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The way to actually learn yoga and deepen your practice of yoga is to do the same poses day after day for a period. Then you can learn how your body responds to the physical poses, you can relax and watch your mind in the calm of knowing what comes next, and you can grow with the pose on many levels.

This 4 week yoga immersion course offers you a way to learn yoga in the truest sense, poses and philosophy, how to live your life in yoga, not just a pose on a mat. 

The pose sequence for the class is exactly the same for each day of that commitment, with additional teachings and support offered each day. The course is designed for practicing poses for six days and on the seventh, you'll rest the body and energize your mind with teachings of philosophy, yoga off the mat and even a bit of yoga cooking.

Learning yoga is like learning a language, daily practice is much better than cramming before an exam. 

This level is called Ginger as it is warm, spicy, hot, healing, juicy and has intense energy.

In addition to the daily 30 minute practice, each day includes a video teaching on a yoga topic with related reading materials. The topics include how to watch your thoughts and notice negative self-talk, how to incorporate yoga in your daily life, how to practice yoga breathing techniques and how to meditate wherever you are.

You will need to have a yoga mat, a space in your house that is at least enough enough for the mat. If you have yoga blocks, that would be helpful, but if not, you can use books or a chair. Come to the 30 minute pose practice with an empty stomach and open mind. The best time to practice is first thing in the morning, but whenever you can make it to your mat, that is the time for you. You watch the philosophy video and read the material anytime during the day, perhaps just before you practice the poses, or alternatively, just before you go to bed.

Who is the target audience?
  • Have lots of yoga experience
  • Have just a bit of yoga experience but feel able to listen to body and respect edges and respond to edges correctly
  • Have just a bit of yoga experience but feel very confident about moving body in space and listen to directions from the outside and listening to response from the inside
  • Want a class that moves with breath largely, though will have a few held poses
  • Want yoga pose challenges, including ways to work toward pose expressions with props
  • Want to move more quickly and understand your limits so can back off when you need to.

  • Yoga mat
  • Space for mat on floor

  • Empty stomach
  • Open mind

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to do yoga poses, working your edge of intensity
  • Build strength, flexibility and balance in your body
  • Learn to listen to you body and watch your mind
  • Learn simple meditation techniques you can take off the mat and into your life
  • Learn breathing practices to calm your mind and expand your breath
  • Learn basic yoga philosophy of practice and non attachment
  • Learn to take care of yourself day by day
  • Learn simple chanting techniques
  • Learn how to practice nonviolence toward yourself
  • Learn core strength and bandha practices

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 57 Lectures 02:29:05 + – Welcome to Yoga @ Home with Meta - Immersion for Experienced Students 2 Lectures 01:53 Introduction to Ginger - Yoga for Experienced Students Video Preview 01:53 What You Need to Know and What is Ginger? 2 pages + – Week 1, Day 1 - Yoga Pose Practice and Nonviolence 5 Lectures 32:58 Ginger Pose Sequence for Month One Preview 27:38 List of Ginger Poses Month 1 2 pages Day 1 Instructions 1 page Nonviolence-Ahimsa in Yoga Video 05:20 Week 1 Journal 1 page + – Week 1, Day 2 - Yoga Pose Practice and Nonviolence 2 Lectures 00:00 Day 2 Instructions 1 page Intention-Sankalpa 2 pages + – Week 1, Day 3 2 Lectures 02:01 Pose Pointers: Footwork Video 02:01 Day 3 Instructions 1 page + – Week 1, Day 4 1 Lecture 00:00 Day 4 Instructions 1 page + – Week 1, Day 5 1 Lecture 00:00 Week 1, Day 5 1 page + – Week 1, Day 6 1 Lecture 00:00 Week 1, Day 6 1 page + – Week 1, Day 7 3 Lectures 11:06 Day 7 Instructions 1 page Breathing: Three Part Yogic Breath 05:10 Meditation: Follow the Breath 05:56 + – Week 2, Day 8 - Yoga Poses and Breathing Practice 3 Lectures 05:06 Poses and Breathing Video 05:06 Day 8 Instructions 1 page Week 2 Journal 1 page + – Week 2, Day 9 1 Lecture 00:00 Day 9 Instructions 1 page 20 More Sections
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