Win Them Over with Web Video Part 2



This is the most comprehensive Web Video Production course to follow up with the free overview. WIN 'EM OVER WITH WEB VIDEO PART 2: Stand Out and Move Up in Search Engine Results with Effective Web Video (HOW TO PREVENT A RAIN OUT ON YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS WITH WEB VIDEO):  This is a beginner-friendly course for busy professionals who want to learn how to create effective web video AND boost their search engine optimization efforts. Students will learn the basics of web video production and search engine optimization. This course provides video, screen records, and sample files for busy professionals who want the most essential information presented to them in a manner that can be quickly and easily digested and applied in under a half day (4 hours). After successful completion, students will learn video production and SEO for Video basics.

The course instructor is Kamala Appel, aka "the key" in KEA Productions. She has produced numerous documentary-style web videos for small business owners and non-profit organizations since 2002. Ms. Appel worked in Hollywood in licensing at Universal Studios and Business Affairs at International Creative Management (ICM) and in programming at the Sundance Film Festival. She is a graduate of Yale University and where earned a BA in American Studies with a concentration in Film Studies and USC's School of Cinema-Television, now Cinematic Arts, where she earned her Master's degree.  She is also a certified SEO Practitioner.

"What I love most about producing videos for small business owners and nonprofits is the opportunity to work with passionate professionals who are experts in their field. I feel very fortunate to be able to use my skills as a visual storyteller to help others. Unfortunately, I am not able to help every worthy business owner out there because not everyone can afford to hire a professional like myself to produce a video for them.  That is why I decided to develop a course that could empower more businesses, start ups, and nonprofits compete and share their passion with the world."

Ms. Appel has been a faculty member at a number of accredited offline colleges throughout the State of California.  As an experienced film and multimedia instructor, she takes into consideration the three main learning styles: aural (listening- you can listen to the modules), visual (you can watch the videos with images that will hopefully stay with you), and kinetic (movement- you can exercise your kinetic learning style by taking notes and doing the quizzes). In addition to the modules or short training videos, there are samples and screen recordings * (Including FinalCut Pro and After FX demos) for all three stages: pre-production or planning, production or shooting, and post-production or editing; so that you can follow along throughout the process.

To further your learning experience, there is an interactive coaching program that complements the e-learning course and supplementary materials. During the coaching calls we will delve more deeply into the materials with scenarios and go over the quizzes. Questions can be answered live and students can participate in interviews with other industry experts. As someone who has purchased this Web Video Production course, you get your first month's membership for free.

So if you are a busy professional and you want to be able to have access to the information you need to take your business or organization to the next level with web video and SEO for video basics, then this is the course for you. If you want to positively persuade your target audience, your bottom line, and boost your SEO efforts, then again, this course is for you. Again, this is an accelerated course so that you can get through the materials in a manageable way while trying to stay sane throughout your busy life.

Please note: The first several video modules are free to allow you to preview the style. These opening videos give students a chance to learn some history and the general philosophy that will influence the core content. The "meat" of the course is only available to paid subscribers who want to invest further in their online marketing efforts.

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What Will I Learn?
  • Video Production Basics
  • Search Engine Optimization Basics
  • Web Video for Businesses
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • TEMPORARY PRICE CUT in honor of 49ers winning season

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 54 Lectures 02:53:16 + – Opening Overview: Philosophy 7 Lectures 24:10

How to Create A Rain Out On Your Field of Dreams: Learn how to create effective web video that wins over your target audience. You will also discover search engine optimization basics so that you can rank higher and be found by prospects. This is a beginner-friendly course that caters to the schedule of a busy professional. 

This course is taught by a USC Film School grad who has worked in Hollywood and taught film offline at several accredited colleges. Whether you're an aural, visual, or kinetic learner, the materials will be presented in a way to address your learning style. There is also interactive coaching available to allow students to delve more deeply into the materials and get their remaining questions answered.

After successful completion you will be able to:



And achieve it all in a sane manner (yes, it is possible).

Course Overview Preview 02:00

Everyone has a dream. Discover how to realize your dreams with web video before they are all washed out by a rain out.

Lesson 1: Value of Web Video Preview 02:12

Discover how to successful move through the sales process and what I learned from one of my mentors, Eric Lofholm

Lesson 2: Steps to Successful Sales Preview 03:27

Third overview video that discusses some of the ways having a web video as part of your marketing mix can benefit your business. Current and impressive numbers and statistics are shared.

Lesson 3: The Benefits of Having a Quality Web Video Preview 04:29

You already know how important customer service is to the survival of your business. This lesson will let you know how to provide excellent service by meeting audience expectations of movies and videos.

Lesson 5: Meeting Audience Expectations Preview 04:53

Knowing history can help you replicate the success of the money-making Hollywood studios. Learn about how studios came to be and how Hollywood became the recession-proof industry that the world knows and loves. This knowledge will allow you to be known and loved for all the good work you do.

Lesson 6: The History of Hollywood Classical Cinema Style Preview 03:06

Discover how Hollywood Classical Cinema style can give you a cutting edge against your competition.

Lesson 7: Going Hollywood 04:03 + – Step I: Pre-Production 3 Lectures 15:07

Learn the steps to write an effective script that sizzles as much as the hotest news flashes

Lesson 8: Pre-production Script 06:24

Creating a storyboard and shot list will help you enter into production well prepared. The two combined will be favorites for the visual types.

Lesson 9: Creating a Storyboard and Shot list 03:48

Learn what to do and what not to do so you don't have to deal with litigation or fines.

Lesson 10: Pre-production Legal Steps 04:55 + – Step II: Production (Camera) 5 Lectures 17:33

Learn how to employ camera angles to influence your audience

Lesson 11: Camera Angles 04:15

Learn how influencing what is in focus can help you get your audience to focus on your business and products or services.

Lesson 12: Camera Depth of Field 02:44

Think that composition is only a consideration for photographers and painters- think again. Learn how to frame your shots so that your web videos send the message that you want.

Lesson 13: Camera Framing and Composition 05:05

Strive only for intentional camera movement- and here are some tips to achieve that goal.

Lesson 14: Camera Movement 03:17

Some people may be intimidated to drive a stick shift but there is no reason to be scared of manual features that your camera has to offer. After this lesson you will be confident to select manual over automatic.

Lesson 15: Mastering the Manual Camera 02:12 + – LIGHTS. Camera. ACTion! 2 Lectures 05:03

How to make the best out of what you got when it comes to lighting a scene. You will learn to love natural light and not be afraid of artificial.

Lesson 16: Lighting 04:12

A little stage fright is normal. Here are some tips to help you shine like a star in front of the camera.

Lesson 17: Acting 00:51 + – Step II: Production (Sound) 4 Lectures 13:04

Discover how and why to use an external microphone to record clean sound.

Lesson 18: Sound- Using a Mic 05:08

Creating and recording a moving voice over to narrate your web video can make a world of difference in communicating your message and moving your audience. Remember the script you wrote, now here's your change to record the polished version.

Lesson 19: Sound- Voice Over 01:53

If someone is nice enough to support your business and make you look good, then the least you can do is make them look and sound good. Here is how you do it.

Lesson 20: Recording Testimonials 03:29

Find out some factors to consider in terms of music as you flesh out your sound track.

Lesson 21: Sound of Music 02:34 + – Step III: Post-production (Editing) 2 Lectures 18:58

Step by step blow of online or non-linear editing.

Lesson 22: Editing Basics 09:29

Follow a step-by-step blow of the editing process. This is supplemented by the screen records that will help you if you use final cut pro.

Lesson 23: Editing Steps 09:29 + – Step IV: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 5 Lectures 23:10

What are keywords and key phrases and what's in it for you if you come up with the right ones? Find out in this lesson.

Lesson 24: The Keys to SEO 03:40

Before you can benefit from selecting the right set of keyword and key phrases, you need to submit your info in the right way and to the right places.

Lesson 25: SEO Submission 03:14

Get prospects to your front and back doors with effective landing pages as part of your search engine optimization mix.

Lesson 26: SEO- Landing Pages 04:54

Time to get connected. Tips for how to get links and what kind of links to get.

Lesson 27: SEO- Links 06:59

We will discuss some examples of how having a web video as part of your marketing mix can pay off big time for your search engine optimization efforts.

Lesson 28: Value of Video to SEO and Closing 04:23 + – Resources and Samples 26 Lectures 40:56 You can take a "quiz" to test your knowledge and how much you absorbed from the lectures. Following along and filling in the quizzes as you listen and watch the lectures will also help your body address the kinetic need to learn. Resource: Quizzes 12 pages

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 1- How to launch an editing software like Final Cut Pro

Screen Record: Launch FCP 01:54

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 2- Import Footage into your editing program so that you can start cutting.

Screen Record: Importing Footage to Edit 01:27

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 2- Import multiple files into your editing program so that you can start or continue cutting.

Screen Record- Importing Multiple Files 00:36

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 3- Lay down the primary audio file on the sound track so you can cut to the script or beat.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Lay Down Audio 00:53

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 5- Start down visuals or (parts) of the video clips that you captured onto the video track 1.

Screen Record: Edit w/ FCP- Lay Down Video 01:12

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 6- Switch and swap visuals or (parts) of the video clips that you laid down on video track 1 with the "replace" function.

Screen Record: Edit w/ FCP- Replace Tool for Video 01:07

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 7- How and Why to Render the Video and Audio tracks.

Screen Record: Edit w/ FCP- Rendering 01:32

Editing Step-by-Step: Step 8- Adjusting the video levels for brightness and contrast.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Adjusting Video Levels 00:40

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 9- Cropping your image or video.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Cropping an Image 00:53

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 10- Creating a Matte Shot. This is helpful if you want to block or blur out part of the visuals like a logo, signage, or person's face.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Creating a Matte Shot 01:57

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 11- Employing a Blur to all or part of the video image. This is helpful if you want to block or blur out part of the visuals like a logo, signage, or person's face. It can also be employed for stylistic reasons or to adjust for depth of field after the fact so that you can direct the viewer's attention. Though I suggest deciding on DOF during production.

Screen Record- Edit with FCP- Employing Blur Feature 01:39

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step- Step 12: How to adjust the shot duration (and could apply to audio too I suppose though may create distortion). If you ever wanted to create "slo mo" or a "keystone cop" slapstick look, here's how you do it.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Adjusting Shot Duration 00:45

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 13A- This is one way to create titles over the video track such as credits or your contact info.

Screen Recrd- Edit w/ FCP- Creating Titles 01:37

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 14B- This is another way to create titles over the video track such as credits or your contact info.

Screen Record: Editing with FCP: CreatingTitles (continued) 03:28

Editing with FinalCut Pro Step-by-Step: Step 15- Many videos benefit from multiple layers of audio on the sound track. Here is how you lay down more layers of audio/ sound like testimonials, music, or voice over narration.

Screen Record: Edit with FCP- Layering and Laying Down Audio 00:38 Here is a sample 5 by 5 created in excel for a web site sharing college admissions tips. Sample5x5
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