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Based on our recent interview with the distinguished co-developer of WordPress® Mike Little,we at the Empoweria have developed the ultimate WordPress security course!

(Transcript of this riveting celebrity interview - concerning online security is included with this course)

Now You can discover how to secure and defend your Wordpress Blog with the power of a Pitbull!.

You will learn everything from start to finish so you can protect your WordPress Blogs from...

  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Bandwidth Theft
  • Content Theft
  • Product Theft
  • PDF document, Image and Video Piracy Protection
  • Unwanted Public Indexing of Your Sensitive Information by the Search Engines
  • And Much MORE!

Starting with WordPress basics, you'll move onto extremely advanced practices in online security!

Here, you’ll discover it all step-by-step, while simply watching over my shoulder as I take you through securing my WordPress website in 4 easy to understand sections covering all of the areas of concern.

  1. Basics Security Practices
  2. Advanced Security Tactics
  3. How to Secure General Content, Files, and Private Membership Areas
  4. Advanced Product and Content Piracy Security Tactics

This course is taught in a step by step sequential manner from basics to the more advanced strategies - all of which you can implement TODAY to make your WordPress website secure from, prying eyes, theft, or those who would choose to do you harm!

All the videos are screen capture – so it’s easy for even "newbies" to understand and implement (Even the most advanced tactics!)

Note: This is DIY online video training course for informational purposes. Every effort has been made to make the information accurate and easy to understand. However, in the scope and scale of this online video training course, we are unable to extend or provide warranty or direct support to each individual WordPress blog, owned or operated by our students.

We will however, happily answer ANY questions you have related to this course!

Your less than two hours away from having a more secure WordPress website!

Let's get going!

PS - You'll also get my special pre-writen htaccess code, so you can implement one of my most powerful, and most difficult security patches flawlessly even if your a beginner simply by copying and pasting this special code where it belongs!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with a WordPress website will benefit from the security procedures taught in this course!

  • You will need access to the administration section of your WordPress website as well as C-panel or FTP access to the server your site is hosted.

What Will I Learn?
  • If you ever wanted to keep your WordPress website secure from hackers this is the course for you!

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 19 Lectures 01:56:10 + – Wordpress Security Begins Right Here! 5 Lectures 37:20 The wolves are at the door!

There is no time to lose!

So, lets get started with this WordPress security course!
Introduction & Overview - Lets Get Started! Preview 14:31

One of the absolute best ways to protect against security breaches is by keeping your software updated.  You may have heard this rule repeated many places because it applies to all sorts of programs besides Wordpress.  (They are called security and bug fix updates!)

In this video you’ll learn how to update your WordPress site by yourself, and  what kinds of problems you may run into when you do!

Plus, we'll show you how to get somebody qualified to do it for you if you don’t have the time.

This isn't something you can do whenever you get around to it!

The Importance of Software Updating Preview 07:58 When you installed your WordPress blog, you most likely had a clever username jump quickly into your mind. 

If a hacker knows something about you they might guess this username.

Well, guess what happens when a hacker knows your User name... That's right the hacker is halfway to cracking into, and taking over your website!

To be even more secure, we’ll show you one username that you should avoid at all costs, and how to change it for a - more pleasant piece of mind.
What's In A Name? Preview 04:37 Sadly, most people lame-out on making their password strong because its sooooo crazy hard to remember abstract strings of confounded and complex letters and numbers!


Hooray! In this video, you’ll learn how to use a practical and effective software that creates (& stores) strong, random and nearly impenetrable passwords for your WordPress website - and anything else that needs a secure strong passwords.

Did I mention that the software is FREE?
Iron Clad Passwords You Can Set & Forget (Without being locked out!) 06:19 Imagine the bad guy is on the login page of YOUR WordPress website and that sneaky no good for nothing has been attempting to pick at your locks, trying combination after combination all night until he's almost figured out your secret password. 

How would you like to limit the amount of tries he could take before he was permanently LOCKED OUT!

You’ll learn how to do just that, and more in this video! Knock, knock. Who's There? GO AWAY! 03:55 + – BRINGING OUT THE BIG DOGS - Advanced Tactics: 5 Lectures 27:03 X2 Factor Authentication is used by Google, banks and government agencies, when they want to protect secure data! 

You will discover the FREE service we use that provides our WordPress websites with the same protection against brute force attacks from unwelcome outsiders!
X2 Factor Authentifcation 08:43 In this video you will discover a clever work around similar to the security solution you learned in the last video!

This simple yet effective work around may sound complicated but I'm going to show you one of my special shortcuts that will allow you to double your security in less than a few minutes! 
DIY Password Protected Login Trick 06:50

You may not know it but every WordPress site files contain a database containing all of your most sensitive information (databases hold YOUR PASSWORDS and sometimes even your visitors PRIVATE INFORMATION!)

If a hacker gets this information THEY WILL CONTROL YOUR WEBSITE!

You need to block access to this back door, NOW !

In this video you'll learn how!

Protect Your Database From Data Miners 05:15 There is a cat and mouse game between the good guys (WordPress) and the hackers.

Hackers continually scour the code of every version of WordPress that has been released for any weaknesses that they can exploit.

When they find a weakness in any particular version, they go door to door  indiscriminately looking for sites running on the version.

Think about it, if a hacker knows your Wordpress Version number, then he or she will know what kind of vulnerabilities you may have not fixed. 

Now, instead of trying all sorts of ways to attack your site; they will know the easiest route to attack. 

The best way to thwart these criminals is to HIDE the version number of WordPress you are using.

In this video you'll learn how to hide it in just a few clicks!
Conceal Your Hidden Weaknesses Part I 02:41 If you are a PHP coder you know how important the config file is!

This file holds your sites configuration settings which controls your Wordpress blog. 

If someone were to access it – they could do major damage! 

In this video, you’ll learn how to hide this important file from prying eyes. Conceal Your Hidden Weaknesses Part II 03:34 + – Protecting General Content and Private Membership Areas 4 Lectures 19:28 While simple, to do protecting a website against Hotlinkers is often an security measure that is overlooked. 

However, it preventing people from hotlinking to your site or product files without your permission can save you bandwidth so that your site runs faster. It's also a way to insure your products or content are not being used elsewhere without you receiving the benefits. 

In this video, I’ll show you how to stop hotlinking and even create a member's area with basic protection! Protecting Your Content and Bandwidth From Hotlinking 06:43 Ever wanted to know where you should host your videos? 

Is it Youtube? 
Is it Amazon S3? 
Is it Vimeo? 

We’ve tried it and tested them all.  But we like only one, from a security standpoint - and you’ll learn why and how to use it, in this video! Protecting Video Content 04:58 Ever wanted some extra protection on a "certain folder" in your website? 

In this video, I’ll show you how to do just that - within a few quick minutes! Protecting Folders On Your Server 03:09 You may not realize it – but if the Google spider sees your confidential documents that
the public isn’t supposed to know about, then it’ll be too late!

We had one client, who came to us because his documents were spread out all over the Internet because Google had indexed them!

By the time he caught it, a lot of damage was done, and it was a real mess trying to get Google to remove them. after the fact! 

Don't worry, I’ll show you how to use the Indexing Manager to protect your files and folders from being indexed.

Watch this video so you can avoid all of the pain and embarrassment this problem can cause! Keeping Confidential Content Out Of Search Engine Results 04:38 + – Online Buisness Asset Security 5 Lectures 32:19 If you write and sell eBooks or other products in PDF format; then you’ll want to take some simple steps to protecting your hard work.  In this video, we’ll cover two levels of PDF security that you can use to protect your intellectual property and profits! Ebook - .PDF Security Measures 05:26 Imagine this... 

You have created a product, and days after you sell it – it ends up on sites where
people are sharing it - for FREE!

How do you combat this? 

While we may never be able to eliminate stealing on the Internet 100%, there is something we can do that will shut down the scoundrels trying to profit from stealing our hard work!

As you'll learn, DMCA Takedowns are only one way to stop thieves. 

In this video, I’ll show you even more methods, (including how you can get other companies to fight for you) – so you can focus more on getting what you want, and less about what you may have lost! DMCA and Piracy Protection Measures 05:55 If you’re not using the tip from Video 11...

And If you’re using a Flash Video Player to show your videos, then you are at great risk of having those videos stolen! 

In this video, I’ll show you how the thieves may be doing it, and teach you special technique that you can use with Flash Payers, that you can use to combat it!

Flash Video Encryption 05:33 When it comes claiming your rights as the copyright holder of your images; it’s easier if you have protected your images following the steps laid out in this video!
Protecting Your Images Online 03:51 We're not just going to recap what you've learned here so far.


Make sure you watch this last video to learn more "Fast Track Tips" to make your WordPress website even more secure!

Plus, don't forget to download your bonus .htaccess code and read the celebrity interview that started it all! 
Final Recap and Conclusion 11:34
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