The PreDiet: 10 Steps That Train You to Lose Weight Faster

Dr. Sean Sullivan Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder, Udemy


The PreDietBrain science researchers from Stanford University have proven a new key to losing weight and keeping it off that really works. Dr. Sean Sullivan calls the process PreDieting. In 10 steps, Dr. Sean teaches you what the new research findings, and his own clinic, have now proven about how PreDieting trains you to lose more than 30% more weight than dieting alone. In this course, you'll learn the 10 steps you move through when you PreDiet successfully.

Your brain ultimately controls what you want and what you do. So, the way to successfully lose weight and keep it off is to make intentional and sustained changes inside your brain. It takes 21 days to rewire your brain with basic new habits. So, Dr. Sean built a step-by-step process to walk with you for 21 days of applying the latest brain science to train you to master your weight loss strengths and obliterate your weaknesses.

When you train your brain correctly you actually want to eat and live differently. Your brain becomes extremely clear about how much you hate unhealthy food running your life. You come to see overeating, and foods that are bad for you, for what they really are—your enemies preventing you from feeling and looking good. You can create completely new brain patterns that enable you to healthily and sustainably lose the weight you choose to lose.

In this course, you'll learn how PreDieting trains you to master losing weight no matter what diet you choose.


"Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance." — Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback

Category: Health and Fitness
  • What are the requirements?
    • No prior experience necessary. Watch The PreDiet videos to learn how you train yourself to lose weight in 21 days.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 15 lectures and 34 mins of content!
    • You will gain a clear understanding of the process of training your brain to successfully lose weight.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Anyone interested in applying cutting-edge brain science to achieve a personal weight loss goal in a healthy and sustainable way.

SECTION 1: The PreDiet: 10 Steps That Train You to Lose Weight Faster
  • The 10 PreDiet Steps Summary
  • The PreDiet Program Welcome
  • How much more weight did the "PreDiet" group lose than the "Diet only" group?
  • STEP 1: Train your brain to master losing weight BEFORE you begin your next diet
  • When should you train your brain to lose the most weight?
  • STEP 2: Listen in on your INNER DIALOGUE each day
  • What is your INNER DIALOGUE?
  • STEP 3: Regain control over your attention by focusing on your big left toe
  • Why does refocusing your attention help you lose weight?
  • STEP 4: Observe your automatic emotional reactions as they unfold in real time
  • Why does observing your automatic emotional reactions matter?
  • STEP 5: Explore Your "Important People” Using "Emotional Visualization"
  • Mini-Mind Exercise Practice
  • What does Mind Exercise do for you?
  • STEP 6: Learn The "Triggers" That Lead To YOUR Habitual Reactions
  • Why do your “personal triggers” cause weight loss problems?
  • STEP 7: Use Emotional Discomfort To Your Advantage To Lose Weight
  • What should you do when you notice you have been triggered emotionally?
  • STEP 8: Watch The "Movie" Playing In Your Head Each Moment
  • What is a component of your INNER MOVIE?
  • STEP 9: Uncover Your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES To Train Your Brain For Weight Loss
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