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Building websites these days isn't that difficult, especially if you use a system like WordPress. The real issue is letting others know that your site exists so you can attract traffic to it, be that to showcase your own products and services, give information out for free or if you build sites to make money through affiliate marketing.


Most webmasters rely on organic traffic - free traffic that comes in from the search engines - rather than on traffic that they pay for with the likes of Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

Being placed highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) has a direct bearing on how much traffic the search engines will drive to your site. If you have the #1 position on Page 1 of Google for a keyword, then you'll get about 73% of the traffic that looks at that search results page. The lower down the page you are, the less traffic will come your way. So it's vital that you position highly for your keywords.

Traditionally, webmasters built backlinks to their sites in a variety of ways - blog commenting, forum posts, article marketing, etc - but it's a lot of work and it takes a considerable amount of time. And the results of those efforts are slow to appear. Using these methods, a site can take anywhere from 1-3 months to percolate up through the rankings.


Using video to promote your sites is much less labor intensive, is more time efficient, sees faster results in site rankings and, essentially, gives you more bang for your buck.

Tube Raider does not teach you how to make videos - there are plenty of tools and courses that will teach that.

What Tube Raider teaches is a specific strategy for ranking websites high in the search engines. But more than that, results happen quickly. While videos rank quickly, sometimes within just minutes of being uploaded, the ultimate goal is to get those videos to boost your website in the search engine rankings as well as driving traffic to your website.

The result is that you can dominate a whole page in Google. That could mean your website and videos take the the top 8-10 positions on a search result page. And you know how powerful that would be!

The Tube Raider Masterclass is a video training course that shows you the easiest and best way to get your videos - and your website - to the first page of Google as quickly as possible. There are 6 Modules in the course:

Module 1: Strategy Walkthrough

This outlines the strategy in this course that you will use to drive traffic to your websites. It contains 10 videos, total running time: 101 minutes.

Module 2: Backlink Building

While this course is primarily about a specific YouTube strategy, getting links from other sites should also be part of your backlinking strategy. In this module, you'll be introduced to some backlinking strategies that not many use, yet they are some of the most powerful techniques you can use to raise the profile of your site. 

This module contains 7 videos, total running time: 72 minutes

Module 3: Keyword Research And Understanding Keywords

Not a module to be skipped if you're already familiar with keyword research. Here you'll learn the right way to go about choosing keywords, why you choose those keywords and how the search engines learn your relationship with those keywords. Understanding how the search engines see your the relationship between your website and your keywords is crucial. You'll also discover how to use keywords the right way in promoting your website.

This module contains 5 videos with a total running time of 60 minutes.

Module 4: Introducing The Case Study Website

This course demonstrates how a particular website was promoted to gain high ranking in Google. That site is introduced in this module along with some specific SEO tweaks that are designed to maximize how Google sees the site.

5 videos, total running time: 57 minutes.

Module 5: Case Studies

In this module, several case studies are presented showing just how successful the Tube Raider strategy is is boosting a site's ranking in Google and how Page #1 for a keyword can be dominated.

7 videos, total running time: 154 minutes.

Module 6: Video Creation

Many people are reticent about appearing in front of a camera in their own videos. While this is not a course on video creation, this module provides several ideas on how you can go about creating your own videos if you don't want to appear in camera or don't want to record using your own voice.

There are 3 videos in this module with a running time of 45 minutes.

Module 7: Conclusion

Summing up what you will have learned from taking this course.

1 video; running time: 13 minutes.


You start with one video and create a butterfly effect that can displace the competition with devastating effect.

And, rather than working against Google, as can happen with older SEO techniques, Google gets behind you because they own YouTube. 

Take this YouTube Training course now and learn how to dominate Google without the hassle and pain of using traditional backlinking methods

Who is the target audience?
  • Webmasters looking for a non time-intensive, effective way of driving traffic to their sites and getting those sites ranked high in Google

  • None

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will know how to make Google love your videos and website and how to dominate page #1 of Google for your keywords
  • Over 8 hours of training and case studies is included in this course

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 37 Lectures 08:08:43 + – YouTube Strategy Walkthrough 9 Lectures 01:36:39 The YouTube Raider course teaches a unique strategy not only for getting your videos ranked high in the search engines, but leveraging the power of your videos to push your website high in the rankings as well. Introduction Preview 13:37 Here you will discover the methodology behind the YouTube Raider strategy. You will learn why this method is so powerful and how one video multiplies itself into something more powerful.   The Tube Raider Process - Part 1 04:02 Here we look at the methodology behind the YouTube Raider strategy. This is Part 2. The YouTube Process - Part 2 07:37 Anyone can create a video but knowing what types of video to create is key to your success. This is at the core of the YouTube Raider strategy. The Two Types of Video Your Should Create 06:17 If you're not familiar with how to upload videos (including multiple videos at one time) to YouTube, this lesson shows you how to do it.  Uploading Your Videos To YouTube 08:31 There are various settings you can change for each of your videos. Here you will learn what you put in these settings is vitally important and how it greatly influences how successful you are with the YouTube Raider strategy.  What To Put Into Your Video's YouTube Settings - This Makes All The Difference! 20:17 In this module you'll see how you can start to scale up the use of your videos with little extra effort.  Maximizing Your Videos To Best Effect 14:15 Playlists are your friend in YouTube. Not that many marketers use them. They allow you to organize your videos by niche and you can link to a playlist as well. You'll learn why using playlists is so powerful to the YouTube Raider strategy. The Magic of Playlists 08:51 Here's where you find out how to scale things up by posting your videos to other video sites. Again, this doesn't require a lot of time and effort on your part but it definitely will increase your domination of whatever keywords you're trying to rank for. How To Turn Your Videos Into Powerhouses 13:12 + – Backlink Building 7 Lectures 01:11:11 Backlinks are still very important for a website's promotional strategy. However, links from videos are much more powerful. Videos get indexed much more quickly than other types of backlink. And, since Google owns YouTube, links on videos there get indexed incredibly quickly. 

This module looks at some of the other types of backlink you can get; what's good, what's bad; what actually works and what will be a waste of your time and resources.  Going After Backlinks - An Introduction 09:09 is a hotbed of people offering services from the sublime to the ridiculous. And you'll find plenty of people there who offer backlinking services for the price of a gig - $5. Some of these seem to offer insane value for money - get 10,000 backlinks to your site for $5! - but should it be a case of "buyer beware"? Are those backlinks even worth $5? Will they actually harm your site rather than help it? Find out in this lecture. Buying Backlinking Gigs on Fiverr 09:28 One of the most under-utilized method of getting backlinks is through Press Releases. There's a knack to writing them which most people aren't familiar with and a bad press release can hurt you. In this lesson you'll discover how if get it right that the search engines will identify the links on Press Release sites, and the huge number of websites that syndicate those releases, very quickly. Much faster than methods like article marketing will yield. Doing Press Releases 18:09 The Best Backlinking Strategy And Proof 11:27 Using social sites to promote a website is vital these days. This lesson shows how blatant marketing doesn't work well on social sites and a more subtle approach is needed to get your message across. The two sites considered here are Facebook and Google+. Facebook is the bigger and better of the two and has much more reach than Google+, but there are certain metrics in Google+ that will become increasingly more important in the coming years that will have a bearing on how authoritative you and your site will seem to Google, and how your rankings will be influenced by that. Driving Traffic With Facebook And Google+ 07:04 The Warrior Forum is the Go-To place for affiliate and internet marketers of all description. It's been online since 2006 and has good authority with Google. You'll learn how members get a free blog that can be used for promoting your website, goods or services. A Secret Authority Source For Backlinks 08:49 In this final lecture in this module, we'll review the various backlinking methods that were discussed in earlier lectures and see actual results, showing which methods you should put your time and resources into and which ones you should pass on. The Results From The Different Backlinking Methods 07:05 + – Keyword Research And Understanding Keywords 5 Lectures 59:48 Keyword research doesn't need to be an involved, time consuming process. You don't even need to use a commercial keyword research tool. Google provides all the information you need.  You can find the Google Keyword Tool here: Keyword Tool Overview 06:37 The YouTube Raider strategy for researching keywords is a little different to what you might have learned from other keyword research courses. In this lecture, we'll look at the results of our initial keyword research and how you can expand your list of keywords with related keyword phrases. These will later be targeted using videos which add more backlinks to the website as well as pushing competing sites down in the rankings.  Keyword Research Results 13:45 Most people gather a quick list of keywords (sometimes a lot of them) and build webpages around them in the hopes that the search engines will send some organic traffic their way for them. Since large numbers of keywords may be involved, it would actually be time and resource intensive to promote each of those pages. With this approach, there's a fundamental misunderstanding in how people think Google looks at keywords.

In this lesson you'll learn what Google is actually looking for from webmasters and their websites and you'll get a better understanding of how Google sees keywords and what they want from them. Understanding What Google Wants From You And Your Keywords 10:04 Not all keywords are created equal. Some webmasters use a shotgun approach with keywords, building pages around tens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords, seeing what attracts Google and then maybe trying to capitalize on the successful pages. 

You need to pick keywords that are relevant to your website, preferably buyer keywords (if you're selling something) or value keywords if you want someone to come check out your site because you're providing the answer to their burning question. 

In this lesson you'll learn why certain keywords were picked for the case study website that we'll look at in later lessons.  Picking Keywords For The Case Study Website 12:43 Once you've picked your keywords, it's time to do some initial testing on how viable they are for promoting your website. Here you'll learn how to check out the competition for a keyword and whether or not you should use or drop the keyword.  Checking The Viability of Your Keywords 16:39 + – The Case Study Website 5 Lectures 57:29 In order to show that the YouTube Raider strategy works, we selected a website to use as a case study. This site had no ranking in Google prior to this, so the results you'll see are purely from applying the YouTube Raider strategy, including the other backlinking strategies outlines in the "Backlink Building" module.  An Introduction To The Case Study Website 04:51 Here you'll see where the case study site ranked for various keywords so you can compare where it was with where it will be later in this case study.  Checking Where Your Site Ranks Before You Start Promoting It 02:34 Part of the YouTube Raider Strategy is to add power to your videos. Here, you'll discover that adding your own videos to your own webpages is a good way of boosting the power of your videos. You'll see how to add your videos to your webpage and why it's important. A Good Way To Lay Out A WebPage And Why You Do It This Way 19:08 Here you'll see how everything starts coming together, from the videos that were uploaded to YouTube, the videos uploaded to the other video services, how those videos are ranking for the selected keywords and how the website itself is now ranking as a result of all this. Because some of the videos are included on the website, Google can follow the links back to YouTube, the playlist there and other videos in the account. Google sees the videos as relevant to the website and vice versa.  Tying Everything Together 11:45 Here, some of the videos that have been created are added to the specific inner page of the website that's been built for this case study. Because some of the videos are being included on the website, Google can follow the links back to YouTube, the playlist there and other videos in the YouTube account. Google will see the videos as relevant to the website and vice versa.  Final Changes To The Webpage And Backlinking Power 19:11 + – Case Studies 7 Lectures 02:34:00 Here you'll learn what keywords were chosen to promote the case study website and why. Introduction 16:02 Here is where you'll see proof that the YouTube Raider system is working with the case study site, and how the videos you can create can come to dominate a page for your selected keywords as well as boosting the ranking of the website you're ultimately promoting. Proof That The YouTube Raider Strategy Works 25:31 This case study shows how you can pass your competition in the search results, pushing them further down the page, while your videos take the top spots. You'll discover how to out-perform your competition using videos while using the same main keywords they're using to promote their own sites. Identifying Related Keywords And Applying The YouTube Strategy To Them 25:04 This case study shows the results of using videos to out-perform your competition, pushing them further down the page, while your videos take the top spots for the terms they're using to promote their own sites.  Results Of Running The YouTube Raider Strategy On The Related Keywords - Part 1 21:15 In this lesson you'll see further proof of just how easy it is to knock your competition down using the power of videos.  Results Of Running The YouTube Raider Strategy On The Related Keywords - Part 2 22:19 This case study shows again how videos are ranking for the selected keywords and for related keywords that weren't promoted directly, along with some keywords we went after that were being used by competing websites. Results Of Running The YouTube Raider Strategy On The Related Keywords - Part 3 24:46 In the final case study, you'll see how the case study website is now ranking. The power of video has been put to use with the end goal being to elevate the website's ranking in Google and you'll see the positive outcome here. 

The use of video is three-fold: 

1. Videos create backlinks to your website, improving it's rank in Google.

2. Videos bring traffic to your website, increasing visitor numbers. You learned in the Walkthrough Module how to turn 1 video into lots of smaller videos and making efficient use of your time by posting those smaller videos as well, rather than having to create a lot of additional videos from scratch. 

3. Because you're posting a lot of videos, it becomes easy to dominate a search results page for a keyword. That means a lot more traffic ends up visiting your site instead of your competitors'. You've seen how your videos can force competing sites down in ranking

Where The Case Study Site Ranks As A Result If Using This YouTube Strategy 19:03 + – Video Creation 3 Lectures 45:09 If you don't have Camtasia or can't afford to buy it, the following free software can be used to make your marketing videos. The downside is that you'll need to use various bits of software to achieve the end result rather than having everything in one place like with Camtasia. 

1. Jing  -  create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen, then share them instantly!

2. Screenshot Captor - allows users to capture and save an image of the full screen, an active window, or any rectangular area of the screen as aan image file. It offers a number of editing features after the screen image is captured and produces very good results. The interface saves all of your screenshots so you can go back to them at any time and edit or add changes. The captured and edited images are easy to add to a slide show, a PDF or to insert into any video.

3. Debut Screen Capture  - Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion. Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or video input device (e.g., VHS recorder). Record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously, ideal for recording video conferences.

4. Screencast-O-Matic Video Capture  - captures screen and Webcam video. It can be used to record streaming videos, make training videos, video presentations and a variety of marketing videos.The freeware version uses a nag screen and places an output watermark, and it limits recording to 15 minutes. 

5. Windows Live Movie Maker - (Microsoft Movie Maker on older Windows XP and Vista PCs) can easily import pictures, Power Point slides, video clips and audio files and export to HD video. When combined with other free video production products, Movie Maker will produce quality and impressive internet marketing videos, training videos, impact videos and sales videos.

6. Gimp  - If you want to do some image manipulation on occasion and don't have access to Adobe Photoshop, then the Gimp is an excellent free alternative. 

Editing Your Video So It Becomes A Much More Powerful Promotional Tool 17:40 In this lesson, you'll learn how to make your recorded videos more dynamic and engaging by adding entry slides (showing a video title and creator for example) and exit slides (showing a call to action to click a link to your website for instance), how to add transitions between different sections of your videos, zooming and panning on areas of a video, how to adjust volume and clean up the sound on recorded videos.

Keeping a viewer engaged is important as people get bored quickly and there's a lot to distract them. Having something charge on screen every few seconds works wonders for holding people's attention (it's why some shops use mobile displays).  Making Your Videos More Dynamic 11:20 Not everyone likes the limelight and you may not want to appear on camera for a variety of reasons. Or maybe you don't even have a video camera or a webcam that can record you speaking. 

A common tactic is to record what's happening on the computer screen, creating "over-the-shoulder" type videos. As you'll have noticed, this course has followed that tactic. It's best if you record your voice as you're demonstrating something on screen rather than doing a separate voiceover later. If you make mistakes (and we all do), simply take a deep breath, relax, and the re-record what you were just talking about. You can edit out the bad bit later. 

If you're completely shy and don't want to talk on your videos (perhaps because English isn't your first language), you can always hire a voiceover artist. They will need a script from you and you'll need to match their recording to what's happening on screen in your video capture software later. is a good place to go for a voiceover artist. You may have to pay a few tens of dollars to get a voiceover that lasts a couple of minutes though. 

This final lesson also provides you with some other ideas on how to go about making videos. One idea not covered is recording Powerpoint presentations and using some background royalty-free music rather than a voiceover. So that's a good alternative for those who neither want to appear on camera or record their own voice. 


This is the final lesson in this course. I hope you've seen just how easy it is to make videos but, more than that, how easy it is to take those videos, turn them into tens of smaller snippet videos and use them all to promote your website, dominate the search results pages for your keywords and garnering lots of traffic from the search engines. 
Ultimately, it's a simple system with little to no cost (especially if you only follow the video marketing section of this course).  Video is an incredibly powerful promotional tool and many marketers don't make use of it because they think it needs expensive equipment or they're camera-shy. You've seen in the latter part of this course that there are ways around that so there's no excuse not to go make your own videos. Besides, it gets to be fun after you're familiar with the process. It's the best medium for getting your passion across to another person!

Now go make some videos! Don't Want To Appear On Camera Or Speak In Your Videos? 16:09 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 04:27 Here we'll review the YouTube Raider raider strategy, what's required to implement it and how simple it is, requiring little time or effort when compared to traditional methods for promoting a website. Here's What You Learned In This Course 04:27
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