  • Switch
  • The Cookie and the Radish Study (below)

Where Do We Start? Video Lecture 27:38

Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the interview if you wanted to skip around:

1:00 – Jenny’s background, working at Google, her book2:40 – The things Jenny learned about herself by working for herself
3:35 – What entrepreneurs and 9-5ers can do to stay inspired
4:40 – How did Jenny stay focused and accountable to writing her blog while working?
7:50 – What to do when you experience a dip or doubt
10:14 – In commitment we find freedom
11:34 – The biggest help to feeling committed
14:00 – How important is it to define your own success?
15:14 – Your social self vs. your essential self
19:30 – What is it about change that is so damn hard?
22:05 – What is the fear trying to tell you?
24:40 – How Jenny balances short-term goals with long-term aspirations?
27:40 – When is too much research enough research? Jenny Blake Interview 31:35 Setting A SMART Goal - Exercise 1 page Situation vs. Disposition - Exercise 2 pages The Illusionary Self - Exercise 1 page + – Staying On Track 5 Lectures 01:21:27 Staying On Track - Video Lecture 40:16 Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the interview if you wanted to skip around:
1:39 – The first key to organization and efficiency
3:10 – How a near death experiencewas part of the spark behind “Less Doing”4:37 – The one commonality that defines stress for people
7:00 – Why outsourcing is never the first step
8:55 – The one productivity method Ari is completely against
9:27 – Looking at smart phones and email differently
13:21 – Automation: The 95/5 Discovery
16:15 – Tweeting thousands of times but only writing only write 7 Tweets in his life
18:09 – Why Time Management is impossible
22:20 – The double perks of writing ideas down
25:15 – 1 Tip for just getting started
28:28 – 2nd Tip for just getting started
29:45 – The one “productivity task” that can lower your IQ while you’re doing it
33:23 – Why Ari doesn’t prioritze
36:53 – The Wellness Triad Ari Meisel Interview 41:11 The 5-Minute Exercise 1 page Should You Or Shouldn't You? - Exercise 1 page Your To-Do's - Exercise 2 pages + – The World Around Us 4 Lectures 58:31

Ok, here we are at the final module of Ready. Set. Finish.

The people around you are the key to you being able to reach the heights you want to reach.

Further Resources

In either the video presentation or the interview these people or books were also mentioned in case you’d like to take a deeper look:

Clay Shirky’s quote: “The hothouse environment of a collaborative circle can make the ideas and achievements of the participants develop faster than if the participants were all pursuing the identical goals without sharing.  Our ability to simultaneously pursue our own goals while being mindful and supportive of other people’s goals is fundamental to human life – so fundamental, in fact, that we actually have trouble turning it off”

Colipera’s Declaration of Interdependence (A playbook for an accountability group)

The Walk-On Mentality

The World Around Us - Video Lecture 21:31

Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the interview if you wanted to skip around:

1:27 – What Antonio’s track coach told him that changed his life2:20 – Who Makes You Better? The Allies of Glory vs. The Thieves of Ambition
3:18 – Antonio’s story of how hard it is saying no to friends
5:20 – Why do we spend time with people who don’t make us better?
6:50 – A pen & pad exercise
10:30 – Sometimes the people that make us better aren’t our social friends
12:58 – It’s not networking, it’s relationship building
14:04 – Flipping networking on its head – How one question can change everything
18:00 – What Tony Sheih (CEO of Zappos) said about relationship building
20:29 – The most important thing about your projects
26:04 – How informational interviews can expand your network
29:21 – How to create your own luck Antonio Neves Interview 37:00 Allies vs. Thieves - Exercise 1 page Ask - Exercise 1 page + – Bonus 1 Lecture 43:39

I have a bonus interview for you.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Derek Sivers on Skype about all things under the sun: from fears, to little bets, to accountability to Richard Branson to Luke Skywalker, to millions of dollars and to the things that entrepreneurs get wrong all the time so I thought that it should have its own home since it incorporates themes from all the modules.

It was one of the most enjoyable, educational and entertaining interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Enjoy.

Here’s a summary of the important time markers of the interview if you wanted to skip around:

1:42 – Derek explains his famous TED talk and the danger identify goal proclamations
5:08 – Set a goal without satisfaction as a part of it
6:16 – An entrepreneur’s biggest mistake
8:08 – Why Derek is terrified to start his new business
10:29 – How Derek figures out what to work on next
14:56 – The harsh reality chapters Derek kept out of his book
16:08 – The fear of failure and the fear of success Oreo
17:56 – Millions, billions and Richard Branson
19:50 – The real enemy of happiness and why fear is exciting
21:08 – When success comes even when you’re not expecting it
24:49 – How $1,000,000 stood for less than $300 in value
27:00 – The one word Seth Godin told Derek Sivers to always be
27:52 – Goals are not about the future
30:40 – The realities vs. the process vs. the result
36:35 – You always only have one user
39:55 – All things being equal, money is a fair indicator of value
41:15 – Why selling out might be good for you

Further Resources

These were also mentioned in the interview in case you’d like to take a deeper look:

  • Derek’s Reading List
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Bonus Interview With Derek Sivers 43:39
  • Free schedule
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  • Paid:
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  • MOOC:
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