SAP HANA training in a step by step guided format. SAP training and courses by oJAYo. Covers all the processes and technical know how on SAP HANA. If you do not know SAP HANA, than you are missing out on the biggest opportunity in next gen. technology.

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone

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What Will I Learn?
  • Make you awesome in SAP best practices
  • Give you overview and inside know how of the most popular SAP module

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 39 Lectures 03:11:52 + – Promo 1 Lecture 02:39 Promo Preview 02:39 + – SAP Introduction 4 Lectures 13:17
What is SAP ? What is History of SAP ?
What is SAP ? what is ERP ? History and brief on SAP. Preview 02:19
SAP_Advantages_and_disadvantages Preview 04:32
what_is_ERP._List_of_solutions_from_SAP. Preview 04:50 what is a transaction in SAP 01:36 + – SAP Landscape, Instance, Client 5 Lectures 16:09
what is a SAP landscape ?
SAP Landscapes 04:12
what is an SAP instance ?
what is SAP instance and client 03:10
SAP communicates through interface
SAP interface technology 04:04
SAP landscape, clients, how transports work ?
SAP landscapes and transports management 01:06
SAP sub process and integration
SAP subprocesses 03:37 + – SAP basics 3 Lectures 18:11
SAP gui training, SAP navigation, how to setup favorites.
sap gui training and navigation 04:27
SAP Gui screen elements and other details
sap gui screen elements and navigation 06:26
save favorites, command field, how to print
Managing favorites and other functions 07:18 + – SAP Technical walkthrough 2 Lectures 06:34
/N and /O - Printing details
printing in SAP 03:08
SAP own data & smx.
SAP own data management 03:26 + – SAP Help 2 Lectures 07:04
Browsing SAP tables
SAP tables 03:39
SAP help F1. Technical screen elements. table browsing.
SAP help F1. Technical screen elements. table browsing. 03:25 + – What is SAP HANA ? 1 Lecture 05:50
HANA001 - what is HANA - Essentially a database - Understand basic computer architecture - memory vs hard disk - salient differences
SAP HANA 05:50 + – HANA Features 1 Lecture 05:45
HANA002 SAP HANA - 3 Tier Application - How fast is SAP HANA - Retail example
HANA speed 05:45 + – HANA Architecture 3 Lectures 19:35
HANA003 SAP HANA- How much data - velocity - can Hana architecture scale - HANA acid principle of database
Architecture 07:04
HANA004 SAP HANA - In Memory database - In Memory Computing - Real Time Query
In memory database 07:18
HANA005 - Review of HANA features - Future of HANA - Advantages of column wise storage - what is parallel processing in HANA
Column vs Row storage 05:13 + – Sizing 2 Lectures 13:24
HANA006 SAP HANA Sizing - Quicksizer - Tshirt sizing - Vendors for SAP HANA
HANA Sizing 05:05
HANA007 - challenges of current BI - Future state of SAP HANA - customer challenges and customer benefits
HANA impact to current architecture 08:19 8 More Sections
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