Windows 8 - What you need to know



If you were a Windows 7, Vista or XP user, this eBook will show you everything you need to know in order to use Windows 8 efficiently.
Discover Modern UI, the new Windows 8 interface, charms, touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts you need to know.
With this Tutorial, you'll know how to make the most of Windows 8, using the best of both its interfaces and taking advantage of a faster, smoother user experience.

Who is the target audience?
  • For Windows 8 PC or Tablet users

  • Windows 8 PC or Tablet

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn everything you need to know about Windows 8
  • Discover Modern UI, the new Windows 8 interface
  • Learn how to use charms, touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 102 Lectures 04:20:43 + – Discover Windows 8 18 Lectures 23:36 Introduction Preview 00:52 Is your PC ready for Windows 8? Preview 01:48 The benefits of Windows 8 Preview 01:18 Starting, shutting down and restarting your PC Preview 01:16 Logging in to your computer Preview 02:11 Two worlds in a single OS Preview 01:24 How to close Windows 8 applications? 00:35 Where is the Start button? 01:15 Hot corners 01:51 The Charm bar 01:43 The App bar 00:48 Semantic zoom 00:53 Windows Desktop is still alive 01:34 Starting a Desktop application 00:41 Pinning applications and documents to the taskbar 01:39 From the Start Screen to the Desktop and vice-versa 01:20 Running multiple Modern UI apps 00:34 Touch gestures 01:54 + – Make the most of Windows 8 6 Lectures 07:07 Install and uninstall Windows 8 apps 00:56 Install and uninstall a program from a CD or DVD 01:18 Install and uninstall a program from the Internet 00:54 How to use the Search charm 01:22 Display two Windows 8 apps at the same time 01:04 Useful keyboard shortcuts 01:33 + – Customizing the Start Screen and Lock Screen 9 Lectures 11:00 Rearranging and resizing tiles 00:46 Creating and managing groups 00:53 Choosing another Start Screen Background 00:47 Removing Start Screen tiles 01:03 Adding tiles to the Start Screen 00:57 A tile to shut down your computer 01:37 A tile to restart your computer 01:42 Choosing another Lock Screen background 01:14 Status and notifications on Lock Screen 02:01 + – Customizing your computer 18 Lectures 21:03 Two ways to customize your computer 01:47 Using a screen saver 01:09 Changing the screen resolution 00:41 Setting up the mouse 01:02 Adding a printer 01:47 Selecting a default printer 00:37 Associating sounds with events 01:33 Customizing the taskbar 01:32 Modifying your default programs 01:05 Going to the Desktop when Windows starts 00:37 Adding a user account 01:48 Switching between users 00:51 Managing notifications 01:30 Deciding which apps you can search within 01:00 Deciding which apps can share 01:14 Syncing your settings 00:52 Options for disabled people 01:12 Preventing Windows 8 Apps from using your location 00:46 + – Disk operations 13 Lectures 18:42 File Explorer 01:54 Copying files with File Explorer 01:05 HomeGroup and Network 01:43 Libraries 01:53 Linking files and programs 00:54 Defragmenting a hard drive 01:49 Disk Cleanup 00:52 Creating a Restore point 00:47 System Restore 01:02 File History 02:14 Refreshing or resetting your PC 01:21 Managing ISO files 01:25 The Recycle Bin 01:43 + – Internet 17 Lectures 23:02 Two Internet Explorers are available 02:09 Changing the home page 01:09 Searching on the Web 00:55 Downloading a file 00:56 Setting up Internet Explorer 01:43 InPrivate Browsing 01:19
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