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This is a WordPress course like no other. In it you will not get bogged down with irrelevant information that you will not put to use. Instead we will cover, step-by-step, everything you need to do to go from no site at all (not even a domain name) to a fully functioning WordPress website or blog that is as awesome as you are!

Short, to the point video instruction will walk you through each step:

  • How and where to buy a domain name.
  • How and where to get the right hosting for your needs.
  • How to change nameservers so everything points to the right place (don't worry, just follow through the example and you will do this with ease)
  • How to install WordPress (in under a minute and with just a few clicks of your mouse).
  • How to log in to your new WordPress website and begin making changes.
  • How to change essential WordPress settings (just the ones you need to know).
  • How to install and activate a new theme.
  • The best places to purchase Premium WordPress themes.
  • How to install and activate Plugins on your WordPress website or blog.
  • How to Create and edit posts.
  • How to create and edit pages.
  • How to create menus on your new website.
  • How to work with images.
  • How to create links.
  • How to work with widgets, and add cool functionality to your site.
  • How to embed video on your website (the best way).
  • Plus more cool stuff...

Go from WordPress Zero to WordPress Hero in super fast time.

  • Use your new know-how to build your own website or blog.
  • Set up a web design business and charge others to do it for them.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to set up a self-hosted WordPress site and get right to work as quickly and easily as possible.

  • If you have a little time (not too much), a little money (not too much), and want to create your own WordPress website or blog - this course is for YOU!

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to set up your own self-hosted Wordpress website the right way!
  • STEP ONE: Buy a domain name.
  • STEP TWO: Buy the right hosting for your needs.
  • STEP THREE: Get everything pointing to the right places.
  • STEP FOUR: Install WordPress in just a few clicks.
  • STEP FIVE: Make essential changes.
  • STEP SIX: Change the appearance of your site.
  • STEP SEVEN: Add and edit valuable content on your new WordPress site to make it absolutely rock!
  • STEP EIGHT: Bask in the glory of your WordPress awesomeness!

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 33 Lectures 02:07:16 + – Start With The End In Mind 2 Lectures 07:47

Here are just a few examples of sites I have built using WordPress. Once you have the basics under your belt (which you will learn in this course) the sky is the limit!

Start With The End In Mind Preview 06:33

Don't bypass this important little motivator - seriously, if you do this it will spur you on and you will be able to look back in just a short few days time, pat yourself on the back, and say, "I DID IT!" :)

Before We Begin 01:14 + – STEP 1: YOUR DOMAIN NAME 1 Lecture 04:48

Need a domain name? Discover how to buy one and where to get them.

How and Where To Buy a Domain Name 04:48 + – STEP 2: HOSTING 1 Lecture 05:20 How and Where to Buy the Right Hosting For Your Needs 05:20 + – STEP 3: GETTING EVERYTHING POINTING TO THE RIGHT PLACE 1 Lecture 06:07

This video shows you how to get your domain name pointing to the right place so you can begin installing and building your WordPress website.

Changing Nameservers (quick and simple) 06:07 + – STEP 4: INSTALLING WORDPRESS 1 Lecture 08:29

Installing WordPress using QuickInstall or Fantastico is a breeze. Find out how right here. NB: There is also a video included in the extras section teaching how to install WordPress manually should you need to.

How To Install Wordpress In Under One Minute Preview 08:29 + – STEP 5: ESSENTIAL WORDPRESS SETTINGS 4 Lectures 06:56

Just what it says - how to log in and get moving with your newly installed WordPress site of awesomeness.

Logging In To Your New WordPress Website 01:26

A quick tour of the WordPress Dashboard essentials - just what you need to know, nothing more.

The Wordpress Dashboard 02:23

A few general settings you will want to tweak right at the starting gate.

Changing Essential Settings (Just the ones you need to know about) 01:55

You want the addresses of your pages to be nice and easy to read right, and great for the search engines? This shows you what you need to do in one click.

Changing the Permalink Structure (you definitely want to do this!) 01:12 + – STEP 6: Changing the Apearance of your WordPress site 2 Lectures 09:56

The theme you choose will determine the look of your new site. Here's how to choose and change your WordPress theme. Feel free to experiment, there are thousands of cool themes to choose from.

Your WordPress Theme 02:00

Using a Premium WprdPress theme can make your new WP site really sing. Find out here where some of the most popular and reputable premium theme providers hang out, and why it is a good idea to invest in a top quality theme for your site.

Premium WordPress Themes 07:56 + – STEP 7: Adding Content and Functionality To Your WordPress Website 17 Lectures 58:47

Tweaking some settings in the User profile will make things so much sweeter.

WordPress Users 01:53

How to create a post in Wordpress, and the differences between a post and a page.

Creating a WordPress Post Preview 09:13

Yup, you guessed it, this is how to create a new page on your WordPress site.

Creating a WordPress Page 03:23 Working with Post Categories 04:03

Sometimes (lots of times) you will want to make changes to your posts and pages. This video shows you exactly how.

Editing a WordPress Post or Page 01:27

We all want images on our website don't we? Here is where you find out all you need to know to know about adding and placing images on your pages and posts.

Adding Images To Your Posts and Pages 04:16

What if you need to change something about an image you have placed on a page or post? Resize, align, add titles, descriptions and alt tags, using these simple instructions.

Editing Images 02:14

Featured images can be really useful, especially if you are using the right theme.

WordPress Featured Images 04:34

Want a PDF download on your website? Here's how to do it.

Uploading Other Media Types 02:44

At times we want to link to other pages on our own website, or link to another site somewhere else on the web. Here's how.

Adding Links Preview 03:13

Embedding a video on your WordPress site is super simple. Here's how.

Embedding a Video on your WordPress Site 02:26

Let your visitors find there way around your new WP site with ease by creating cool menus in WordPress is so easy you won't believe it.

Creating a Menu in WordPress 03:57

Widgets add all sorts of cool functions to the sidebar and footers of your website (as well as other areas depending on the theme you are using). Find out all about how they work here.

Working With Widgets 03:07

Plugins can add all sorts of fantastic functionality to your website. You imagine it, there is probably a WordPress plugin somewhere that can do it. Find our how to install and activate plugins here, plus a few places to look when you are needing some plugin magic.

WordPress Plugins 07:03

The Writing Settings help you determine how certain things work with your posts and categories. Not complicated, and can be helpful to set a couple of global settings that can save you time.

Settings - Writing 01:14

The reading settings can make some fairly radical differences about how your site will look to the waiting world. Here's what you need to know straight out of the gate.

Settings - Reading 01:50

The discussions settings determine how your WordPress site deals with comments. These can be administered on a post by post and page by page basis, but this settings page lets you set things up globally for the whole site. A real timesaver.

Settings - Discussion 02:10 + – STEP 8: CELEBRATE YOUR AWESOMENESS 1 Lecture 02:58

You are now officially part of team awesome! Let's sum up all that we have learned together. Congratulations.

Conclusion 02:58 + – EXTRAS: A LITTLE MORE ADVANCED 3 Lectures 16:08

If your hosting provider does not have quick install scripts in place you may have to install WordPress manually. It is a little more complicated, but this extra video will take you by the hand and carry you through the process.

Installing Wordpress Manually 09:17

If your chosen hosting account allows it, you will be able to have several domains hosted on your one account. Here's how to add new domains as you build your online empire.

Add On Domains 03:04

Adding subdomains on your hosting is a great feature. Find out how in this short tutorial.

Subdomains 03:47

Here's a quick checklist of all you have learned in this super easy to follow WordPress Step-By-Step course. Check off each of the things we have covered as TRUE, and then give yourself a huge slap on the back and say, "Well done me!"

Let's revise what we have learned... 18 questions
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