Web Video 101: Easily Make Web Videos With Your Smartphone! by Alexa Fischer (and 1 other)

Alexa Fischer, Jay Mutzafi, Udemy

Stop being scared of video. Learn The Message, The Media & The Marketing to start leveraging video for your website.

It’s hard to know where to start when doing videos, and it feels like your only option is hiring an expensive video guy which will cost you thousands of dollars.

But why is video so important in the first place?

Say you own an online coaching business. By using video, you can:

  • Share powerful customer testimonials to give you credibility
  • Look professional so you can charge the big bucks

Or say you are a freelance designer with a website. With video, you can:

  • Show your passion and make you work feel real and authentic
  • Easily summarize what you do in a short/fun video rather than a long block of text

Basically, without video, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with your audience. It allows you to tell your story in a beautiful and easy way. And it'll make you more money.

Web Video 101 is a 3-pronged course which teaches you how to:

  1. Effectively communicate your message
  2. Use just your iPhone to make professional-quality videos
  3. Market your videos effectively

Now you can learn how to use LOW-TECH solutions to create BIG IMPACT results.  Believe it or not, your iPhone can be a one stop production studio.  In this training series we walk you through performance techniques, so you can present your material in an engaging and authentic way.  Then we provide media expertise to give you the best tools to make your phone or iPad turn into a full production studio.  Finally, we guide you through the foundations of how to share your videos all over the web. If you want to explode your business by creating a loyal tribe of fans, then sign up now.  Making videos is not just for the pros! 

Check out our free videos below...  Thanks!

Course Completion BONUS: Reap rewards for your efforts!  When you complete the course, submit your very own web video to me and I will offer my advice and direction.  Grab your private tutorial today.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Students will need to have access to an iPhone, iPad, iTouch or other Smart phone that has video capabilities
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 57 lectures and 4 hours of content!
    • To teach you the art of performing on camera so you can capture your audience's attention, command respect and build a tribe of fans.
    • To provide technical advice on all aspects of video production, including lighting, location, sound and camera settings. You really can be your own production studio!
    • To walk you through the world of apps. You will see for yourself the power of inexpensive applications to enhance the look of your footage so it can appear like you spent thousands of dollars on your shoot!
    • To show you how easy it is to manage your video footage so you can simply transfer them from your phone to your computer or even directly to your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.
    • To show you how to take your YouTube page to the next level. With advanced settings your videos can function as your personal broadcasting system.
    • To help you learn SEO essentials for sharing your videos all over the web.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Content creators who are ready to explode their message all over the web!
    • Instructors who wish to harness the power of video to share their expertise through online learning platforms. Yes, you too can be a Udemy Premium instructor!
    • Bloggers desiring to use video in their posts to personalize their content and build a more engaging relationship with their audience.
    • Online business owners who have longed to create an amazing homepage video, but have lacked the expertise and budget to do so effectively. Now is your chance!
    • Anyone interested in getting comfortable on camera. You never know when your moment will come to be in the spotlight. Be prepared!

SECTION 1: The Message: Getting Started
  • The Message: Meet Alexa Fischer
  • The Message: My Journey with Video
  • The Message: Video Works!
  • SECTION 2: The Message: Understanding The Power of Video
  • The Message: Why video is so important
  • RECAP: Why video is so important
  • The Message: What stops people from getting started?
  • RECAP: What stops people from getting started?
  • SECTION 3: The Message: Crafting Your Content
  • The Message: What type of video should you produce?
  • RECAP: What type of video should you produce?
  • The Message: Identify your ideal viewer
  • RECAP: Identify your ideal viewer
  • SECTION 4: The Message: Ready, Set, Action
  • The Message: The Performance
  • RECAP: The Performance
  • The Media: Meet Robert LaPorta, Designer and Media Maven
  • SECTION 6: The Media: Setting Up
  • The Media: Equipment - What You Need to Get Started
  • SECTION 7: The Media: Video Settings
  • The Media: An Introduction to the Video Settings
  • The Media: Basic Video Settings
  • The Media: Advanced Video Settings
  • SECTION 8: The Media: The Location
  • The Media: The Location
  • The Media: Location Samples
  • The Media: The Location-Final Thoughts
  • SECTION 9: The Media: The Sound
  • The Media: The Sound
  • SECTION 10: The Media: The Lighting
  • The Media: The Lighting
  • The Media: Finding Your Ideal Light
  • The Media: Adjusting the Background Lighting
  • SECTION 11: The Media: Post-Production
  • The Media: Advanced Filtering with Apps
  • RECAP: Filtering Examples
  • The Media: An Introduction to File Management
  • The Media: Manage Your Footage on your Phone
  • The Media: Manage Your Footage on the Computer
  • Signing Off! Resources and More
  • The Marketing: Meet Jay Mutzafi, Web Designer and Programmer
  • The Marketing: The Power of Video on the Web
  • SECTION 13: The Marketing: What You Need to Know About YouTube
  • The Marketing: YouTube: It's Not Just for Amateurs
  • The Marketing: YouTube - Next Steps
  • The Marketing: YouTube Basics- Creating Your Account
  • The Marketing: YouTube Basics - Setting Up Your Channel
  • The Marketing: YouTube Basics- Uploading Videos
  • The Marketing: YouTube Maximized - How to Customize Each Video
  • A Guest Instructor - Deltina Hay
  • YouTube Video Features
  • Introducing The New YouTube Layout
  • SECTION 14: The Marketing: Beyond YouTube - Your Videos All Over the Web
  • The Marketing: Embedding Your Video on Your Website
  • The Marketing: YouTube Alternative
  • The Marketing: RESOURCES - helpful links and tutorials
  • SECTION 15: The Marketing: WordPress
  • The Marketing: The Ease of Content Management Systems
  • The Marketing: The Power of Plugins
  • SECTION 16: The Marketing: Sharing and Social Media
  • The Marketing: Social Platforms
  • The Marketing: Share Buttons and Call to Action
  • The Marketing: RESOURCES - Links to Plugins
  • SECTION 17: YOU DID IT! A Message from Alexa and a GIFT for you.
  • CONGRATULATIONS... Watch this video for a special BONUS
  • SECTION 18: Student Videos & Critique
  • Our First Brave Student Video
  • Reviewing Heidi's Video
  • Even Teachers Can Learn - Ben's Video
  • Review and Response to Ben's Video
  • Additional Student Videos and Reviews
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    • Language: English Gb


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