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Say goodbye to Stress forever

How would you like to be Stress Free in 7 days?
Are you always worrying about life, money, family, or even your health?
Do you wake up at around 4am in the morning and then struggle to get back to sleep?
Is the merry-go-round of thought in your head, seemingly non-stop?
Is your stress affecting your health, your relationships, your career or even your loved ones?
Why won’t any of the ‘other’ stress remedies out there help you?
What can be done to stop you feeling stressed forever?

My name is Damian Mark Smyth, and I am a stress management coach. I am also a teacher and trainer in a field of modern psychology called the ‘Three Principles’. This area of prevention has been proven to work with even the most extreme cases (including in maximum security prisons) and it will give you the freedom you require from stress forever.

I should know. I recently went through a divorce and custody battle and came through it completely unscathed. In fact, people were often saying to me how impossibly calm I was throughout the whole thing.

You too can learn the secrets about stress that will change your life around so you will no longer have to live with the constant fear, worry and anxiety.

You too will be stress-free in 7 days.

This course is designed to give you the understanding behind the human operating system and to show you how the process works. As with anything else, once you have an understanding of how a system works, it’s a darn sight easier to then correct it. Think about your car. If you know how it’s put together and functions, it’s a lot easier to fix it when it goes haywire.

There are no catches, no tricks, no hidden surprises... all of the ideas in this course are simple to follow and even easier to put into practice. In fact, there is a great deal of ‘doing nothing’ involved. And there’s a very good reason for this: When we listen through what we know, we limit ourselves to what we already know. So I will be asking you to leave what you already know ‘at the door’ before you enter.

The reason this programme works and is life changing is BECAUSE it’s different to what you already know. That’s got you to where you are right now - without a solution. This programme IS the solution.

So get ready for a life changing seven days, as we get you stress free forever!

All the modules in this programme come with an audio download, along with the written version, which means you have the choice of how to use the material.

Either way, the course is interactive, so please provide answers to the questions at the bottom of the module. This will help me tailor the understanding that you will be getting to your personal requirements and answer any queries you may have. It will also help me to get a better idea of who you are and how to achieve stress free success quickly and efficiently.

The approach outlined within this course is very different to other, more traditional 'stress management' programs. Therefore it is likely that you will have insights and queries that may well need addressing by me - this is an online coaching course as much as an instructional process.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone suffering from stressful thoughts
  • Stressed out executives
  • Busy minded people
  • The desperate, worried and anxious

  • Computer, ipad or smartphone

What Will I Learn?
  • Become stress free in 7 days
  • Two free ebooks on stress and thought
  • Additional extended content from BBC interviews
  • Learn how the human operating system works
  • Be free from your own thinking
  • Live a life without anxiety
  • Understand why you get upset and what to 'do' about it
  • Powerpoint on how stress effects the bottom line!
  • Bonus material, featuring articles on stress in business

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 24 Lectures 01:17:29 + – The background behind stress 3 Lectures 16:15 This first module will take you through what stress is and how the feelings of stress are made in the body. It will also point you towards a very crucial point in this course, in that these feelings are coming from a rather surprising source! The Science of Stress Preview 05:52 Where are these feelings coming from? 1 question OK, so this is the module where we will begin to really dig down into this a bit more. Out of the list of potential 'culprits', who or what is the 'cause' of those feelings? Who or what are the culprits? Preview 05:23 There are fundamental Principles behind how we create everything we see in our reality. this is the module in which we will go into these building blocks. The Principles behind the human experience 05:00 + – The Three Principles 4 Lectures 11:24 The first of the Three Principles takes us on a journey into the 'source', or energy behind life... Principle 1 - Universal Mind 03:36 The second Principle, and one that is pretty easy to describe yet a tricky one to comprehend. Principle 2 - Universal Consciousness 01:09 This Principle is the glue that holds it all together. As you will see in this module, there can be no reality without a thought 'about' whatever you are experiencing. Principle 3 - Universal Thought 03:09 In this module, we will go further into 'thought' and how it plays a crucial part in our understanding of dealing with stress and stressful thinking. The missing link in dealing with stress 03:30 + – Dealing with it! 6 Lectures 15:56 Now that there is an understanding in the 'process' behind stressful thinking, now is the time to address 'why' we hold onto it at all. Why do we ‘hold on’ to stressful thinking? 04:43 So now it's time to test out the understanding you will have received so far and really start to get a grip on where those thoughts are really coming from. Not an easy thing to grasp, but life changing when realised! Back to basics: This is how we create reality! 02:19 We're pointing to the direction of the feelings here. From 'where' are they actually coming. This is influential in addressing stress as a factor in your life and one which will be overcome together. It's ALL inside 02:21 Time to deal with some objections! There's always a few: "OK, I see it works this way, but what about that...?" So let's deal with them! When is there an exception to the inside out rule? Answer: never! 02:02 Along with a realisation of where the feelings of stress are coming, comes a plan of what 'to do' with them. And the answer to this one might seem a little counter-intuitive, but stick with me... Why 'doing nothing' is important 01:44 An exception to the rule? No, not this either! 02:47 + – Putting it all into practise 5 Lectures 12:33 How's about this example in how this understanding would play out in real life and what the implications are of really 'getting it'! A real life example of the inside out understanding in progress 01:31 Time to open up this understanding into the rest of 'real life' and make a bold claim. Having this understanding will do more than just give you freedom from stress. Learn on... All of the problems in the world are based in thought 02:48 And now time to make another bold claim! The thing is, once you see that it is all self created, then there really is no such thing as stress, 'out there'... which can effect you, unless you let it. Now that you’re getting the gist... Hear this: there is no such things as stress 04:38 Sport is a really good arena to highlight how this understanding works. And golf is a really, really good example of this. There is no Stress, UNTIL you have a Stressful thought 01:35 Using this little exercise, I will show you how the feelings can and must only be created from the inside out. Pressure is self created: Here’s the proof: 02:01 + – Taking it to the next level 4 Lectures 09:02 This is the module in which you get to really see the benefit of, not only having this understanding, but of also seeing where mental clarity can be accessed... easily! How to access your mental clarity: easily 01:19 People who suffer from depression and PTSD are really struggling with their thinking. In this module, we will explore this and what can be done for even people in dire straights and really struggling in life. What do I do when life gets hard? 01:32 In this module, we will address what you can 'do', when life really does get hard. We will clarify what this understanding and pointing in this direction will give you. How do I ditch unwanted thoughts? 03:08 Having this understanding will point you in the right direction in having a stress free life. You are always only, ever one thought away from peace. this module will clarify this for you. You are always only one thought away from freedom 03:03 + – Conclusion 2 Lectures 12:19 Summing up all that you have learned in this course, this module will give point you what you can do to extend your learning and understanding of the Principles behind the human experience. Conclusion 02:48 Where are your feelings coming from now? 1 question

Interview with BBC Radio Solent whilst on the UK book tour of 'Do Nothing!'

Additional Resources Preview 09:31
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